SpaceX capsule splashes down near Pensacola, Florida

The first NASA-SpaceX astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, left Earth on May 30.
4:36 | 08/02/20

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Transcript for SpaceX capsule splashes down near Pensacola, Florida
There any screen we have visual confirmation of those to troop deployment that began Durham. All right so two of Tuesday droves now how they're gonna do their slowing and stabilizing of the Dragon Spacecraft. They should be detach chain in just a few moments that we'll see four parachutes the main parachutes deployed. Dragon under drove us. True decent rate nominal. They expected to descent rate detected velocity out of the germs nominal where righted around a hundred. Fifty miles an hour and already dropping. Can see the troops now detach. And there we have confirmation of deployment of the four main parachutes. We are visual on four sheets out we are a visual. Four main parachute stability in morning. It's at this point. The main parachutes have deployed. They are inflating as he can see there on your screen continuing. To slow dragging down significantly. We are anticipating splashed down in just under two minutes and thirty seconds. We've already slow the vehicle down to about sixty miles an hour it's already less than a kilometer in altitude. Main sheet December oh great I'm all passing through 700 meters. It's at this point dragon has saved all propulsion systems coordinators. Hundred meter. And where 600 meters above the Gulf of Mexico. Should be approximately a minute thirty from splashed down. Mission control team here in Hawthorne has reported the precise landing court bits to the recovery team. They are standing by and ready to go get our space stats. Under their partners. Just passed about 300 meters. One minute until splashdown. Your community and remember he splashed down. Speaker is first stance. So there we heard Bob in Doug reporting that they are bracing for a splashed down. We should be able to see. The Gulf of Mexico here in the shot just momentarily. As for now just about twenty meters off. Ocean. Splashed down. And see on your screen we. Dragon endeavor has returned home after. NASA astronaut Bob and Doug. 5066 of NASA teams welcome back to planet earth and thanks for clients SpaceX. Earlier on our list declined a complaint being asked her direction and endeavor or regret. Everybody had it. The Taliban and ordered I didn't hear it's actually didn't look forward Paul. Eight mirror there. Thanks for those words and we copy that you are into. Four decimal aides here is Sarah. The great news all around there are spaced at their back on earth after a nineteen hour return journey from space.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The first NASA-SpaceX astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, left Earth on May 30.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72134156","title":"SpaceX capsule splashes down near Pensacola, Florida","url":"/US/video/spacex-capsule-splashes-pensacola-florida-72134156"}