State Rests Case, Defense Begins in 'Loud Music' Trial

Michael Dunn is accused of killing Jordan Davis during an altercation over the volume of music.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for State Rests Case, Defense Begins in 'Loud Music' Trial
This is a special group. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with this ABC -- news digital report. A father staring down his son's killer in court. The trial of Michael Dunn was back in session in a Florida courtroom today the 47 year old charged with killing seventeen year old. Jordan Davis who was unarmed at the time Don says he felt threatened after he approached davis' vehicle and asked him to turn down the music. The prosecution so certain of its case that they wrapped up earlier today ABC's Devin Dwyer has a recap of all the day's events so far and has this report. Today the parents of Jordan Davis were back in a Florida courtroom as their son's killer 47 year old Michael -- mounted his defense in a surprise move -- attorneys called Davis's father to the stand questioning the count three of davis' friends gave about that dispute over. Loud rap music and our -- effects. Surrounding. His death and he talked about how sorry they weren't that my son was killed the seventeen year old Davis seen here in this YouTube video was struck and killed in a flurry of guns bullets prosecutors alleged -- committed premeditated murder using a semiautomatic weapon he kept in the glove compartment of his car. The medical examiner said Davis was leaning away from -- when he was shot challenge and the defense claim that Davis had been confrontational. Trying to get out of his car in those final moments Gordon Davis. Was most likely spending program -- -- to lawyers for -- say their client felt threatened and fired in self defense that night in 2012. Even though no weapons were found in the teen's car -- told investigators he saw one. -- curlers didn't. Let her third period -- like pretty -- Today three witnesses for the defense attested to don's character seen the software developer is not a hot head never have I observed anything other than a very calm demeanor and account prosecutors say was contradicted by Dunn's own fiancee before he fired and went to the defendants -- I hate that and -- music. Dunn pleaded not guilty but has not said whether he'll take the stand in his own defense Devin Dwyer ABC news New York. And for more on this case I want to bring in criminal defense attorney Karen DeSoto Karen thank you so much for joining us. The biggest news of the day Davis was leaning away from the gun at the time of the shooting does that anyway nullify the argument that Don felt threatened. Of course it does because done. You know appears to diverging sides in this case and one of the being that he was pressing on with the fact that he -- getting the car coming. And -- -- airport with an -- to the fact that it is leaning the other direction obviously not a good factor that bird yet. And why do you think the prosecution rested so quickly their cases of the sign of confidence. My client on the stand in there -- let's just because we can argue that they don't have enough evidence and that it's. Really basically one person's word against the other. And it is controversial to put their clients on the on the stand in that way. Now the three other people in the car with Davis did admit that the music they were plane was fairly loud at the time they had twelve -- overs in the car. Does that anyway impact. The case at all. Well the case. As far as a reason -- the contact the physical contact but again one of the -- -- in this -- were both cars since defendant in this case could easily just stepped on the gap and I think that that is that back it's going to -- in the jury's mind quite a bit. Insert -- mobile cars he couldn't just stepped on the gas that it could be overworked where. It is to -- in his glove compartment and take out -- -- So how -- -- is going to react I know we're in Florida. -- -- not react very well the fact that he couldn't just stepped in that in on the -- instead of murdering. And the jury of course listening to that testimony as well the medical examiner. Also says that there was no alcohol or drugs in the system if there was any evidence of alcohol or drugs how would that impact the case but it favorite Michael -- Well it could favorite defended that it depends on what kind of drug it was that it depends on whether it are not establish that the victim had. Had a violent propensity for instance sometimes on marijuana a person can have violent tendencies cocaine -- -- to -- What we call it war terror and violence -- these are active actually drawn by a jury however in this case we don't have any of these indications and we don't have any evidence that. There is a violent propensity and -- didn't let that evidence then. And also the defense brought on several character witnesses how much does that sway the jury what are they listening for in their testimony. In -- he's like this character evidence is substantive OK and what that means is that -- -- is going to take a lot of -- act is remembered this is. Very strange happening you got. Somebody so does this person have a reputation. Either worker in it for having violent propensity. He does not if he is -- person then. Jury's going to -- but also. The prosecution greet you with -- testimony whether or not they'll be that obviously. Have to come up with witnesses who can say that he -- -- -- propensity and it is an element that the juries are -- -- be a look at because this is somewhat usual for somebody just at a gun. And let somebody weigh in a car. Other individuals in the car. Again certainly a case that you will be watching as well as many others criminal defense attorney -- -- thank you very much for joining us out. I'm Michelle Franzen Will be light -- in the trial until its conclusions to stay with us here for the latest on the Michael -- trial. For now Michelle Franzen -- New York with his ABC news digital report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Michael Dunn is accused of killing Jordan Davis during an altercation over the volume of music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22453491","title":"State Rests Case, Defense Begins in 'Loud Music' Trial","url":"/US/video/state-rests-case-defense-begins-loud-music-trial-22453491"}