The Rundown: Top headlines today: Feb. 19, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:39 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: Feb. 19, 2021
From. President Biden in Michigan to tour a bicycle in nineteen vaccine production facility in Washington and his team facing vaccine distribution logistics snarled by massive winter storms. We will make up for the coming week meanwhile there are growing calls for a full investigation. Into New York governor Andrew Cuomo's handling of nursing homes during a friend and endemic. Congress only Alexandria over how so quick to as the latest to question the Governor Cuomo administration has accused of deliberately withholding data on the number of nursing home deaths and the FBI and the US attorney in Brooklyn are investigating and state Democrats are backing a bill. To restrict the governor's emergency powers over the pandemic. Federally Kenya where people say about me. Prince Philip will likely remain in the hospital over the weekend and into next week ABC news says. Learn the duke of Edinburgh consulted with his doctor and will remain hospitalized out of an abundance of caution. The 99 year old husband of Queen Elizabeth the Second was admitted Tuesday as a precaution because he was feeling on well his illness. It is not believed to be related to cope in ninety. Meanwhile Prince Harry and Maggie are officially done with royal line they confirmed they won't be returning to their role in the family that decision coming nearly a year after the couple's first step back from royal -- is how will give up his honorary military titles. But the couple will keep their titles duke and duchess and Harry is still the sixth then lined the British rock. United Nations once the United Arab Emirates to provide. Prove that I'm princess held against her will for almost three years and it is still lives. The UN human rights office got involved. And after the BBC released excerpts from the video diaries the princess and we're recorded in a lot of bathroom inside a Villa in Dubai where she says she was being held the 35 year old princess is the Dorado won't review by who also serves as the prime minister and vice president. I'm united Arab Aramis friends how the princess says there concern for safety after she stopped responding to the tax six months ago. It's no longer a rumor going after six and a half years of marriage ABC news has confirmed Kim Kardashian less in Kanye West are getting divorced. Jim filed for divorce today in Los Angeles county GMC reports the couple does have a clean up. Last year onion Thames and a run for president without controversial and emotional rally and he then raised eyebrows with a series of tweets aimed at the international scrambling just a couple has four young children they've been married since when he fourteen in the meanwhile criticism over Kim's half sister Kendall Jenner. And her new business venture. Taking heat after announcing her new to steal a line he did she says took years to develop its critics on social media now calling out 125 year old claiming that she is appropriating Mexican culture -- Twitter user writing me the idea of white celebrities taking from local Mexican artisans and profiting off for conditions in the agricultural business and -- rubs me the wrong way but some of them defending Jenner pointing to other celebrities like George including Justin Timberlake no wrong and even retail aura and Bethany Frankel have all introduced their own tequila bass lines and seemingly without similar backlash. It is not. Just about this moment it's a total answer yeah. On another bachelor rent is speaking out about longtime bachelor host Chris Harrison and his weren't attracted a lot of Piedmont you know Clinton and Bernadette. Tastes Adams the franchise's second ever black bachelorette speaking on the podcast and click bait with a bachelor nation. Talking about Harrison's decision to step aside from the show for quote a period of time I. Means that by hand taking action and just not just saying issued an apology in and just going back to work and I stay like when you know the half then. And speaks volumes on his behalf. Harrison's apology coming under criticism for defending one of this season's frontrunners there Rachael cook announced. Carbonneau is at the center of a controversy and after pictures of her attending the plantation themed college parties refused to go surfaced. Also coming to light could easily shared and she went on conspiracy theories and liked a photo with the confederate flag Harrison defended her actions to Rachel Lindsey the first ever black bachelorette. I don't know it's well original music and look into what you see here is not a good looking 20/20 one. Yeah. Are. After backlash from that interview Paris and issued an apology for something he should says meant a lot to her.

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