Rutgers Fires Athletic Chief Amid Scandal: Who's Next?

Tim Pernetti is the most senior official at the university to lose his job since video surfaced.
2:24 | 04/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rutgers Fires Athletic Chief Amid Scandal: Who's Next?
The university president's office was a beehive of activity this morning as the hammer fell on now former Rutgers University athletic director Tim per day. The reaction has been swept on the main campus. The pressure is there -- some people can handle it some people can. If he felt like that was the best decision for and that's what he should have done. Things started to fall apart when this video former basketball coach Mike -- was televised on outside the lines. On -- ESP and sister network. Rice was videotaped kicking players tossing the basketball at them at close range. And using homophobic slurs during practices. Burnett he had seen the video last -- and took action to suspend -- -- and the coach was -- That decision will -- frenetic because many say the actions and The Today Show that rice should have been fired earlier. The whole episode has bothered faculty members who have been dealing directly with students who are disappointed. I think it's the right decision for the university. I think he'd seen the videotape which I think most people now -- out. The behavior that we saw in that tape -- so shocking. Any person who would not fired the coach immediately upon seeing the tape has just terrible judgment it's not consistent with what are -- perceived needs. A number of top state officials have been circling the wagons putting pressure on the state run university to push for -- -- out. The state senate president called for his resignation -- is ouster has some hoping the Rutgers athletic program will get a fresh new start. I think that deflated I think the department for the school for the kids found what he did was horrendous. -- second chances for a situation that matter that may not. Now reporters were outside -- -- daddy's house up and northern New Jersey this morning they were waiting. For him to come outside instead his wife did step outside and this is what she had to say about her husband's. That. And once again to reiterate she said ten -- -- is the best athletic director that records could ever have apparently he has now been. Ousted as the athletic director of the university we'll get all of the details about that coming up at a news conference set to take place right inside one it's all that's coming up once again. At 1 o'clock. That is the latest live from the campus of Rutgers University Anthony Johnson channel seven eyewitness.

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{"id":18889317,"title":"Rutgers Fires Athletic Chief Amid Scandal: Who's Next?","duration":"2:24","description":"Tim Pernetti is the most senior official at the university to lose his job since video surfaced.","url":"/US/video/rutgers-university-fires-athletic-chief-tim-pernetti-amid-scandal-18889317","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}