South Carolina 5th grader died of natural causes, no charges filed: Officials

The 5th grade girl who died shortly after a fight with another student reportedly had a congenital condition called arteriovenous malformation.
6:06 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for South Carolina 5th grader died of natural causes, no charges filed: Officials
First for an idea right dot of natural causes. Sackett. There was no evidence of trauma. Own or inside the body overnight awry that would indicate that any fight. In any magnitude. Contributed to her death. And third as result of those findings they will not be criminal charges brought in this map. Now our first start by. Give me a little bit more detail as to the natural causes. Again the report will be prepared I believe Monday. The report will read that B cause of death the manner of death was natural. It was calls pop what is referred to in the medical community as an arch area of Venus. Vascular. Now formation. Or a piano. Jeff kid with my office has a copy 10 series of articles that explain this in more detail. Normally a human being will have our arteries and veins going through their body there will be separated in connected by capillaries. In this situation in this case and in fact it is a rare instance the arteries and veins are tangled. And inner taught. That causes pressure on the artery and the vascular walls. And that pressure eventually will lead to rupture. How apologists indicated that there is a percentage. That. Mortality rate goes up for that those hemorrhage you'll are. As somebody gets over but it is something that in at least in the evidence. That the path colleges found was whipped our. Since birth. This. These. The pressure. And sometimes a small him rate can calls headaches. And that is normally the manifestation and what the evidence showed that bit that's gives the doctors the idea of what. Well what was taking place the manifestation. These being headaches or something that was in Brunei air rights history. Thirteen days prior to this event. She had been taken to the doctor complaining of headaches. Over a two year period starting in February of 2017. She'd gone to the doctor seven times complaining of headaches sometimes dizziness which is also. Another manifestation of eighty pounds. And the rupture that comes from that. All of this combined. Is is what the path colleges and their team of doctors. Went to the conclusion that her death was natural. It was a result of the pressure. And a rupture inside. One of those cap one of those things arteries now. In some situations these ADM's can be found anywhere in the pot. And her situation it was it was found in the left back part of her brain. The test that has been taking place for the last two weeks. It was determined the second part of my determination second concerned that we had which is did trauma contributed to this in anyway. Was there any evidence that I five or series of fights or anything like that contributed to her death. The test that was taken place concluded. Hot cheesy late Tuesday. We got word of that from the path apologist and we met with an apologist Wednesday. The test results showed that there was no evidence of trauma either inside the body or outside. Indicate that a fight. Any magnitude contributed to this. There were no bruises no cuts and scrapes know you. No broken and that busted lips no blackouts internally the tissue that was tested. Also did not show any other trauma the only trauma was limited in skeptically to the rupture that took place in the bright. Accordingly. My decision then is whether or not. Because this fight did not contribute to her death whether or not there should be any charges. I've been a prosecutor for more than 27 years. And routinely are going to courtrooms all around this circuit. And the five counties and are a lot very heavily on science. Science tells us the truth it leads us to the truth and in many ways I asked the jury in many cases I asked the jury to follow the science of the truth. In this case the science is very clear. The science shows us that her death was natural and that there was no contributing factor to that. Other then the natural progression. What turns out to be a birth defects. This was about opted since second bite in this particular aren't. Altercation on this particular incidence. There's different rumors just that the teacher was not only seen or wasn't in a room that's falls. The teacher. Was in the room behind the desk. The whole time this particular incident occur. There was this horror that was assigned to the elementary school system here Collin county was actually on scene. Nicole came out. I was there within three minutes. Have to be an area. This was not did not appear to be a case of bullying assault and I want to rule out. There was no sign of any count blunt trauma to the body. And any type away. I notice of the Horton case to you. To us. There's a lot of questions sometimes lions some cosmonaut ever did answer. But again this. It didn't occur. For any title of beating or blunt trauma.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"The 5th grade girl who died shortly after a fight with another student reportedly had a congenital condition called arteriovenous malformation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62509420","title":"South Carolina 5th grader died of natural causes, no charges filed: Officials","url":"/US/video/south-carolina-5th-grader-died-natural-charges-filed-62509420"}