Small businesses still struggling with Paycheck Protection Program

ABC News’ Alex Presha looks at a minority-owned small business in Washington, D.C. having difficulty with securing a PPP loan.
3:12 | 08/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Small businesses still struggling with Paycheck Protection Program
Want things a president trumps executive actions does not cover is an extension of of the paycheck protection program a lifeline for so many small businesses during the pandemic. Alex for Shea has a closer look at one minority owned small business struggling to navigate them home program. And what happens next. For my shepherd and Alison McDoogle it's been in an easy last few months. Just trying to get there it is trying to make it and whether the star. They're the women behind work sheet. They rent space inside restaurants during downtime to small companies in need of work Tearrius. It's a lean business only for employees. They had dozens of restaurant partners mostly across Washington DC and some in Chicago. Did the corona virus forced many to close in March it was. Friday and adding an aerial about there was first person to meet the announcement restaurants were closed I didn't know what to do after that and I think exactly set up. And for a glass of wine. Thinking it means to thin out. Whenever that mandate for that closed a lot of these restaurants. Happen yes went from sixty ET to see here. I mean that's our business right. The two asserted brainstorming ways to keep it new services to offer he let go there and turn. But nothing completely made up for the lost revenues in early April news of a possible lifeline the paycheck protection program. Mike should try to apply on the Small Business Administration website but since a site kept crashing a few days later she applied with Bank of America where she has a personal banking accounts. But they came back to me and said hey if you don't have. Your business account here you can't apply for PPP. So she applied where she had a business account needy federal she says that was in mid April. They say the bank gas for additional info in the weeks that followed details they gate. But the work you do O says they still haven't gotten a definitive answer on their loans. My shin allison's business is one of dozens of minority owned businesses we've heard from caritas still waiting a response on their application. Or they've been flat out denied. An analysis of federal data by interest group accountable dot US highlights similar struggles nationwide. The results which have not been peer reviewed. Found that ten congressional districts with the highest percent of black residents received nearly thirteen billion dollars less in PPP funding. In the ten districts with the lowest percent of black residents my shin Allison remained hopeful. They believe there's a market for their business but this is it how they expected things ago. Service so we provide is the definition of in any. It is maximizing resources that already exists. The good thing about it is is that we know that. The remote work industry is going to be growing its its market timing it's just you have to be able to withstand. The physical time where it might not be the most conducive environment up across the country. Alex for Shay ABC news. Thanks Alex navy federal where works you apply for that PPP loans says it made several attempts to contact the business for additional documentation. We've reached out directly to this business member to discuss her PPP home package and are awaiting a return call.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"ABC News’ Alex Presha looks at a minority-owned small business in Washington, D.C. having difficulty with securing a PPP loan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72297375","title":"Small businesses still struggling with Paycheck Protection Program","url":"/US/video/small-businesses-struggling-paycheck-protection-program-72297375"}