SpaceX launch aborted due to weather

NASA cancels the May 27 launch attempt at Kennedy Space Center due to the weather.
5:04 | 05/27/20

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Transcript for SpaceX launch aborted due to weather
Let me get an update real quick Gina launch abort it started. So we just heard here from NASA launch of boarded started we don't know if a final decision. SpaceX is not going to launch that is the official word right now. The next attempt will be Saturday 321. Or 3:22 PM on Saturday that is the next time that they can get this space ship. Off into space and unite with the International Space Station and you know. This is something where we're looking at this and it had to happen at exactly 433 the weather had to be right. At that time a but it clearly is not going to be at least according to SpaceX and NASA space that if we had ten more minutes. We might be able to do this but you can't do that because this space ship needs to get up there and meet with the International Space Station at a very specific times. Orange you Benitez with that breaking news if you're just tuning in. He's SpaceX launch with NASA has just been aborted of course the falcon nine rocket aboard the dragon like a true control room is now telling that we actually have the audio of Wendy aborted the mission let's listen in. We continue to violate. A couple different weather rules that he felt do not expect to clear in time to love for launched today. The good that is launch attempt. Botched control you read it at the launch of a sequence and proceeded to be launched four other secrets please it. Fox aboard a certain. Kidding that was the moment right here that the afforded the mission there of course this is been a moment. Nine years in the making Katie Coleman is an astronaut who joins us now we've been talking for several hours on ABC news live a National Geographic just before this launch. We we sort of saw this coming to the weather was so bad we had heard from the NASA administrator who talked to the president what one point said it's a go right now but they sort of looked at the weather and walk us through sort of that decision making because it's a poll taken by all the parties involved. So when they may end up called. Weather was actually could complying it was good enough break and they also sign going in this inning in a good trend that was gonna state college and yet. It did not. Any changes to it I was listening to some of that chatter afterwards after the incident if it had another ten minutes we may be could've gone. It's not that it was to stop preordained if it's the Florida coastline it's the afternoon. You know in May. It's just it's tough to launch and and and signed genus and where we're going up to the space station we have to needed at a certain point there's only really exactly enough fuel to get there. And so we have to go it just the right time we can't start late can still catch it. Give us a sense of the disappointment as and that's not you've been in their shoes before your first mission aborted seven times in thirty days. And three times on my second launch. And so this channel for it it's it's it's hard on the families and in this case it's a little bit different where people couldn't come to the launch but. Me I'm fat hundreds of friends and family down there in Florida of the hotel rooms and rental cars and vacation time and yet the restaurants and other Senegal. Its sister cramming and it means not right now it means we're gonna go in the time is right the next window is on Saturday. So it's actually find it's it's not his heart on a crew is it is on. The families and the friends and just and everybody's been looking forward Tippett. Space flight happens when it's supposed to. No Christina cook is Ida Castro who's just returned from space Christina. You know you've seen this happen before with other missions and so I I'm curious as an aspirin who just returned from space. What do you do now in in the coming days between Thursday and Saturday getting ready for that next launch. Well Chris tapped Leon word have a second chance to get their rooms ready I guess you know Katie is right it cant be disciplining them but as astronauts were trained to end the adaptable and two sort of stay in the mindset that we need to and sit. Who you know restart for the next and we do have a launch I was I'm onboard the space station when we how to SpaceX whether scrap of a cargo vehicle. And we are all really looking forward to that the cargo vehicle arrival in our entire week changed dramatically when it didn't launch and had to be rescheduled so we're used to that sound Bob and as fighter pilots they have weather scrubs even on their securities. In aircraft all the time so I have a lot of confidence that they'll be just is excited on Saturday as they were to act. All right Christina cook for us as well. Katie thank you so much for your perspective if you're watching us right now this mission. To the International Space Station between SpaceX and NASA has just been aborted because of the weather if you're watching us right now we're gonna return toward local news program in order to continue our coverage right now on ABC news live and National Geographic and won a promise you we're gonna bring you all the action on Saturday when this launch is gonna happen again thank you so much for watching again we continue our coverage on ABC's live and National Geographic. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"NASA cancels the May 27 launch attempt at Kennedy Space Center due to the weather.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70914128","title":"SpaceX launch aborted due to weather","url":"/US/video/spacex-launch-aborted-due-weather-70914128"}