Severe storm underway as rain drenches Southern California

A driving range is underwater after severe rain pummels Carlsbad, California.
1:28 | 02/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe storm underway as rain drenches Southern California
Who want to move over to California now where ABC's Jim Patten is there are and to tell us more about the winter weather that is slamming. That area hitter Jen. Hey Stephanie that's a good way to describe it we are a soggy San Diego today. We are right now in the community of Carlsbad about twenty miles north of San Diego proper what you're looking at bear is a driving range. That has basically been transformed into a lake in as you can over to the right. He gets the water gets deeper and then it heads into what is known is whether this decree. Which runs along the side of a freeway the 78 you can see the cars going by in the background there. It has flooded a portion of the freeway so that's closed off the right hand lane and one of the on ramps. Also we just learned from a police officer that stopped by that there is a homeless encampment in that direction. That they fear is going to be completely flooded out so we saw fire truck there a little earlier and they are apparently working on getting those people out of there safely. We get the normal stuff that you would expect. Californians don't have to drive and rain a whole lot and we got a lot more wrecks on days like this and that's what we're seeing today. Katie in fact we are after we're done chatting here with the U heading to breaking news. We just heard that a fire truck is overturned north east of us and that at least three firefighters have been injured in that Stephanie. I don't know what you get to that breaking news Jen thank you so much live from San Diego thanks for joining us for the debrief.

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{"duration":"1:28","description":"A driving range is underwater after severe rain pummels Carlsbad, California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61080810","title":"Severe storm underway as rain drenches Southern California","url":"/US/video/severe-storm-underway-rain-drenches-southern-california-61080810"}