Stolen Corvette Found After 33 Years

Dubious VIN number helped authorities track down Detroit man's car in Mississippi.
1:38 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for Stolen Corvette Found After 33 Years
And -- alone a man when Georgetown he tells an old story there's a good chance -- mention his old rides I've always liked Corvette it was it was attractive. -- than the ladies like -- outlets so did the fees and George learned that the hard way. The last time he saw his 79 Corvette it was parked on Jefferson avenue 33 years ago I made a police report. And I haven't seen it since. July of 1981. -- -- That's the seven Georgia's often wondered about the one that got away that is until I was sitting at home Friday and -- variety look -- -- judge Mathis. And I get a call from triple -- telling me you have a Corvette and Mississippi. Coming did it. And there -- Authorities say a dubious vin number helped -- the -- three decades later. And the cars still in pretty good shape of this exciting I felt like Apple's part of them. Of planning -- and -- in the -- I've heard it was that it was reading it at 47000. Miles on it. And it's right now -- at a police station in Hattiesburg but the big question now is how do you get the Corvette from Mississippi. -- -- -- You call me back would apply through it's still up in the air whether George will -- the car or bring it back himself as -- lucky day -- -- -- -- are right here in the driveway. We'll go from there whenever -- happens the stories in this garage won't be running out of gas any time soon. In Detroit -- -- seven action news.

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{"id":24303148,"title":"Stolen Corvette Found After 33 Years","duration":"1:38","description":"Dubious VIN number helped authorities track down Detroit man's car in Mississippi.","url":"/US/video/stolen-corvette-found-33-years-24303148","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}