Spotlight on gun control legislation

Moms Demand Action volunteer Kristine Woodworth and Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) discuss the fight they're taking on to do something about gun control reform.
8:35 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on gun control legislation
As we talk what immigration the gun debate is heating up today in the wake of those massacres more calls for action taking place and there's a group of moms that you have been. Tracking today who had been taking a caravan from Ohio the scene that. A massacre on Sunday morning all the way down to Kentucky. The home state of much for cop. Yes and they are a part of the group moms and an action they are hoping to take their message on the road they are in fact taking their message on the road. To mention a tunnels front door and saying that we will be heard on this issue and here's as yet does that. I live in Cincinnati deceased downtown Cincinnati over my shoulder. That red crescent river that's Kentucky. I can see Kentucky from my house which is that recently needs strong federal background check plus. We need a law that covers the entire country and that's why we're headed down to legal today. Here's a look at the trunk of my car at some water that's some. Materials for any signs and have my trusty mom's bag with all my opinions we get people we're headed out. Have you been impacted personally by some sort of gun violence. I ate our connection got by our current brought I have hate my best friend high school who blitz. In the shape way you urged bush shot you know pilots. It doesn't only affect the people who die or the people who are dirt or eat dirt and at least expects our entire. Society. I have a necklace that I Wear a life. It is in memory of Christina Taylor Green who was the nine year old killed in the Tucson shooting. And Christina ten innings in nine year old just trying to see her conference room that day. And she was murdered. So I where there's always. You think your room and caravan this movement we'll actually be heard. By the senate majority litter. This this look at it only going one direction or not quitting and we're not going back though. He's gonna hear them. And here is eventually Serena those those moms traveling with the presidential candidate congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio is self part of this. Stays undoing and his capacity as a presidential candidate as their congressman to spur of the majority leader to take action on those gun bills at the house already passed. And it is sitting in the senate since February he's been mostly silent and on the site in all of this Mitch McConnell the Republican leader is scene is. The gatekeeper to any action on gun violence he did put out a statement on Monday new. Aftermath. Of those massacre scene Massachusetts senate Republicans are prepared to do our part. Today I spoke with chairman Graham of the senate judiciary committee chair wicker of the senate commerce many German Alexander in the senate help committee. Asking them to move ahead. On this issue of of gun violence. He raised their jurisdictions asked them to look in bipartisan I have some bipartisan discussions rather about possible solutions to help protect our communities with out. Infringing on americans' constitutional rights that is significant Serena because the leader. Did move may be a millimeters thinner and asked for some compromise legislation due to be put together by our bodies there's been no commitment to act and anything with any urgency. No amendments act on any urgency you do have a couple of senators trying to do this on their own DeVon you know senator Twomey and as senator me and senate democratic republic a Republican and a Democrat coming together on a bill that they actually drafted in 2012 after the steamy hook massacre. Now they're hoping that this could actually get. Some traction and here's with this we do we do have some legislation on the table in the senate. In fact president trump spoke with Joseph Manchin a Democrat of West Virginia about this yesterday sources tell us at the White House. It would expand those background checks to gun shows and online sales is for an hour exempt from any checks it would also. Take some steps to get more names. Of people were banned from buying guns into the background check system. And their legislation would also create a commission to study mass shootings that there's something Serena. Yes not do it does not it doesn't have still allow interstate travel and firearms it exams temporary and the only gun transfers from those manager Torre checks and that the departure from that house bill DeVon that house bill would make sure everything every gun cell was part of a background check. They see this as a kind of a middle ground by saying if you're buying panther accompanied her gun show through an official business you have to go through that background check but if you are buying up from a friend nor is a family member is giving it to you many do not and they think. Because of that middle ground in my Gilligan Republicans. On board a lot of Democrats are saying this isn't going far enough we have a crisis here needed taken a step further but it's likely gonna have to be that middle ground if they are going to seat. We'll see Pat Toomey is a Republican Pennsylvania a key state to the president West Virginia and the same. I an Ohio of course front and center in every presidential race and we're joined now on the phone by congressman Tim Ryan who's running for president also leading the charge on this caravan congressman breaks talk to you. Us what's the message you hope to deliver to Mitch McConnell later today in his cell home state. There's two bills sitting on its debt that he could bring up for a vote. In the United States senate on universal background checks on clothes in the Charleston poll which lifted it. Death but how many people out of South Carolina it mother manually beaten and South Carolina so were word asking him that do his job. It is what conversations EU having aside from. Putting up the pressure on Mitch McConnell RU. Working with some of your other Republican colleagues reaching out to any other senators across the aisle about what happened in your state. We are happy conversation as you may know. Governor Republican governor Mike DeWine of its series of proposals. They are to go around. Gun reform. Congressman Republican congressman Mike Turner for Dayton. He he'd is. Changed his position not but it someplace pity what the background check and armed the assault weapon ban saying you don't need these weapons of war. So people are starting to move we're starting to have these conversations. Ultimately the public need to demand action and this is not a Republican or Democrat issue that two bills sitting. In the senate right now have almost 80% or support of the American people. Over 70% of the support from from hunters and sportsmen so that does nothing that we should be we do it forget bond. Congressmen they did only have at least one of them only eight Republicans cross over in the house to vote for them give that senator Toomey is now senator mentions which they see is more middle ground is something that. Democrats in the house could get behind. What will happen. The city meet we'll have to see I think he's the bills that are sitting at the senate seat have already passed the house so let the you know what we can do we we got it is something mean. Ole country it is many if you're out listeners and viewers have seen. That. Motorcycle. Backfiring and and at Times Square and hundreds of are the people running. Because they think it's a contract that was indicative of what every American is feeling right now everybody thought edged the high level of anxiety. The need to get there aren't so. Let's do what's right there. Let's take some steps in the right direction again that as with the border 80% of the American people so we'll see what immediate mention apple offer by. You know we've got to get up about. Can congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio leading the caravan of Mitch McConnell doorstep today with a message on guns thank you so much sir for calling and from the road to Kentucky want to bring in our way to support torn Phelps now. Offer final thought here Jordan because the NRA which has been silent in all of this did engage overnight you're learning and have some reporting. Hop on a conversation that the NRA president had with Donald Trump they don't like any of this talk on background checks. Yet haven't we heard the president yesterday morning say they he's very serious about reaching something big on gun control in terms of background checks. And we learned that after that weight not hear the head of the NRA talks to president from on the found. The Washington Post has reporting on what they said he he has may able to independently confirm that. What was said on the call but you're basically indicates that president that this wouldn't be popular among his base. Now DeVon one interesting bit of reporting the president thanked that he would be interested to bring back congress. If he could gain at close to a bail during August recess. But Devin and administration just like Sparky was not optimistic about that happening anytime soon so the political reality is is. It definitely still topped seven. All right turn cups of White House thank you so much our thinks you Serena for your reporting on this today and guns and immigration.

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{"duration":"8:35","description":"Moms Demand Action volunteer Kristine Woodworth and Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) discuss the fight they're taking on to do something about gun control reform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64866147","title":"Spotlight on gun control legislation","url":"/US/video/spotlight-gun-control-legislation-64866147"}