The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 20, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:23 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: April 20, 2021
The. Manager Tenet had hours of deliberation the jury has come to a verdict in the murder trial of Jerry show things. We the jury in the above entitled matter and how one. Unintentional singer a murder while committing a felony. Well and the defendant guilty and convicted on all three charges he showed no emotion as he was constantly and take it back into custody. For a high profile case. This is an eighty pretty fast verdict when the world is watching the jurors typically want to remodel crossed the t.'s and dot BIs making it clear to the world. Cindy very carefully considered the evidence. Monday jurors heard six hours of closing arguments from both sides after nearly three weeks of powerful testimony and supporting evidence. Prosecutors arguing showed means action killed employees did defense hoping to create reasonable doubt saying his use of force was justified in claiming police struggled hard issues for his death. Today and we feel from a sigh of relief. Still. They cannot take away the pain in the a measure of justice movement isn't the same as equal to. It's no there was a murderer from the cold light of day. From 900 blinders off. The whole world proceedings. Systemic racism vice president gesture sure do an order to her real change reform. We can and we must. Do more to reduce select candidates tragedies like this however happen occur again. Active shooters devastate communities. Let today. That reality came home to Nassau County. Police on Long Island New York say they have a suspect in custody following a shooting today at a grocery store. Police on Long Island City Gabriel DeWitt wheels and walked into an upstairs manager's office at the Stop & Shop in West Hempstead and opened fire with a small handgun and a 49 year old man was killed two other employees of the storm were injured at the time police said there were a couple hundred shoppers in the store we should Stop & Shop said would remain closed while police investigate. How members were evacuated after the manifesto our lives are grateful for that please gun violence in this country's got to stop. Both a hero all my sixteen year old son's yeah. It's a racial hate them parents expressing shock and now regional leaders accessed after the discovery of a snap Jack group made by ninth graders wheel pretending to auction off their black classmates. Christopher Johnson one of the students mentioned in the general told the board and they weren't listening and. Superintendent or board and I didn't need more bothers us racism is at play. And it hurts everybody involved. Morning Tony Lopez picked up a handful of the hundreds of fliers scattered along roads and school campus isn't. Advertising. Big slave auction. That her car's. And every time I've been down did he get who doesn't outlining just scream. District police are investigating superintendent Susan bonds starting to meetings say they're now planning to reinforce the discipline for racial misconduct that's. Former trustee listening groove and provide training for parents. Strides every eighty matter and we weren't day. Four. Tracking a spring snow storm weather alerts from Texas to new York and more than a foot of snow following in the Rockies and more than five inches of snow in Denver for the commute home. Several inches of snow expected for upstate new York and northern New England tomorrow heavy rains from Philly to new York and processed freeze warnings from taxes in the northeast wind chills in the wanting us. If he's not flight attendants were a bargain and went into money is your right to new data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reveals that historically low cost for an average take him when he when he was just 292. Dollars a drop of nearly 19%. From the year prior that's the lowest inflation adjusted annual bear but since record keeping started there were also part of Europe bus and the hair is just not a 131. Million passengers took to the skies compared this doesn't 331. Million a year before. And those affordable flights may stick around a little while longer United Airlines CEO says he believes prices will stay or low for a few more months until business travel bounces back.

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