Senate report on Jan. 6 Capitol assault finds intelligence failures and more

Democrats are renewing calls for a 9/11-style commission after the release of the report.
5:59 | 06/08/21

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Transcript for Senate report on Jan. 6 Capitol assault finds intelligence failures and more
Bipartisan senate report on a January 6 assault on the capital it says law enforcement failed to recognize the serious potential for violence. Despite numerous warnings that the attack was being planned in plain sight. The report also blames capitol police intelligence for leaving rank and file officers vulnerable. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has the details for us hi Rachel. Diane and Terry well this is a blistering bipartisan. Report at a time when Democrats and Republicans are divided over very many issues both sides that were part of those. Say that there were multiple security failures and that they were significant. At every single level of government one senator saying that this was an attack that was just simply out there in plain sight. That they had intelligence warning of some of them violence on January 6 senator Amy Klobuchar I just spoke to her she said there are actually now circulating on social media. With how to break into the United States capitol but that information. But not pounce down to the people and the officers on the front lines leaving them dairy bowl horrible. Senator Amy Klobuchar told me there's no reason as to why this building the United States capitol shouldn't have been let's still vulnerable when that much intelligence. Still this was something that was very limited in scope and looked at. The events on January 6 the multiple security failures but it not to did not get into what provoked it actually. Former president Donald Trump's name is only mention about 44 times but his bipartisan group also made a list of recommendations out this included everything from beefing up security around the United States capitol. It's also making sure that the capitol police chief has the power to call in the National Guard if they feel like they need back up. And also ensuring that the capitol police officers do have the proper training we know that they were significantly outnumbered that day what this is also doing is renewing some of those calls for the independent commission senator Klobuchar told me that. Thirst a lot of questions out there that they do not have answers to. Actually the department of justice department of homeland security and the FBI they say did not fully cooperate with many of their request. They believed that there needs to be an independent commission to get to the bottom of this the Republicans are not on board with that they call it slanted and unbalanced. And they feared a Democrat or drag it out ahead of the mid term elections. Guys all right congressional correspondent Rachel Scott thank you and ABC news political director at Klein joins us now for more on this raking her Rachel that talking about the narrow scope. This investigation so what else wasn't covered here. Yeah I'm bulls this report is stunning in terms of the experience or even watched on TV what was happening on a Capital One January 6. Could recognize that there were major failures what we don't know he's one of the major political leaders were doing insane people in the run up to those events on January 6 and in real time. President trumps role personally his responsibility. Four provoking people sit to show up at the capitol and then perhaps just as importantly his response as the hours went by as the National Guard was not activated despite the frustrations that are outlined in this report. What Mike Pence the vice president's role was behind the scenes what calls he was feeling. Also including the house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. He's another one who would mean William. A partial portrait of what the communications were between him and members the administration problem we have met many members of congress say they were making phone calls to people into the in and around the administration up to including president trump. We don't have a full accounting of that we see instead is a dysfunctional. Series of law enforcement agencies layered on top each other without adequate training without I adequate protections and in some kind of familiar recommendations that say how we need to smooth those things out and engaging get more interoperability and more cooperation among agencies. And this is a very carefully worded a wreck. He out. Ya and I think that's a that's an important point is two to recognize that. You didn't loaded words like insurrection were worth waiting here at the reason that Saddam members of congress who were part of this report I tried to visit to the thread this needle is that this is a bipartisan report it was crafted by a senate committee that was controlled by Republicans just a few months ago on January 6 it is now controlled by Democrats and frankly the only way to get Democrats and Republicans on board for for for a particular set of words even he is still took to make sure that those words don't offended many people. I it and I think you deeds important to really and in that light that this is an attempted finding language that both sides could agree on. I even though that there were many facts around that that there were omitted some intentionally other I think with other and other and other decisions were more artistic and intentional. That Democrats are renewing their calls for a bipartisan commission now that seems unlikely so what are the next steps for the investigation. Well there's a couple of potential pass oddly the White House is all the ruled out a presidential commission which wouldn't have had subpoena power anyway. The likely is scenario is that we see speaker Pelosi need a special committee in the House of Representatives very much like what happened after that thing Ghazi investigation I would be bipartisan in the sense that Democrats and Republicans would people be invited to attend the meetings and be part of the panel but it would not be equal split like the commission that guy has now failed in the senate. That may be the only path forward that at least would give us subpoena power to win the congressional investigators. And of course there are you know dozens and and maybe hundreds of law enforcement investigations and other congressional investigations that are continuing to look at at various facets but that it's not clear yet whether any of those are gonna take a holistic approach to say. What led to this and what kind of accountability. Should there be for individuals and elected office who. We're part of you the decisions about how to secure the capitol complex or that the decisions of the lack thereof in terms of responding in real time. Right ABC news trickle director Rick Klein thanks Rick always great to have you.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"Democrats are renewing calls for a 9/11-style commission after the release of the report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78158488","title":"Senate report on Jan. 6 Capitol assault finds intelligence failures and more","url":"/US/video/senate-report-jan-capitol-assault-finds-intelligence-failures-78158488"}