Sioux chiefs react to ruling denying restraining order on Dakota Access Pipeline

ABC News' Maggie Rulli speaks to tribal chiefs after the judge's decision not to issue a temporary restraining order on the controversial pipeline.
9:07 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Sioux chiefs react to ruling denying restraining order on Dakota Access Pipeline
Hey get Maggie really here for ABC news digital standing beside members and leaders. Of the great Sioux nation we caught up with them earlier right before they headed into the courthouse behind us and now. The ruling yet you were waiting for came down tell me what happened inside the courthouse what was the ruling. The matter motion workers temporary restraining order. Littlest one. Surprised. A little bit of that daughter earlier been real good job is an inner our case that it appeared to me that. Federal government's attorneys in Finland. While prepared words both Bryant. And your lawyers here today okay. Your radio you were the lawyer that was presenting the case inside and oh what was the ground Burke of the case what we've adding on. Our allegation is that the sighting of the Dakota access pipeline under it waters of like a lot heat which are sacred waters that are owned by members. Would desecrate those utterances oil flowing through that pipeline correlates with terrible black snake that was propped side. In our our religious tradition. And so it's our argument to the court. That corps of engineers allowing this pipeline to desecrate our waters constitutes a substantial burden on the exercise of our village. There are we asked the court to immediately stop the construction code access line. Lionel. The court denied our motion for temporary restraining order he has scheduled a hearing on the seminary injunction which have seen back. To stop that I might be construction. Constructed. That hearing while happened on February 27 and as I have told us there others with a great nation with a lot but to people. We were born to fight and we will not give up fighting until this pipeline has been defeated. We continue fighting with the same line of action or what else can you use sort of in your arsenal to to bring this extra legal system. There are a myriad of ways. The federal government has violated our rights by permitting that it code access by going to go under our waters. We have started with the religious freedom. An argument which implicates. Existential part of who we are. But the reality is that. There are many other battles to fight in this chief among those is the fact that. This pipeline contaminate our waters and ruin our reservation in ruin our right to live. As we have been promise to be protected by the United States so. We have arguments and briefing will be to comment that said. We have many fights left an Aston to code access cannot rest now that they at a big bite at a with the owners. And all of you were inside the courtroom just now right. But what was it like for you to hear both sides speaking in what was it like when you also hurt. You're a lawyer but what we knew her from Dakota access and what they had just. Let's take let's get. Let's go back aways a few months ago when they first heard the case to same judge heard the case along with Big Apple lawyers along with. I standing rock and lawyers. And she in today's court it's important chairman Frazier and Schoen river in their endeavors on trying to get it stopped at this point in time which there. Gone temporary restraining order. Lack of education on native Americans. Not property and life seen. Wolf what it says. What is good what is CIA escort could do for a native Americans always equate to assist them what to what should evolve our even understanding his his own self but on the other hand. There's many areas that have gone wrong day in proper consultation of dealing with Indian tribes itself is has been a big problem. The boundaries. At one point kind he asked. Can you identified a bonds' agent and he was asking is you're French slang that is a boundary and no there's not a prince Lancaster boundary but periods treaty boundaries. That is it infighting gatekeepers you aren't as well as it is in the AP 68. But initially we want to stand with the 1851. Boundaries because. It's a big large land base and a good portion of the United States of America that this Sunni shouldn't have rightfully is rightfully theirs. You mention you feel like there's a lack of education knowledge about native American Indian civil would you want people to know about your community or about your people. Moment. We'd like to have good schools in the United States be able to teach indeed history. That's wondered beings first and foremost that should be being taught Puerto past many years but he hasn't. Redick and Dan to teach about native Americans. Gauge. Let's teach arts teach. The white Indian. Com I don't know how best to explain that put based on on language. Culture. Being put in our boarding schools and taken away trying to choose pick where Kennedy on our song and dance. Today's world it's different now we are educated and we do know who we are and the fight continues its going to continue. I'm from real collection drive and I come from particularly. And wondered need your street. Word 1890 massacre happened where people. Put on the back as saying here that can attic and going through dialogue and poitier to proper role. They would know it actor Richard proper consultation. Under cores. On course part. Not only got it jerked himself had stayed it. In his first court I am not aware of Indian law. I am not aware of in the history. So I don't know harder federal laws applying here aren't going to have to study. Immediately in my mind and after it got personal and we're standing rock was. He should re accused himself for not being knowledgeable about federal Indian law. Nor understand anybody in the tribe voice that at all not even knowing what our treaties are. So. Work that I. We're still lectured Bill Polish by appeared to hit a few hours ago so we we too are gonna put up a fight but to say chased them here. It sounds like from what you're describing there's this large script and see between knowledge and laws and end to. What your community thinks and believes vs what other communities think and believe so beyond the group this do you think there's a way that everyone can come together and find a solution that. Works for everyone. I think so I'd like whoever faded as Manson analysts are treaty are teach him a true American Indian history in the schools you know. Rain and from the viewpoints other native American people vs what some experts today. You know let's be realistic what happened things you know on that come about. And so free you is this ruling in this by more than about just. This lawsuit in particular is its bid their greater missionary greater motivation for you. Yeah there is you know I was up the pipeline and I've been up to the camp let them up to them sites. Anne Twomey in their very existence. Of our. Nation is at stake the way I fear timing because water is everything. But to be told on federal lands than your trust. We told. And then federal lands our primary competitor on treaty boundary uses and on believable and just in. Believe it we animal rights on the homeland. After hearing a ruling like this today into the temporary restraining order was not granted you saw hope in the legal system and hoped that. Your fight we'll actually to be fruitful that's on that'll come of it for your people. Yeah I'm still hopeful you know I believe in my prayers and I believe in our people. We've just got to keep going on I mean you know it's been pretty tough you know who knows we get into another court where there is order pills. But we're hitting over yet we've still got a full hearing. So we've just got to keep working and and stay optimistic and that's what life's about this and then you wouldn't fight at all. I have a thank you all so much you just heard I'm here with members of the greats a nation outside the courthouse in DC where they're temporary restraining order was just denied but. As you heard from them they're not quitting they're not giving up the fight so will be hearing. Plenty more from nanny she sang ABC news digital keep you updated throughout the upcoming weeks and months about everything that's happening. This is Maggie relief for ABC news.

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{"duration":"9:07","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli speaks to tribal chiefs after the judge's decision not to issue a temporary restraining order on the controversial pipeline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45482107","title":"Sioux chiefs react to ruling denying restraining order on Dakota Access Pipeline","url":"/US/video/sioux-chiefs-react-ruling-denying-restraining-order-dakota-45482107"}