Signs of strength during COVID-19

One grandma beats the odds and shares her coronavirus survival story, a virtual chorus harmonizes from home with the help of video conferencing and more stories of hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
4:28 | 03/27/20

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Transcript for Signs of strength during COVID-19
Tonight I want to give you a reason to smile and laugh in these challenging times. James long man he has are good news roundup first. Hi guys I go managing okay. He's out of Italy has always have been really sat up and mulling be a little bit alike to the end of a very dark tunnel. The authorities that saying that the infection rate is starting to stabilize. So under the from how long it took us up that's look at Italy's. Take a look at this video shed by the man of his town line AT six year old woman. Just coming out of the hospital finally Austin seven balloons and opting corona virus what a wonderful thing to see. I'm back in the US we go to Tulsa chicken with Geneva would she contracted trying to virus copy cut and cats and today in Washington State. But she's now tested negative for the virus she's on the road to recovery. This is our incredible story. And to knock her down one more time it was a cruel letdown. But it says she got up she wanted esteem how to turn she didn't want us to think that she was a quitter and so it turned into a story signing determination and hope really can never give up through and never ask underestimate the power of people coming together. With constant thoughts and prayers. I need that car owner backs. I have a lot conciliatory. Thank god gave me the strength and to do. I'm while most of the elderly all in isolation it does not mean they can't have fun take a look at this. From the. Imus is a bit of fun as well you've seen people hoarding before that paved the unnecessary while. They need to calculate and he had not right it's an application point of fire and I'm you can actually calculate how much toilet paper that you need so iconic hit. I've got twelve roles in the house there who must pay a party I have enough to 72 days. Check it out to means you when you. I'm take a look at this. And and me you little. Air you're. It's a virtual boy united people from new around the world from the comfort of their own count. Maybe it shouldn't. Yeah yeah. Singing yeah. Here. We caught up with the found that chain's sales. I think the reason that people have really respond to this is is because it's something that makes until connected to of the people's this time and that's just Simon Barrett says that we feel. Some kind of human connection. I think something that she's positive and his heart full and has created nothing all of these is really important things. Anyway. And may be he's taken some snow this is makers realize. It really is a beautiful idea undercut the content and off all of Theo catchy genes. Have a look at these three this especially for corona virus first down everything's closed the case for you might get exposed AC. Sixteen tied for the fiscal bid ninety. Stores are out of toilet Jane Byrne don't know why we're gonna do you. Only ninety. Total at 98. Definitely a catchy chain and we all loving. Or you'll collaborations take a look at this student she organized school have friends remotely. To sing along and a rendition all through what the loved. And this was. Quite the homecoming talked to Matthew did laws to which has been battling counts as yet how long session of chemotherapy. Take into account a neighborhood. I'm leaving now would this prescient 2003 message from non Marla. And Nelson Mandela. Had had bought. Should truckers pulled the curtain. Okay. Stay where everyone can be good. Stay well indeed and thank you James for that.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"One grandma beats the odds and shares her coronavirus survival story, a virtual chorus harmonizes from home with the help of video conferencing and more stories of hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69828083","title":"Signs of strength during COVID-19","url":"/US/video/signs-strength-covid-19-69828083"}