Hurricane Harvey makes landfall near Corpus Christi, Texas

The Category 4 hurricane reached land with winds of more than 130 mph.
29:29 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Harvey makes landfall near Corpus Christi, Texas
Several inches of rain before the storm is done. Strong winds knocking trees back and forth. The conditions took down this traffic sign in that community on interstate 37. The storm reached maximum sustained winds of about 130 miles per hour as it made landfall late last night. And the damage being felt in rockport where several people are being evacuated after a roof collapsed at a senior housing complex. Vehicles and trees just windblown as this hurricane barrels onto the coast. And now here's a look at what we're seeing with our tropical satellite. This is moving along the coastline just by corpus Christi. The churning bringing rainfall with tropical strength not only to Texas, but this expands well as we move along the gulf, making its way into Louisiana as well. So this is a very large, expansive hurricane. It is slowly weakening though still very impressive. Right now it is at a category two hurricane with wind at about 100 miles per hour. It's making that northwest track, moving onto land, and as it continues to do that, it is expected to slowly continue to weaken as we move into the next 24 hours. So here's a look at that track as it continues to move onto land by 1:00 in the afternoon, downgrading likely to a category one hurricane before moving into a tropical storm phase as we move into the overnight hours from Sunday into Monday, eventually making its way up toward Houston. There's not much movement with this system. That's why we're expecting so much rainfall. We're talking about the likelihood of rainfall being measured in feet rather than inches. Meanwhile, your 12-hour forecast looking quite. Temperatures reach into the 70's. More of our local forecast and what's expected with hurricane Harvey coming up. Doug and rhondella? Doug: Kelly Ann, thank you. Following breaking details on hurricane Harvey in the gulf coast, the concern right now is what's to come. Rhondella: That's right. The storm barreled into the coast of Texas already wreaking havoc. Incredible video from a boater weathering the storm's eyewall in port aransas, Texas. You can see the sheer force of those whipping winds there. And they're expected to see much more of this from corpus Chris Christi. A driver had to be rescued from this vehicle as the storm surged into the street. Social media is keeping up. Facebook's safety check feature map has been activated for people affected by hurricane Harvey. If you have loved ones in the area and you have not been in touch with them, that's a good place to check. Doug: That storm making some travel nearly impossible around the gulf coast. Some 20,000 people, they are stranded on cruise ships offshore after ports shut down. They may not be able to make it to dock until Tuesday, perhaps even as late as Wednesday. American and other airlines canceled all weekend flights in and out of Corpus Christi. An airport official tweeting all flights canceled for the foreseeable future. Hundreds of weekend flights have been canceled at Houston's airports as well. A beverly-based disaster response unit already has members in Texas ready to help. Two logistics experts from FEMA's mass urban search and rescue team are already there. Trucks loaded with supplies ready to follow if needed for a mission that's proven to be difficult in the past. There's a lot of devastation. Signs are down. Landmarks are down. It becomes difficult because nothing looks like it does on the map because it's all covered with water. Doug: Mass urban search and rescue has responded to disasters including hurricane Katrina and superstorm sandy. Rhondella: President trump is monitoring the storm from camp David this morning, the president tweeting last night for people there to stay safe and wishing them good luck. He's been in touch with officials from Texas and he's in constant contact with FEMA. The agency is moving generators and other resources to the area. The next few hours are crucial to watch in this major storm. We're tracking it on-air, online and on mobile. Check in wherever you are for the latest on Harvey and its impact. Doug: A little closer to home, we've got another big story for you right now. It could be a tough break for patriots fans. Wide receivr Julian Edelman may have torn his A.C.L. That's right. The injury happening on this play in last night's preseason game against the lions. Edelman making a sharp cut and going down without being hit. As you can see, he limped off the field alone but was later carted away. The next move for Edelman ahead in sports with Bob Halloran. Also, could the heart of the Celtics return to Boston? ESPN reporting there may be uncertainty over the physical fitness of Isaiah Thomas regarding his injured hip. He was sent to Cleveland along with Jae crowder with a blockbuster trade that put kyrie Irving in a C's Jersey, but the Cavs could void that trade if Thomas doesn't pass their physical exam. Rhondella: Right now firefighters believe they know the cause of a two-alarm blaze on Boston's beacon street. Smoke was showing from the top floor of a four-story home just opposite from the common when firefighters responded around 10:40 last night. Investigators say an electrical shortage in a bathroom ceiling fixture likely sparked the flames. One firefighter suffered a back injury. Another