The Rundown: Top headlines today: June 23, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:23 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: June 23, 2021
From from from. More and when. A renewed effort by the White House to address a spike in gun violence. Today's farmers and introduces used to measure to crack down from stem from its huge piece. Grimes president Biden outlining a strategy to curb rising gun violence. Including cracking down on gun dealers who violate federal law you can read harvesting millions of dollars in state corona virus relief funding the New York police department since the announcement comes amid repeated attacks from Republicans sending defund the police and this man is behind a rise in filing and rice. It's impossible for northern these terrible tragedy for coming Rashard. The so called progressives have resided in time to denounced. No new bonds that global law enforcement. President Biden is also repeating his call for congress to pass gun control laws. Amid a surge in mass shootings from Atlanta to boulder to San Jose. Limited opportunities come again it's. Democrats Republicans. From this homers filled first response from the government learned markers. Can you compete you should. Vice president Colin Harris will visit El Paso, Texas Friday in her first trip to the US Mexico border. Since taking office on Friday she'll visit to El Paso, Texas with Homeland Security secretary Alejandro my orgasm she's heading an administration that hurts to harm the influx of migrants from just visited Guatemala and Mexico from them and will now has in the US border. The wildfire emergency at least fifteen large fires burning in eleven states California is fast moving annual Greek fire forcing residents from their homes and Colorado to new accounting this opened fire destroyed more than 3000 kilometers down near Sedona Arizona tonight from Robitaille fire burning across 24000. Acres. That's State's most of the more national forests. He can now run a loner and crackle web but Harrison Ford proved he gets injured by the rest about. This time while filming and Indian and jump on the spot. And 78 year old hurt his shoulder while rehearsing a fight scene. Production will continue while he recovers. The Libyans had just come out in July of two when he 12241. Years after the original Raiders of the Lost Ark was released. Let me during cattle roundup in southern Californians are heard of thirty poured countless completed through a neighborhood in Pico Rivera California. Police say they escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse. Trampling upon the bushes. At least one person was hurt authorities rounded up there heard and are looking for any remaining stragglers. Just a month until the Tokyo Olympics another restriction balloon no alcohol stands will be cheering for their favorite athletes. Snowbird this year I'm no sales or consumption of the sauce. As you might have guessed the reason for the band is to prevent the spread of Coke and this comes after officials also set a new Schering war. Hi sides would be allowed further reduced 101000 fans allowed in each venues. Already a second member of team you've gone to has tested positive for the virus and amid an online protest thing cancel the Olympics.

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