Search Warrants Reveal New Details on Sandy Hook Massacre

Authorities say that shooter Adam Lanza's rampage lasted fewer than five minutes.
14:57 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Search Warrants Reveal New Details on Sandy Hook Massacre
This is the special report. From ABC news now. Hello everyone I'm -- ribeiro in New York in this is an ABC news now special report. New details emerging today about the massacre at sandy hook elementary school and the twenty year old killer Adam -- The information comes from search warrants released by authorities this morning. We now know that Adam -- as Rampage lasted fewer than five minutes. And in killing 21 graders and six educators. He expended a 154. Rounds before using B 155. On himself also found at the -- -- -- shared with his mother and whom he also killed were nine samurai swords and more than 15100. Rounds of ammunition. Those are just a few of the headlines and with more on what investigators found and what it could mean going forward we are joined now by ABC news radio's Aaron -- -- -- Aaron good to see you. Tanya good to see you this was an incredible arsenal that Adam Lanza -- at his disposal in addition to the guns that he brought to school and you mentioned in less than five minutes. It was all over he was able to shoot off 154. Bullets. Police said he had plenty more ammunition at his disposal and at his home. Knives and swords and a BB gun. And a number of writings that indicate that Adam -- may have been researching other mass shootings police found a New York Times news clipping from. February of 2008 about the Northern Illinois University shooting. They also found books about autism Asperger's and -- NRA guide to gunfire. Now how it possible that a young man could have accumulated such an arsenal of weapons. Well the much of them purchased legally by his mother Nancy Lanza and in fact she had written out a holiday card for her son. Included a check for the specific purchase of a new -- so this was something that. Nancy -- was well aware of police found a number of receipts to indicate the arsenal was purchased legally along with the extensive amount of ammunition. A police say inside the home also found an -- BB gun. And some other things that in to indicate that shooting enthusiasts. -- were at home in that house but how no one picked up on this may be because -- Lanza rarely left. How's the FBI interviewed a witness in the name was redacted. And that witness described lands as a reckless somebody who rarely left the home who was an avid player of call of duty in other. Video games but somebody -- who just didn't venture out all of -- And there's no indication that at -- himself ever tried to purchase any of these guns is that right. Nothing at all nothing to indicate that he was about to go and buy things other than this holiday card with a check inside made out two -- Lanza from his mother. For the purchase of a firearm but there's no evidence that -- -- -- ever went into cash that check court to to to try and buy another gun. Now what is the reaction been like in Newtown -- all of this information we're told there is a rally scheduled in the town today and it has. Something to do with the National Rifle Association what's at stake here for this town. Well bid bit as you know -- Newtown in addition to the whole state of Connecticut and and indeed the country is engaged in this debate about guns and gun control and for the NRA has been fighting against any new measures and some of the things the NRA's been doing include robo calls to. Community members in in Newtown -- much support it's been mustard four as against a new gun control measures and the NRA. Has sent out these robo calls and they've hit some of the families directly affected by the the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school -- so this rally today. Just a few miles from sandy hook elementary is going to -- and -- -- a knock it off to the NRA put out a statement today saying it. There was no affiliation between the group in the -- us although that the police search warrants indicate that NRA cards were found for both. Nancy and Adam lands -- along with that book about the NRA guide -- shooting. Now are the victim's family is forming any kind of united front and -- debates. A number of them showed up at the White House today and and a number are expected to participate they've been speaking out. -- recently several of the families came here to New York to stand with New York mayor Mike Bloomberg one of the staunchest advocates for new gun control measures to to put face. On on. -- on this on this issue and and so we have that they have been something of the united front not all of them have chosen to be involved but many. Many have and certainly today they admit they're united in the idea that they would like the NRA robo calls and their community to stop. Absolutely and -- Aaron as we know there's been a big push for universal background checks. Lately but it's not clear that this kind of law would have been useful in preventing the sandy hook attack. In fact governor Dan Malloy of Connecticut said very much the same thing since things were purchased legally he said the logical conclusion to draw from these search warrants is that. In this state should -- high capacity magazines. And assault style weapons and and the Connecticut legislature may take up gun control measures as soon as next week and -- to see the arsenal. That -- -- was able to acquire legally. Led the