had to be taken away for evaluation. New on 5 -- another Boston firefighter is recovering after battling flames at a west Roxbury home. This was the scene just before 11:30 last night on Whittemore street. That firefighter was taken from the scene for treatment of an arm injury. Nobody inside the home was hurt. The damage is estimated at $500,000. Doug: Right now the threat of a bus strike is looming out in Worcester. School leaders there preparing for a possible shutdown on Monday. That's actually the first day of school. The problem here is between Durham bus company and its union. They're going to meet throughout the weekend to find a solution before a strike. The Worcester telegram reporting the union represents more than 130 drivers and monitors, many demanding better wages, health care and retirement benefits. Rhondella: This morning a controversial Arizona sheriff is thanking the president for his pardon. Former sheriff Joe arpaio was recently convicted of intentionally disobeying a judge's order in an immigration case. The white house says the 85-year-old was a, quote, worthy candidate for a presidential pardon. Last night arpaio extended his gratitude. Well, I appreciate the president's pardon. Very humbled that he did that. He loves law enforcement. I was with him from day one two years ago in Phoenix at the first rally, and I always said pardon or no pardon, I will stick with him as long as he's the president. Rhondella: The president strongly hinted at the pardon earlier this week at an event in Arizona. Right before that pardon, president trump directed the Pentagon to declare an indefinite plan on transgender individuals from joining the military, but the president is leaving the door open on allowing those already in uniform to remain in service. Defense secretary James Mattis will have the final say on that matter. No action will be taken until then. Doug: New on 5, prosecutors are seeking millions of dollars from the convicted former co-owner of a pharmacy linked to a meningitis outbreak. They filed a motion against Barry Cadden for $13.2 million. That's the amount that the new England compounding center deposited into Cadden's joint bank account with his wife between 2010 and 2012. In 2012, the tainted drugs killed 76 people nationwide and sickened hundreds more. Cadden was convicted in March of fraud and racketeering charges. Your time is 5:09 on this Saturday morning. An investigation into a white supremacist event in Virginia continues. Rhondella: And the independent review that's underway right now. Plus, tense moments after a police chase. An officer run over by the suspect. How he managed to escape with just minor injuries. Doug: A camp for kids that's about more than fun and friendship. How it's helping children whose families have been impacted by a debilitating illness. It's in this morning's "5 for good." Kelly Ann? Kelly Ann: Another great day ahead for us in the bay state, but I'm tracking the impact of hurricane Harvey as it's making landfall in Texas. The flooding concerns as the storm progresses. Doug: Welcome back. We continue to follow breaking news out of Texas this morning. You're looking at live pictures there along the gulf where hurricane Harvey has come ashore as a hurricane, a category four, currently now category two, but you can see the massive size of this storm, and this is going to be a storm that's going to affect that area for days. Kelly Ann keeping an eye on things. Her local forecast in just a few moments. Rhondella: And at 5:13, caught on camera, a police sergeant gets pinned under a pickup truck after a wild police chase. An officer tries to stop a man in Ohio believed to be a burglary suspect. The truck takes off, speeding and spinning out on wet roads. It finally stops, and an officer moves in for the arrest. That's when the truck lurches toward the officer, who then opens fire. Te officer was pinned by his leg under the truck. He's not in a lot of hurt. He's in a lot of paina lot of bruises. Fortunately, in a situation like this where it could have ended tragically, his injuries are minor. Rhondella: Other officers moved in for the arrest. The suspect and his passenger were not hit by the bullets. Doug: Person tries to set fire to a doctor's office and, yes, it was all caught on camera. Check out the surveillance video from Louisville, Kentucky. Police are looking for a person there who pulls up on an A.T.V. And throws some kind of a fire bomb at the building. It burst into flames. That person takes off. The damage found Monday morning, employees at first thinking it was an accident. That was until they looked at the surveillance video. Rhondella: This is new video into our newsroom of some of the damage in Corpus Christi. You can see those trees, the limbs down, several other loose items just tossed along the street. The winds were ripping through this community overnight but have died down. Still very powerful as a category two hurricane, sustained winds up to 110 miles per hour. Doug: This is one of those things where that storm rolls ashore at 10:00 last night. All during the overnight hours, they've been getting hammered. We're really not going to see the full devastation until the sun comes up. Rhondella: They're one hour behind us. Kelly Ann: Exactly. It's another hour of darkness they have. We're talking about in addition to these really strong winds with the hurricane itself, these are these spin-ups occurring as well. We have tornado warnings being issued. Rhondella: