Stranded Washington Snowboarders Rescued

Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale were well enough to snow shoe out after two nights on Mt. Rainier.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for Stranded Washington Snowboarders Rescued
Two snowboarders stranded -- mountains since Sunday are back home this morning and it amazingly good shape rescue crews say they had to swim. Through sloppy chest high snow just to reach the two men. They'd been hunkered down -- a snow came -- nothing but a few crackers after taking a wrong turn -- some white out conditions. The changed and we thought one thing it looked like Marie went. Then the drought we took too -- afternoon. But it's in the middle of three stage -- there's definite points in the time and -- and I think it's had -- -- because that person. Toronto's a local -- plus. I mean it's it's mind -- matter if -- thinks. -- get this they were in such good shape they -- -- us no shoot their way down that mountain after the rescue teams -- -- with some warm drinks. And some dry clothes that was a pretty elaborate effort cut collaborative effort they had volunteers from Tacoma Olympic and Seattle mountain rescue teams well -- For dog teams from the Washington search and rescue task force but they dug. That little cave we'll snow cave for protection and. Resourceful fellas at lucky from -- it recessed very loquacious --

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{"id":17717432,"title":"Stranded Washington Snowboarders Rescued","duration":"3:00","description":"Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale were well enough to snow shoe out after two nights on Mt. Rainier.","url":"/US/video/stranded-washington-snowboarders-derek-tyndall-thomas-dale-rescued-17717432","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}