The Rundown: Top headlines today: Oct. 2, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:56 | 10/03/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: Oct. 2, 2020
From. No thank everybody for the tremendous support. It's very well. We're going to make sure things work First Lady is doing very well solar thank you very much appreciated. Again thank you. And they remain engaged minarets. From the the president does have milestone comes in from the situation appears to be have become somewhat more serious the president reported have a fever chills and a car classic symptoms. I'm co but also reported retaking. Then and experimental drug White House released a statement from the residents Don turner saying he's been treated with a quote. Polly clone or anybody cocktail as Willis. England vitamin. He's being evaluated by a team of expert and together will be making recommendations to the president and First Lady in regard to the next step. Smith Joseph Biden just about a tweet quote this cannot be a partisan moment in must be an American moment we have to come together as a nation. California is about to hit it grim milestone. Wildfires pretty. Four million acres in this state it's triggering new red flag warnings in northern California. And really unfortunate photos and videos coming out of the glass fires this is number 59. Thousand acres burned in his mind resigned contained there have been 220. Homes destroyed. Angle Napa and Sonoma County you can see in this video somebody checking for what looks like chickens and getting live around there. First Lady Maloney and Trump Place we've never hurt her little or no secret recordings made by Stephanie Winston wolf in the summer of 2018 and obtained by CNN from on public perceptions of earned. Yeah. Or the president's controversial policy and separating children from their parents not after being captured crossing the border from Mexico. Hey we have a nice evening Aaron yeah. Adam Thompson he's Harris. But to me when congress yeah oh yeah. Sounding. But that's not what she told us army honest two years ago. Unity mothers are crying scene in a separate agreements with their children a safari sentiment yeah it was an unacceptable from the. This teens yeah. Senator McCain yeah I think you know he was looking creature your husband has lost zero tolerance. He's famous for summary of that memorial wouldn't exist somewhere where you disagreed with him look yes legend now. I didn't know best finds. I'm excited by his then what about that jacket she wore after visiting those kids. What looked content you want to fight. Yeah. Mr. Intense fighting is still continuing tonight between isolation on and on media over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Is almost a week off to the decades old conflict reignited. Both sides are using heavy artillery and aircraft and drones in the worst fighting around the enclave since the 1990s. Dozens of being killed hundreds injured. France Russia and the US have called for a ceasefire and immediate today said it's ready to trying to ceasefire talks and there's little sign right now and as ablaze on and its key back into Turkey from a willing to is believed Turkish backed rebel fighters from Syria being sent to held as a collision on the new facts in this intractable conflict. This stoking fears it could further escalates and into a full scale war. Patrick real BBC news in here than on the union. The labor market and slowing last month with our recovery. Is down shifting so Rick frankly that's not the best news that we could have gotten we saw a slight improvement any unemployment rate of course. It's where really what a lot of economists are focused on is the fact that fewer jobs were added to the US economy then anticipated. And that's really showing that we're in a stalled position right now more people are on the sidelines. Whether that's my choice whether they've been laid off. The bottom line is more people are sitting in house. Those buses back to Rick Moran has is recovering from an unprovoked attack in Manhattan. That was caught on camera and it happened yesterday on west 70 street in Central Park in the upper west side the attacker who was walking by morass when he suddenly punched the 67 year old actor is ahead we are not immune to the ground. Attack then just kept walking around suffered pain in his hand bag in hand but is expected general recovers so far no arrests.

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