Very scary. Kelly Ann: Life-threatening for sure. You have spin-ups, storm surge looking to be incredible along much of the Texas coast. This is a big situation we're watching. A category two hurricane at this point. Hurricane Harvey, wind at about 100 miles an hour. It's all about watching the direction of the storm. And what's really incredible is that it does not make much movement. And that is why we are so concerned. It just plants itself and continues to dump all this rainfall on the same location. Now, as we can see, it's just north of Corpus Christi moving toward the area of Victoria, Texas. Category two likely through this morning. In the afternoon, falling down to a category one but very strong as it continues to move north and westward and inland through Texas. Then it's going to circle around as we head into tomorrow morning. This is what's really incredible as it continues to circulate right over the same area at a category one hurricane, likely starting to weaken toward tropical storm as we head into tomorrow and continuing into Monday. It starts to make its way towar the coastline Monday morning. Very close to that really warm water. This is something we'll have to watch. Now, at this point, the national hurricane center does expect it to stay closer to land, which is going to be helpful. That means it likely won't strengthen instead of moving over the water, which would be the case. And so as it continues to stay over land and moves back north and westward making its way toward Houston as we move into Wednesday and Thursday, so we're talking about the impacts from this all the way through the middle of the workweek. Absolutely incredible. Here's the flooding that's expected. Isolated areas of three feet of rainfall expected, but you can see much of the coastline over a foot, and that is something that's stretching not only through Texas but moving into Louisiana as well. Here locally we're watching this little disturbance near Florida that may try to make its way up the coastline, possibly becoming Irma as we head into the middle of the workweek. That's going to bring the chance of tropical moisture as we move into the middle of next week. Pnot looking to see huge impacts locally. Our local forecast is looking relatively dry and cool. Check out these temperatures. Highs in the low to mid 70's today and tomorrow. Sunshine in place. A little taste of fall as we head into Monday. Now, remember, I mentioned that possibility of Irma. That's something we'll have to watch as we head into Wednesday and Thursday. That does bring the humidity to our area. For now the track is just to our south. No big impacts as far as rainfall. Doug and rhondella? Rhondella: Thank you, Kelly Ann. The time is 5:17. Tracking several other stories. Doug: A former federal prosecutor is launching an investigation into the events at charlottesville, Virginia. It investigates the most recent, also a may 13 torch rally and a July 8 Ku klux Klan gathering. A former federal prosecutor will lead the review. Rhondella: The family of a Connecticut sailor killed in a Navy ship collision is remembering him with pride. Dustin Doyon was killed when the U.S.S. John McCain collided with a Singapore oil tanker earlier this week. Doug: ISIS claiming responsibility for a deadly mosque attack in Afghanistan. At least 34 people were killed, more than 80 others hurt after four gunmen strapped with explosives stormed the mosque yesterday. The attack in the capital city of kabul ended in a firefight with police. Officers say the attackers were killed. Announcer: Now here's Bob Halloran with sportscenter 5, powered by XFINITY. Bob: The goal of the preseason is to get out of it healthy. And it looks like patriot wide receiver Julian Edelman didn't make it. In Detroit last night, on the patriots opening drive, Brady's favorite and most trusted target cuts hard, and his right knee buckles just a bit. The patriots are concerned he tore his A.C.L., which would end his season. He'll have an M.R.I. Tomorrow to determine the full extent of the injury. Meanwhile, the patriots starters jumped on the lions and grabbed a 24-0 lead. Chris hogan with a pair of touchdown catches from Tom Brady. The patriots got a late field goal from Stephen gostkowski and beat the lions 30-28. Red sox back home against Baltimore, and a rough night for Rick Porcello. He gave up 11 runs, but only four of them were earned. The red sox commit a season high five errors and give up a season high 16 runs. They lose 16-3. Eduardo Rodriguez gets the start for the red sox this afternoon. That's sports. Have a great day. Doug: All right, Bob. Thank you. In "5 for good," changing that old saying misery loves company. Rhondella: Our Erika tarantal introduces us to the woman who started hope loves company. Erika: Jodi o'donnell Ames considers all these kids hers. Busy finding bunks, they all came to east Brookfield for hope loves company, a long weekend away. The combination of the regular fun camp experience and supporting one another. Erika: Everyone here is touched by A.L.S. Maybe a parent or grandparent is struggling or has struggled. Jodi lost her husband, Kevin o'donnell, when he was just 36. She married Warren Ames, who lost his wife. Both had young children. Our children were 11 when they lost a children to A.L.S. There was no such thing as camp or support groups for children. Erika: She changed that in 2012 with the first hope loves company camp in her home state of New Jersey. Camps are now held in five