Strong Storms Slam the South

4 Dead as storm moves up the East Coast on Christmas Eve.
8:10 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Strong Storms Slam the South
I. And wow. Powerful storm hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. This story developing now we want to get right to ABC's Matt Gutman who has been on the scene since late last night in Mississippi when the storms moved in. Hi Matt give us the latest it looks like quite a mess behind you. It seemed much more significant than we thought at first Michelle the light of days come up. Now the sun is shining on a tremendous amount of damage here this is just one gas station. This whole road about 4500 yards that way. Couple hundred yards that way in each direction this way. Is absolutely shattered and I think you can see. Behind me. What that tornado did to the Trace essentially snapped them as if they were toothpicks wide highs just snapped right in half. This if someone came through the giant lawnmower in simply mowed down giant chunks of Bart stop. It also went right through the heart of the commercial district here on highway 98. About half a mile that way behind me it behind you. And just destroyed tremendously number number this this is as we know. Four people dead here in Mississippi feet fifty people were reported treaty that the hospitals and so much significant damage and coming today. Day before Christmas Christmas Eve folks tried to pick up the pieces and where they CO notice today which it has been remarkable we drove in here about 3:34. AM and already we saw the linesman out in force. Dozens and dozens of drugs like this. Trying to get the power back on before Christmas. They are doing tremendous work out here but also the communities have come together folks. Coming together trying to pick up the pieces trying to help folks. Pick what. Ever they can out of the debris something anything that they could salvage before the holidays but. Pretty grim here today and in Colombia all right that we've definitely see that the power crews are out there trying to get. A power restored of these areas are people being let back into the area so they can salvage what they need and what are. People doing there today I know that you've interviewed quite a few people there including a tire store. You know with a remarkable things it just mentioned it is the degree to which folks are coming together in a Christmas is about coming together and we've seen people just bring sacks of clothes and food to folks who've lost their hopes literally obliterated. Right now I see people driving around there looking to try to help to cut trees to be able to. Be productive and helpful in any way that they can't any accident back roads all. Most everywhere we've gone is open so far. There is a significant number. Police presence on the streets obviously a lot of clogging. Due to all the the additional number of construction crews records. And and obviously those lines were behind me but one of the great things it's happened is a lot of miraculous survival stories and and and one of them we are at a gas station which we saw an ambulance tipped over there have been so she plunked over there. I'm ended the tornado and absolutely trashed this tires and her move the entire storefront. About twenty feet into the woods behind it the guts of the place or all over the trees. But added that wreckage a it would would have crawled out just last night and we found her and when just play this clip for you really quickly. Turnaround shot at this place yet obliterated. Which thing. Actually though about inflating by it was a it was. In the exists but luckily when I made it to the bill to my employees started. Crawl on out and coming mountain. My secretary mr. Macy was trapped underneath the the rubble we were able to get her out and she just said. Scratches and bruises eyes flew we were Blair is really watched over some predicted this that is. And Matt that is some dramatic storytelling there what do you think in the next 24 hours the needs will be for this community. Well obviously advocacy to try to dig out they have a tremendous amount of help right now sky and but clearly blankets food. Something war maybe space heaters things like that that's with a folksy but. You know this guy excelled house. Was miraculously saved after his. Trucks bond multiple times in the air landed hundreds of yards away from where he had tried to bargains. Despite a lot of those stories right now and it makes people feel good. Also we've just learned this morning that the Mississippi emergency management administration says that there's. Nobody else caught in debris shield folks are very relieved to know that nobody else. Out there is in harm's way. Now folks are just thinking about healing and moving on and cleaning up. All right backed government in Columbia Mississippi following the aftermath of the storm thank you very much. And we want to go now to look at the radar here's that's storm moving opt from the south take a look at that. And from the golf all the way up the East Coast core door. Now so much whether to watch today we want to bring in AccuWeather is Heather Waldman for the latest have heard give us an idea about this weather in the south today. Willoughby another bad day for folks who've already been hit hard and also. In that region. Well fortunately Michelle it does look like the worst of this line is finally eased of the area that was so heart hate yesterday parts of Mississippi. And Louisiana but does clients cutting departs the southern Georgia and into Central Florida there is a tornado watch out for an easy areas that goes until 2 o'clock eastern time. But again spirit so thunderstorm threat continues from Charleston back in the Tampa after the rest of Christmas Eve. And what about the East Coast it's been damp for days now but we're supposed a lot of rain. And it could be bad enough to snarl that air traffic and also many people hitting the roads. Absolutely delays in Philadelphia New York City all any approaching an hour notice the rain hasn't even really started just yet it's mainly off to the south those delays are because of low ceilings. So that is unfortunately only going to be getting worst the worst feeling right now is around the mid Atlantic. But there are coastal flood advisories out for parts of New Jersey and the Delmarva sew things up get a lot worse and we know the East Coast is bracing what about the West Coast we know that they've been hit hard in these. Past few weeks what can they expect. Some active weather going to continue here is well here's the radar the last couple of hours you can see some rain really Wesson a mountain snow to get higher up actually is we had. Into the rest of tonight the inner mountain west looking at a little bit of snowfall accumulation but again. Soaking rain at north of the Bay Area this time but to northern California still could see some rain and against some higher elevations now. All right Heather there's a lot of people that will be heading out to the airports let's take a look. At what the airspace looks like at airports across the country this is from FAA doc. Busy busy. Holidays start. And what are you hearing about airports are they doing pretty well at this hour. The airport says they said already delayed a little bit especially around need our New York City and Philadelphia to right now about our. Worsened he had farther south than east and again his second arrest today these delays only wanna be picking up as the rain gets heavier. All right Heather Waldman thanks for that report and thanks also against backed government in Mississippi. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"8:10","description":"4 Dead as storm moves up the East Coast on Christmas Eve. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27814353","title":"Strong Storms Slam the South ","url":"/US/video/strong-storms-slam-south-27814353"}