San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Signs Resignation Papers

Mayor accused of sexually harassing at least 18 women will step down.
6:22 | 08/23/13

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Transcript for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Signs Resignation Papers
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm -- Hernandez in new York and we have some breaking news for you mayor Bob -- there. Is said to be resigning the LA times -- he is handed in his letter of resignation. And we will now turn to ABC's brandy hit. Who joins us some California with more on this story hello -- but can you tell us. -- that we're standing -- City Hall right now on as a moment a lot of people here in San Diego have been waiting for. There's been some sort of settlement agreement that's been reached in the Bob -- sexual harassment scandal. And right now people are filing into City Hall. To give public comment on this case before this City Council. Goes behind closed doors and votes on this settlement agreement now. Are not being released right now but according to ABC affiliate KG TV. This sort of settlement does include Bob silver's resignation it's up to the council vote to approve it before they go ahead go -- -- -- They want to hear public comment this afternoon I had to tell you there's a lot of people who are fired up about this. So we really don't know long how long the public comment is going to go they say they want to listen everybody who's there they're gonna get a month and a lot of time -- to speak. And then they're going to make this vote. As you've heard eighteen women are now accusing the mayor. Unwanted sexual advance advances and sexual harassment and so far over the last several weeks. He has refused to step down. Now after some mediation over the last few days here in San Diego they believe that you know they've reached this agreement but the City Council has to approve it and the details again tied. Are unknown one of the accusers. Her attorney Gloria all red who who has filed a lawsuit. Against the mayor and the city say they are concerned this agreement involves the city picking up the expenses for -- legal fees for the mayor. The council not talking about the details yet but they say is that this city ends -- agreeing to pay his legal fees. That would be wrong -- not be up to the taxpayers. Are waiting to find out exactly what's inside what the vote -- -- all of its -- -- -- down later on this afternoon -- Our right to -- just keep this up to speed here there's already one lawsuit pending -- Gloria Allred the attorney for one of the women. Who has sent definitively that she will -- do we know about any other case is going forward. That is the main lawsuit that we've heard of so far the other big question in this case of course is what happens to. The mayor's pension. -- letter that whether or not they -- the legal fees are not. When it comes to his pension he's -- a lot of money when it comes to being a congressman for several decades Venus city councilman here. Also for teaching at the university so up to 80000 dollars a year he's actually going to be paid out in his pension. And that may be part of this agreement as well that he wants to keep that pension money every year if he agrees to finally step down now if he's convicted -- a time. -- that money goes out the windows as some people kinda wanna see where the lawsuit goes where this investigation goes. If it goes to court let it play out the only problem with accuracy Diego's it's kind of -- a dark cloud is anything. Council members it can get business done with the mayor still in office so they may come to some agreement that he gets some money on the way out as long as -- agreed to step down. You know it's interesting how you talked about City Council inviting the public to speak and there -- been as perhaps take as long as necessary to let everyone -- -- and give their public commentary. But at the same time there's a sense that a settlement would be a lot cheaper. And going through these long drawn out lawsuit so we may in fact in the end not hear a -- off all that much about what went on. Now especially talk about money -- better option here as you've seen is that recall effort that so many people have been pushing for when he just kept refusing to step down. We saw the tenth its -- come forward to twelve to fifteen that he said that he wasn't going to leave office of this recall effort started. When you talk to people here at city officials they believe the recall effort would also cost anywhere between one and one point five million dollars. You have to take all these figures into account and it's up to these council members to decide. What money is worth it -- just move forward them. Or do they say no we're not and I approve this agreement and we're gonna stick to it and the mayor stays in office and -- Fiat goes some people say they don't want any money going out so. Here it's gonna be really interesting to see the reaction from people here on on street as well depending on what the decision as. I'm ready to me in any sense of how many people -- signed up to speak we're looking at a live picture now of the City Council originally greeted proceeding. An average citizens of San Diego coming up to that microphone in. We don't have an exact number we've seen people going in and kind of standing by throughout the morning out here I can tell you there is media from all across the country the entire. And at city center here in downtown San Diego is full of cameras. I believe once they get inside they have to you know make that a set number this is the amount of people that are going to be going and it's I'm curious to know the exact amount of time they give them because they said they would give -- time allotments if there were a lot of people because it can't go on all night long these council members do have ago. Behind closed doors and eventually make -- -- We know where the mayor is today and I suspected he is resigning -- may not seen much of him in the coming days. Get -- last -- we saw him to I was on Wednesday actually we're told that he met with his staff. Thanks them for all of their hard work which kind of indicated team many people thought he was going to be stepping down as part of this deal. We saw him enter a large dark SUV with a bunch of boxes that look like office boxes which made a lot of people assume OK maybe he's cleaning out his office. And as you mentioned before you came -- lied to us that the LA times is reporting that he's already has signed his letter of resignation and turned it and if this deal is in fact approved now ABC news cannot confirm that the city clerk's office does tell ABC news -- They have not received any sort of signed letter yet so maybe it's still at the office or it would be in the process of being moved over all of that is kind of in limbo right now. All right well certainly a story river in the -- Keeping a very good eye on Randy -- reporting for us live and sending -- thank you some.

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{"id":20051936,"title":"San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Signs Resignation Papers ","duration":"6:22","description":"Mayor accused of sexually harassing at least 18 women will step down.","url":"/US/video/san-diego-mayor-bob-filner-signs-resignation-papers-20051936","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}