governor to conclude that that some of these magazines have to be limited some of these weapons have to be limited in their sale. Adam lands was able to fire as we said 154. Bullets from just one of the guns that he had and police said he had three other thirty round magazines act is ready. That's sandy hook elementary school they found along with a spotting. And what other picture is emerging here and -- -- I mean he have this incredible arsenal we know that he was a recluse. He was -- he was addicted to certain video games is that right -- tell us what also. Police found. -- call of duty was one of the -- below one of the games that he apparently like to play in and time if police also found a number of gaming consoles computers cell phones Smartphones. Some of them useful in recovering information some damaged beyond repair where where information could not be gleaned. That -- also found a number of its own writings and thoughts that he collected just gone on note cards are on foreign papers. They found the news -- some of them about other mass shootings and they found drawings they found books about autism and Asperger's whether they belong to Adam lands or his mother. We're not sure but these would be things that had Adam land to live. That psychologists would have used to develop a profile and and would have given us a window into who this young man was and and and why he may have killed. Twenty children and six adults at sandy hook elementary school it's unlikely police say that we may ever learn the true motive. Did he seem to be communicating with anyone either on line with an alias or any kind of chat room that he. Have any sort of wider society. Vick that he didn't appear to have a whole lot of friends that -- police have been able to find in fact is just the indication of one. Citizen witness says he's called and in the in the court records may be a friend. But if there were some indications from cell phone records -- and from the gaming consoles -- he he was interacting with other people. Either through video games or perhaps he had people he was speaking to -- -- Those records were redacted so we don't have any specific names but police know who they are and and in some cases they've they've reached out to them. -- in terms of these news paper clippings that were found it appeared that he was. Studying and collecting other mass killings. At least the one from northern Illinois university and there had been reports that he was obsessed with that -- shootings in Norway and in another mass shootings and looking at not only. Who the killers were what their motives might have been but the weapons that they used and we don't know specifically if that had anything to do with his choice of weaponry. At sandy hook elementary school we know we use -- to 23 caliber bushmaster. And that's what he used to pop up 154. Rounds more weapons -- more ammunition at his disposal should be needed it. Whether lens or was it was obsessed with these it's it's impossible now to know but but the picture is developing. -- somebody who was a recluse someone who did not have a an awful lot of friends someone who was clearly familiar with guns and lived in the house where there were plenty of guns and other weapons. And and someone who who. At some point decided that he needed to kill his mother and then -- it that bushmaster rifle on those -- sandy. And -- Aaron I can't help but wonder. This seems like the young man who must of had a lot of experience and practice with -- -- to have done so much damage in so little time he clearly knew exactly what -- was doing. Well he may have an -- there was that guide to shooting that was found in his home but there's no real evidence that. He ever traveled with his mother to -- gun ranges stated there may -- been you know one or two instances but police have never really. Been able lifted to officially confirm that he was a regular. They did find however in a duffel bag. Paper targets. They also found your protection -- protection so things to indicate that Adam -- -- may have been at some point practicing. For his shooting Rampage and he was also wearing military style car -- -- cracks he was when his body was found inside the school there were shell casings everywhere along with the bodies of those little victims. And he was wearing military style clothing at first there were reports that he was wearing a bulletproof vest but subsequently in the investigation -- determined he was not wearing a bulletproof vest. And and and in less than five minutes he was able to shoot his way into the school kill all of those people and then turn a handgun on himself. As police arrived. An unbelievable amount of damage and so little time parent -- -- thank you so much for that thanks done it. And also today President Obama stood with the family -- of the victims of gun violence from new town to Chicago to a -- Colorado. Pledging to keep up the fight for new laws congress has already rejected a new assault weapons ban the last one expired in 2004. But is now considering mandatory universal background checks for all gun purchases here's President Obama. Right now 90% of Americans. 