more states, including Massachusetts. It was the first time that I felt like I didn't have to explain A.L.S. To anyone else. It was incredible. Erika: There's such strength in that smile, Mackenzie Anderson's mom Susan was diagnosed in 2014 and passed away last year. He was struggling at first. I was diagnosed with depression at the time, and I'm such a happy person, and that just wasn't me, so I knew I needed something. I needed some help. Erika: From Foxborough, she found Jodi online, and at camp the support she needed, forever friendships. All across the country, we text each other in a group chat. The other day, my friend facetimed me at 11:00 P.M. She's in Florida really missing her mom. A lot of other kids have parents or grandparents or aunts and uncles with A.L.S., and it's nice to meet them and stuff and to relate. Erika: Repeat campers holly and Karina Cowan look forward to that and to just being kids. Rock wall climbing. Yeah. Campfires. We're they're cheerleaders. We have a lot to do. Erika: The A.L.S. Association of Massachusetts agrees there's a real need for more support for children. They helped sponsor the east Brookfield camp. Jodi's goal is to get enough support to be able to hold a camp within five hours of every child across the country who needs one. Erika tarantal, WCVB newscenter 5. Doug: Wow! Okay, Erika, thank you. School's in session for several schools across the country. Rhondella: That means looking forward to graduation for seniors. We'll show you one senior class with a very special group that could have you seeing double. Doug: Live look at galveston, Texas, right now. You can see the waves crashing onshore as hurricane Harvey continues to pound that region. Kelly Ann's local forecast as well as an update from Texas just ahead. Breyers Natural Vanilla. Milk and Fresh Cream, and only sustainably farmed vanilla. What is this? A Vanilla bean? MMM! Breyers the good vanilla. We use non-gmosourced ingredients in some of America's favorite flavors. MMM! We care about using cage-free eggs. And we care about amazing taste. Because at Hellmann's, we're on the side of food. Big news from Advil, Advil liqui-gels Minis. Our first concentrated pill that rushes powerful relief. A small new size that's fast, cause it's liquid. Woohoo! You'll ask, what pain? New Advil liqui-gels Minis. It's like nothing you've seen. The power of Nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. All day, and all night. Now packed into a pill so small, We call it mini. New clearminis from Nexium 24hr. See Heartburn Differently. Kelly Ann: Still keeping an eye on the tropics and hurricane Harvey which at this point is a category two hurricane over land. So that's pretty impressive. When it made landfall last night, it was a category four. Here's the latest. The heaviest of that rainfall is just north of Corpus Christi, but you can see how the waves of the rain that extend into this system extend all the way out through Louisiana even trying to make its way northward. One thing working against us is that water temperature. It's into the mid to upper 80's, near 90 degrees. That helped to strengthen this system quickly. It quickly went from a tropical depression up to a category four hurricane. Storm surge near six to 12 feet as it makes landfall. Out the door right now locally, though, it's quiet out there. We have mostly clear skies. Doug and rhondella? Rhondella: Thanks, Kelly Ann. A remarkable senior class is heading back to school in eastern Iowa. Doug: They definitely have people seeing double. Check this out. The class of 2018 includes 10 sets of twins. Among them, three pairs of identical twins. Kids say it can be kind of frestrating being compared to your sibling on everything from sports to grades, but some of them admit tricking the teachers is always fun. Try to make the best of it, right? Yet another attempt at a show of power from North Korea. Rhondella: Just what happened as the missiles took flight. Plus, New Hampshire feeling the effects of the opioid crisis. The spike in overdoses. Doug: We continue to track this massive storm that is hitting the gulf coast of Texas right now. It is still a category two hurricane. Officials there expecting, quote, large-scale damage. More as the eye continues.ey I love you, Droolius Caesar, but sometimes you stink. Febreze Car Vent Clip cleans away odors for up to 30 days. Because the things you love can stink. Do you really use Head & Shoulders? No, not really. I knew that Not the one you think you know The tri action formula Cleans removing up to 100% of flakes Protects And even Moisturizes For Sofia Vergara hair announcer: Now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- Kelly Ann: Breaking news. Hurricane Harvey ripping through parts of Texas. The damage left behind this morning and what could be expected as we continue to track this system onto the coast. Rhondella: The impacts of hurricane Harvey could be felt here in the bay state. The ripple effects in the form of gas prices. Doug: A firefighter in training in the middle of the real thing. The rush to help several people out of a burning building, on the eye. Announcer: You're watching WCVB newscenter 5 eyeopener. Doug: Good morning, everyone. We continue to follow breaking news. Live pictures from Texas as hurricane Harvey rips through parts of the state there. Wind-whipped rains coming down in sheets. Residents there still hunkered down, unable to assess the damage.

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