SpaceX launches ‘Crew Dragon’ craft to International Space Station

The mission marks the first operational flight for four astronauts to the ISS.
15:26 | 11/16/20

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Transcript for SpaceX launches ‘Crew Dragon’ craft to International Space Station
Go for alliance and at 37 seconds the International Space Station flying over Kennedy Space Center line crew and for all. Crew dragon poised to go catch it. When he seconds to left off. Fifteen seconds. Atlanta big night. I'd. Back story we want to. Here stay wonderful. Paulson is nominal. Importance dragging in any south king dying. Stage one is. Can't down. Preparation for Max Q was just maximum aerodynamic. Change on. Conference drop down. Our insulin and she continued to be nominal for the vehicle now traveling at 262. Meters per second. Minus a percentage. I'm confident al-Qaeda supersonic and we will be passing through Max Q can certainly the largest structural load during sentencing. There's a call up. That's falcon has passed its lunch crowd. We've just entered the stage one Bravo aboard now that's gonna take them through the end of the first stage of burning just before a second stage. Activates off the coast of North Carolina. T plus one men and forty seconds into flight dragon and falcon nine traveling 709. Meters in just I didn't. Got call that AMVAC chill is under way the Merlin vacuum engine. North the call out of Ambac deep chill and similar what we saw on the first stage Merlin engines the second stage engine being prepared for submission coming up in just over thirty seconds from now. We're a half a minute away from three quick events and rapid succession. We're going to get main engine cut off the nine Merlin engines all throw down and then shut down. We're going to get state separation stage doing troubled him and then admission of the second stage engine. We've begun the throttle down in preparation for our state separation. Yeah. You out. Stations wishing concerned. And you feel about stage separation has concerns. There goes got him back pain then. Stage two fruit wine is now on the airwaves. They've days. On the right side or your screen you see stage to continuing to burn. Over on the left hand side is stage one preparing for its return to earth. A currently on the left side you can't make out much it's a couple hours after sunset in Florida. But the grid fans have deployed on the first page. The first stage is now on powered but with the bosses have. It continues to coast up to an Apogee before it begins to descend back into Earth's atmosphere. House we liked maybe we will see the lights the Florida or the eastern seaboard in the background but otherwise there's not going to be much to say. On the right hand side dragon space its trajectory nominal. You can hear the call out trajectory is not all you do not amount to Jack during. And we've heard call out Bermuda that names Bermuda ground station. Has the signals from the second stage of the dragon. And falcon nine. Are still continuing has staged two burns to listen. For those aboard sounds we are now in 2832. Need to act go. Taking us up over the northern Atlantic. Right now you can see the second stage engine. The line what this standard. Red. That we have come to us see over all these missions indicates everything's looking good. Power on the Ambac the end gents continues to run at 200 point thousand pounds of thrust in the vacuum. Of outer space trade in space six trajectory nominal. And Jack very nominal nominal chetry. And we hear look for the reply from the crew acknowledging women model trajectory. Dragon made it to the falcon I second stage heading in to. The low earth orbit we're dragon land separate and begin his trip the rest of the way to the space station. We'll be looking for see Coke second stage engine cut off coming up at eight minutes and 48 seconds. After launch today's so about three and a half minutes from now. Dragon and falcon 92. Stage currently flying 2979. Meters per second. Now currently the first stage has begun its descent it is through Apogee. It's beginning to come back down where it. Coming up and another couple minutes we will have the entry burned. Where we begin to slow down the first that is set stricter nominal. Daffy Donald you're during. Another cull out another novel trajectory just what we love to hear. That voice you're hearing on board dragon that's commander Mike Hopkins. Speaking for our four person crew as they continue their journey now six minutes and twelve seconds after lift off. Trajectory still nominal. Malia you can see on the indicator altitude 201 Clough Hearst. We're now beginning to essentially level out and pick up Bossidy. To get us and to low earth orbit. Or a little under one minute from the admission. For the entry burn on first stage. And we're about two minutes and SpaceX. Kestre nominal. Copying knowledge and experience. Great news now seven minutes after launch second stage engine continues to burn everything looking good. And we'll see that continue to burn for another one minutes. And about 38 seconds. Right now on stage since the system. Crews getting about. A little more than two and a half g.s of acceleration. First stage preparing good night. Forced usually just a social. And we've got an admission of the entry burned. Senator engine that followed by the other teary start your engines. First days now getting ready to reenter the Earth's atmosphere. This is about a Tony 92 burn and it's designed to slow the vehicle weight down. We're gonna shut about 70% of the velocity of that dropping first stage. By the time this landing burned completes. I should say by the time the country burn completes which is now over first Asian on target for the drowned ship. And Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile we're watching second stage getting close to getting into orbit. That's right we've got about thirty seconds internal guidance. Now just about twenty seconds more of stage two continuing to burn until we see second stage engine cut off Persico. Book post for a few minutes afterward to allow the rates and no Shanahan. Engine and it. There's that call for San and that's Shannon Ireland. And a board's own but it looks like we continue smoothly toward it today. Index showed them. And we've got shut down of the second stage engine on time. Orbit insertion. Foster case system is disarmed and handed it cannot be Natalie other words we like to hear and nominal orbit insertion. That's right John nominal orbit insertion as we mentioned. Staged two open looks like some action on stage minus. And I believe we've had touched down on the drums we've got stage one that has touched down on the drone shelf. In the Atlantic Ocean. But now the more important news second stage is in although. Right where we want right on time. And we're getting ready for an next major activity so signaled which of the Dragon Spacecraft suffered. And on the second stage. We are essentially inventing pressure purging the engine out making sure everything is quiet. And preparation. Take a look that's inside crew dragon right now our crew line crude out coasting. In low earth orbit still it. Tasked to that second stage. In just a couple of minutes we should see that second stage separation crew jargon will be flying free. Live the mission timer shows ninety seconds to dragon separation. Currently dragon is flying at two when he 7000. Kilometers an hour. Henry T plus eleven men and since the lift off today. Waiting on us second stage separation but as you can see our astronauts from left her right Shannon Walker Victor Glover. Mike Hopkins and so we Cheaney Gucci. Now on their way to the International Space Station first trip to space furniture clothes and a signal the settlement. And I call out acquisition of signal in Newfoundland that means the new Finland ground station. Is now receiving telemetry from dragon. This to you inside mission control Hawthorne team's continuing to monitor the vehicle's. Now traveling in almost two when he 7000. Kilometers an hour. Ten seconds dragon separation. And separation. You can see that second stage departing for. Jack and leaving at the time. Now twelve minutes 25 seconds into today's flight our next thing will be looking for his nose cone deploy our folks will start to open on the nose cone and reveal those. Forward thrusters underneath. Thirteen minutes into today's mission the view on the right hand side of your screen coming from. Crew dragon we had that sort look at the second stage as it departed that second stage will burn up. Upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere. Dragon SpaceX. We see nominal service section Draco check outs and the unifier activation. And they searches dragon we can't be all we see this thing. Confirmation from teams on the ground and the crew you can see them monitoring those three display panels. Monitoring their journey to the International Space Station and where they are in the world right now horror over the world I should say. Well where. In fourteen minutes 25 seconds since it was a good it left off. Everything happened we had a normal. High and Norman all insulation. And a lower third that you saw dragon separate. We got the Draco check counts were good. And right now we're hearing the nose cone hooks are opening up everything is happening right turn the procedure. And we've got crew on successfully on RF.

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