90%. Support background -- -- we'll keep criminals and people have been found to be a danger themselves or others from buying a gun. More than 80% of Republicans agree more that 80% of gun owners -- Think about that. How often. -- percent of Americans agree on anything. The president then laid down -- -- one more time to congress and the nation. And that's my attitude. Tears aren't enough. Expressions of sympathy -- enough. Speeches aren't enough. We've cried enough. We've known enough heart rate. What we're proposing. Does not radical. It's not taken away anybody's gun rights. It's something that that. If we are serious we will do. And with that we are joined now from Washington by ABC news political director Rick Klein -- -- -- you are listening to President Obama today any reason to believe his words are going to sway votes in the senate. Purely the emotion is worth listening to in what the president said today clearly this is an issue that he himself. Personally very hard he remembers those voices that he heard from. In the wake of -- and he's committed to making something happen out of -- the big question of course is how that translates into pressure on members of congress. President very explicit shame on us he said over and over again if we have forgotten. And he called on Americans it to go to town hall meetings to meet with the members of congress to -- the same kind of pressure in the same kind of emotion behind that pressure as he did today. I was struck by the fact that this -- the president -- -- with a lot of different issues that aren't there -- that many though that he -- dial and out. Like -- clearly the passion behind his words. He -- that he does seem to be taking us one particularly personally. And never what is the most gun control advocates can hope. This congress might agree on. They have vastly had to scale back their ambitions on this right now the realistic prospect surround. Universal background checks are near universal background checks eliminating things like the gun show loophole in regulating more private sales in addition to anti gun trafficking legislation. But the big issues will remain the assault weapons ban and limits on high magazine clips. Both of those are our issues that they hope that it gun control advocates hope that -- -- put a spotlight on but it hasn't changed the dynamics in congress you mention. The senate being very unlikely to approve those things they will not be in the based. Bill that comes to the floor of the senate next month Harry Reid the senate majority leader may not even support those things much less be able to get some Republicans on board for votes so. The action will be in the senate where Democrats at 55 votes not all of them pro gun control they'll have to peel off a few Republicans to do anything more the prospects though. For universal background checks -- something close to -- are pretty good right now there a couple of competing proposals on the language on this. Including some that have Republican support we'll see how that works its way through but I think the president realizing this is a moment in time. That he wants a shift where this debate is headed. He has the -- now members of congress are home for two weeks around the Easter holiday they're hearing from constituents on this and of course the day of action. Around Newtown -- is has gun control advocates around the nation crying out for some action. Certainly -- and I didn't do more names more money being poured into the fight. The NRA is certainly. Ha you know posed for -- -- attending withstand this. Well the NRA is it obviously very powerful and they put their money behind this Michael Bloomberg the mayor of New York putting about twelve million dollars of his own money into the other side of this targeting. In particular about a dozen senators many of them in purple states that he feels like. Could be amenable to some kind of some kind of pressure. From the public on this so he is providing some air cover and for the first on a long time it has the ability to at least make a fair -- fight. And doesn't mean they're gonna win that doesn't mean they're gonna change the votes the minds that they need to hear because. There is it's not as well funded -- -- a well armed. Side that -- -- that opposes any new gun controls they feel very strongly about this stuff and they are vocal so I think all of those things combined to what's going to be a volatile few weeks. So when President Obama says 90% of Americans support universal background checks is that an accurate number. That's probably a little to more than any of our polls and has said it depends on how you asked that question exactly I'd have to look exactly. And our numbers but the numbers are very high right in terms of universal background checks you even have NRA members even have. Gun rights advocates saying I don't have a problem with background checks that seems to be for a lot of people. Kind of a no brainer the NRA at one point was even for tighter gun gun controls around -- projects that. The president needs to move that ball forward by -- book but also bringing together some of the other pieces of this like the assault weapons and like the limits on high magazine clips. All right we'll all be watching is very close in the days ahead ABC's political director Rick Klein thank you. Thank you this has been an ABC news now special report the latest on new town and the fight over gun control here in the US --

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{"id":18832003,"title":"Search Warrants Reveal New Details on Sandy Hook Massacre","duration":"14:57","description":"Authorities say that shooter Adam Lanza's rampage lasted fewer than five minutes. ","url":"/US/video/search-warrants-reveal-details-sandy-hook-massacre-18832003","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}