Senate prepares to vote on $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill

The House cancels Thursday’s session in response to a possible threat of violence.
3:40 | 03/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate prepares to vote on $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill
But we begin with a capital on alert as the senate begins what could be a long debate over president Biden stimulus bill. Our Capitol Hill correspondent Rachel Scott joins us now from the capitol with more. Agreed to what's the status of the bill right now. So big picture here hey we know the Democrats are up against a deadline here they want to get this on president Joseph Biden's gas by march 14 on that date unemployment benefits for millions of Americans are set to expire. So why did were asking when are those 14100 dollar stimulus checks expected to go out wolf maybe within a matter of weeks but small picture what is happening right now. Isn't bigger basically fine tuning this bill so in the senate they just started ticking off twenty hours of debate. Republicans and Democrats both will be proposing some amendments trying to Whittle this bill down before it goes to a vote there in the senate and I'll have to go back over to the house but again bottom line that it have to get this passed by march 14 in just ten days in order to beat that deadline. And I am and ready talked about amendments to the bill there have been some concessions made already in the senate version here narrowing the scope of who gets relieves limiting the length of time for expanded unemployment benefits. Could those entice some bipartisan supporter of those really just aim to get the moderate Democrats on board. Yellow here expecting sweeping bipartisan support for this Kobe relief package it's just not going to happen in the house he and see a single Republican. A congressperson vote for the bill and so. Here in the senate all eyes are a Republican senator Lisa Murkowski and that is because she is basically described herself as listening Lisa over the past. We should listen to both sides of this she's from Alaska her seat has really been hit hard by the pandemic the tourism industry has been suffering and so now Democrats are trying to get bound to try to get her -- to vote when dom on this relief package but Republicans won their party to stand united they wanna set a very strong signal to Democrats said they are united on this front and that they oppose the skull to relief package Diane. And Rachel as we mentioned capitol police are on guard today for another potential attack on the capital what's it like they're right now. We'll Washington a capitol hill's solo levels fortress here you have miles long the razor wired sentencing wrapping around the entire Capitol Hill. Com slash C a 5000. Members of the National Guard. Still on site and then of course you still have these threats of and so now what do you have this increased. Amount of security here are ready there are threats to attack president Joseph Biden's upcoming speech to a joint session of congress and still. While much of the security that you see here around the capital is temporary law enforcement officials have said it is absolutely necessary because of the threats of violence that they're still. Think I am now after the January 6 attack on that very night members made a show coming back to the capital. And finishing the work that they started that day but today the house isn't even in session at all. Citing this threat why. The at a house is not in session sources told us that they be easily moved up their floor schedule in order to get lawmakers out of Washington DC by today of course today is that date that has been pushed by far right conspiracy theories in in groups like Q and on a saying that president trump would assume power again today of course that is not true that's completely false. But there were plans that the FBI uncovered a group trying to attack. That capital again today in so lawmakers. In the house essentially who were able to get out of Washington before today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to push back on this a little bit today citing the GOP's conference saying that they just simply moved up their schedule by a couple of hours but there are serious questions about what message does does send to the American people as lawmakers are getting out of town because of these increased threats of violence I am. And I read just got at the capitol fourth thanks Rachel.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The House cancels Thursday’s session in response to a possible threat of violence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76260019","title":"Senate prepares to vote on $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill ","url":"/US/video/senate-prepares-vote-19-trillion-covid-relief-bill-76260019"}