Hello Dali, Goodbye Suspected Art Thief

Phivos Istavrioglou, 29, pleaded not guilty to stealing a Salvador Dali drawing from a NYC gallery.
2:14 | 02/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hello Dali, Goodbye Suspected Art Thief
And -- in the brazen theft of a famous painting at a New York City gallery prosecutors say the robber walked to the gallery. -- put this -- other Dolly panning in a shopping bag and just walked out but the true art here. Howell police tracked him down eyewitnesses -- -- -- -- gaze on the upper east side Jeff. And -- -- -- Salvador Dali drawing was taken from an art gallery in this building here on Madison avenue it was a 150000. Dollar -- but any head. It was the alleged suspect who got duped after an undercover NYPD detective -- -- back here to the US. Promising him a job in an art gallery it was an all -- The alleged suspects apparently couldn't refuse. The man in the surveillance video. -- -- -- -- -- Is behind bars tonight and the drawing is back in the hands of its rightful owners he was arraigned -- -- plea of not guilty the Greek nationals bail set at a 100000 dollars for allegedly stealing the Salvador Dali masterpiece. Thanks to old fashioned police work the investigation may have been a work of -- is well. The theft itself was less Thomas crown affair and heist at the met. It was on a smaller scale the scene and art gallery in this building on -- -- Manhattan district attorney cy Vance says. It was almost surreal how the -- was committed a thief is accused of putting a valuable Salvador Dali drawing into a shopping bag. In the middle of the afternoon in full view of surveillance cameras. According to investigators' when the 29 year old realize there was an international manhunt on for his arrest. He allegedly mailed the drawing back from Greece once they had the drawing. Investigators worked to get their -- Building their case through forensics by matching the suspects' fingerprints to a theft at a whole foods here in New York. According to the police commissioner. More than persistence of memory help solve this case. I commend detectives for matching a fingerprint in the Dolly theft to a shoplifting last year. And then detectives lord the suspect. Back here to New York aborting a potentially -- the extradition process. Relied right now on the upper east side Jeff -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18546524,"title":"Hello Dali, Goodbye Suspected Art Thief","duration":"2:14","description":"Phivos Istavrioglou, 29, pleaded not guilty to stealing a Salvador Dali drawing from a NYC gallery.","url":"/US/video/salvador-dali-art-theft-suspect-arrested-18546524","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}