How to stay safe on ski lifts

A teenage boy died after falling off a ski lift as the winter sports season kicks into high-gear.
2:00 | 01/04/19

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Transcript for How to stay safe on ski lifts
We move on to another one that is taking place indeed Jersey and this is a height of ski season so this is worse thing that anybody would like to hear. A young person a seventeen year old fail from a chairlift. And what was a deadly incidents. Our which Johnson has latest from wall on New Jersey. Tennis it's still unclear what caused that teenagers deadly fall from a ski lift in the Poconos. But this pond lies and ski season is about to launch into high gear these types of accidents are very rare but with the lifts so high above the ground. If something does go wrong. It could be devastating. Police are investigating whether a problem with the seat bar could've played a role in the death of seventeen year old. Honorable abuse he. The team falling from his chair lift New Year's Day dropping food and seven feet to the ground below the blue mountain ski resort calling the accident tragic. Telling ABC news in a statement. Immediately after the incident. The list was inspected and found to be in good operating order with no mechanical defects again we don't know what happened in this case. But the National Ski Areas Association says it's safer to ride a Steelers. Then an elevator and typical falls from the tears are often human error. Colombia's is death is the third fatality at that same resort it just over a year the other two deaths caused by Steve. And snowboard accident now many ski resorts including this one here in New Jersey actually have safety tips posted before you get on the lift itself. Once you're in position. Make sure that you pull down the safety bar if you have a backpack. Put it on your lapped security in place and finally if you drop something they'll make the mistake of so many don't reach for it wait to get to the top. Contact ski patrol they can help track down those items and this. Are some very good tips there it is always one of those things that is very alarming and scary for anybody no matter if you're not a skier or snowboarder. Or somebody who is an expert whenever you get there in the ski lift and that share.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"A teenage boy died after falling off a ski lift as the winter sports season kicks into high-gear. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60161733","title":"How to stay safe on ski lifts ","url":"/US/video/stay-safe-ski-lifts-60161733"}