Search warrants unsealed from April 2018 Michael Cohen raids

The documents break down Cohen's financial crimes.
3:18 | 03/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Search warrants unsealed from April 2018 Michael Cohen raids
I write my friends are starting with some breaking news search warrants related to Trump's former attorney Michael Coe when. We're just released now these documents are related to the raid on Cohen's home and office back in twin eighteen still. Air guitar ski is in our New York radio studio and he's going to break it all down so. Area you've been going through all of these documents what did you find in what stands out to you. I think the biggest thing that stands out Kimberly is the amount of black ink related to the campaign finance violation that was uncovered by federal prosecutors. To which Michael Cullen pleaded guilty. But that is the subject of an ongoing investigation we know that president trump has been implicated in that campaign finance violation related to the hush payments to stormy Daniels and Karen McDoogle. Two women who would accuse president trump of prior affairs that the president has denied. But that the basis the supporting basis for this campaign finance violation. All of the information is redacted as part of a court order all of these search warrant affidavits were released today. Because. News organizations including ABC news. Pushed for they are released and the judge agreed that prosecutors said anything about an ongoing campaign finance violation. Did need to be blacked out and indeed was. But we're learning a couple of other things though about Michael Cullen one that he was among Robert Moeller his earliest targets. The search sworn affidavits show that they the special counsel's office began investigating Michael Cohen. In July of 2017 going through some of his emails in the like. And that's just two months after Mulder was appointed so there were early suspicions by the special counsel about Michael Cohen and all of that was later. Relayed to federal prosecutors here in New York who ended up securing the guilty pleas from Colin. And finally I think Kimberly the other thing we learned is that Michael Cohen in large part was brought them by his own greed. At the time he was under investigation he's 22 million dollars in debt radioed a couple of banks. He had a side business. Involving taxi medallions that that the the metal details that allow taxis here in New York City to operate. And as Hoover and lift another ride share companies became more popular taxi medallion values plummeted. And Colin was in a pretty significant hole. But he also had a bird and hand. His longtime associate Donald Trump had just been elected president of the United States. And Colin according to these documents started shopping himself around as someone who could get. Access and he was paid for that but he was concealing that money from the banks that he owed money to. Yes I'm just curious out of my own curiosity like. How big were these files and how long dated actually take you to look there all of these can they were just released. But they were there that are about 900 pages twelve and so I wouldn't say that it's been with a fine tooth comb but we knew a lot about Michael Cohen already because he's pleaded guilty and is off to prison in May. For some of the crimes that these search warrant affidavits are about. We were hoping to get a little bit more information about the campaign finance investigation that's ongoing. But as I say Kimberly those portions where redacted. Or an Aaron thanks for coming through those we appreciated.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The documents break down Cohen's financial crimes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61785446","title":"Search warrants unsealed from April 2018 Michael Cohen raids","url":"/US/video/search-warrants-unsealed-april-2018-michael-cohen-raids-61785446"}