South Korea offers signs of hope and roadmap to combat coronavirus

The U.S. has over 40,000 cases and over 500 deaths, numbers expected to grow.
4:27 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for South Korea offers signs of hope and roadmap to combat coronavirus
Country offering signs of hope and a possible road map to combat the corona virus South Korea. This Asian nation of fifty million people reported its first held in nineteen case this very same day as the United States. Now they reports only 64. New cases in the day down from thousands and a flattening of that infection curve that we hear. So much about their success is so stark that president Chubb according to South Korean officials asked their president for help with medical supplies. ABC's June he'd show has more from South Korea on how that nation's early and aggressive approach has so far made a significant difference. The United States now has over 50000 cases of Kuby nineteen. With over 600 deaths a number that is expected to grow exponentially. In the next couple weeks. Put a crystal world is South Korea a country about eight NV seventy miles from what had been the epicenter of the outbreak. It's a different story. Kubrick nineteen arriving in South Korea from China on the same day this took place this evening. It's here in the US Irene panel was in Daewoo South Korea where the disease first spread on a massive scale among the religious sect. This operable is now at the center of the outbreak in the South Korea. There are more than 200 Tyson's inside and all of them have 219. But since then the South Korean government has largely been able to grab the reins of the infection today the country has over 9000 cases of double corona virus. But only 76. New infections. A drastic contrast to the hospital else. And I can tell you that. The infection rates. Are roughly one in 1000 in the New York City metropolitan area. Where they are point 2% per thousand or point 1% per thousand in places like Washington State. Sell Korea is becoming the model for success. Quickly expanding the scope and scale of massive test teams in the past five weeks. Too far more than 340000. People have tested there. So they made sure they and the offense leaders they had enough. A personal protective equipment. Make sure masks were being produced in mass produced so all those things that's the full senate oath. Epidemic strategies to implement very quickly. From the first confirmed patient to South Korean government sprung into action. The Korean FTA expediting the mass production of test kits. Military able to sit up in organized testing facilities. Due to their mandatory military service. Army doctors were already on stem buying. Trained to work during the crisis. And authorities to vigorously tracked down and those infected and quarantined in their contacts. The government here sends out national emergency alert messages throughout the day. And look how many I got in the past couple of days this basically information about who was tested positive in my neighbor had. It's highly controversial but catches two birds with one stone raises awareness and keep people away from contaminated areas. The striking difference in most Asian countries compared to the streets in the US or Europe. Everyone wears masks. Now the government here allows you to buy to mask so we depend of the last digit of your birthday here. You gonna act and searched for the nearest pharmacy that still would have stopped. But the message here is very simple if you don't have a mask and had just stay home. As testing surpassed thousands per day. Medical teams created drive through sinners making depresses four times faster from an hour to just fifteen minutes. A week later doctors further improve the process. A walk through testing boost that again have testing times. Tasting times reduced to seven minutes. This food keeps medical staff from any physical contact with the potential factor while taking samples. The governing bodies of the world are taking notice as they grapple with this new normal and try to find solutions that don't yet exist. So they live to a country cutting the storm. That's making his way out of troubled waters. To heed to ABC news Seoul South Korea. Certainly some lessons that we could learn from right here our thanks to ABC's June he'd show.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The U.S. has over 40,000 cases and over 500 deaths, numbers expected to grow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69783196","title":"South Korea offers signs of hope and roadmap to combat coronavirus","url":"/US/video/south-korea-offers-signs-hope-roadmap-combat-coronavirus-69783196"}