Students K-12 learn to respond to school shootings

All students at a charter school outside Denver began the year with active shooter training.
8:50 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Students K-12 learn to respond to school shootings
Another high school Columbine high and Littleton Colorado this time on the edge of Denver it has been a horror eyewitnesses say the two gunmen wearing black trench coats and black mask. Came in shooting and begin working their way through the school. Now to the school shooting dredging up terrible memories of home mind. A gunman opened fire at a middle school just three miles from home Monday night's horrific scene east of Denver where a night at the movies has time. Then there's been a shooting reported at Wal-Mart and 9900. Grant street and multiple. Party's third down. There's still changeable injuries this time outside Denver in what is somewhat different about this case and Laura. Fax two shooters. For caving in and shot a couple of those kids now apparently you saved that those two shooters were disarmed by east. What happens if you be loaded pistol. If we're talking about active shooter then we're trying to empower you guys with the little extra knowledge to make good state decisions. Why would that be important to know how that process looks or sounds like on the out of ammo what happens the slight logs to the rear right yes and the movies. Kate this comes next. Do you hear that poor. This season pinnacle charter school near Denver Colorado. Like many schools across the United States grappling with the plague of mass shootings pinnacle is preparing for the day a gunman might walk through their front door. But here the lesson plan goes beyond regular lockdown drills. For the first time all 2000 students are getting advanced training in how to confront an active shooter. Training starts with kindergartners. After the stem shooting happened and made us who sit back and say we've got to do something different here and we have to do it now we can't wait. Tonight terror in that skimmed school outselling Denver. And or the law enforcement officers descending on the scene after gunfire and rocket just after lunch time. When those kids entered the classroom. And the kids in the classroom reacted. That changed everything Chad Miller is pinnacle CEOs. It's not just administration and teachers leading these things. The kids need to have that empowerment as well because. When they're not have a situation they're making decisions too many years. Sarah Marten and me here and she's in critical targets and iPad. Tara Martin has been a kindergarten teacher pinnacle for eight years. You have to think about it I can't say keep your words very carefully I used a lot you know it's a bad person might come. It's the first time that's up with me children in my room with somebody training acts and we need to work on today you know. Being say OK you'll be amazed what action to garner first grader missing I don't know about the subjects. Joseph dean is a former cop he now teaches kids and adults survived an active shooter today is young students are all in kindergarten. He's down these years old. Do you ever wonder about real life bad guys. What are you wonder. And girls can't you and I yeah yeah and you really each paying back into her. Really do you worry about a bad guy commandeer school. You and me. We haven't been discussing how. When bad things happened. It doesn't happen to everybody the they can ask why did they do it. And that's the hardest part so why do we do a lockout are locked down. Apparently weren't. They will frankly tell you were doing this and we don't get shot. You know we want to call a safety drill wanna call a lockdown drill. You know when people see bad guy and you've got the other can garner saying. A shooter comes in here tries to kill us all just think about were you might want to hide where would you want to hide in this room thing. Everywhere try it. Okay behind hype hype hype hype. Hi quick quick finite but stay there by Wednesday there hype hype hype away from the door which in the door. OK are ready he super quiet. Super quiet pint. He was right after he had a lockdown and our school and this they asked standard. Amazing. I. It gives you write and the hurt and you know just thinking that my real time picture and sound. Have being in a situation where they're gonna tires he's been held minutes. ET you know. So you want to hide from an. The bad guys. Wait for the police to come behind green yeah. Are the super heroes. Edu and yeah. On. Japan's and I and I can't. I'm thinking in these me my son I don't like having. To have them go through it. But we know where it now. I'd rather an M learn. This needs that's then is Anthony get older and easier for them and at some point you know I teach them. So it's going to be a bear cage real the older of the students the more intense the training. These kids are fifth graders in this room we think our best option as are trying to block your bare headed toward the kitchen to. Identify a the most realistic object that they could quickly move the victim or her to hurt. So it delicate patronized a Hollywood route and make it to a vote I'm all I want is sixties stuff high and you know 25 feet deep that lazy or pounds. Do you worry though that going through this kind of training is going to just increase that fear and anxiety. I think the training helps I think the training addresses the question that no one's talking about. So I think it actually lessens the fear and anxiety for the kids. When I see the kids going through the training EC zero anxiety zero fear on the faces this is it's an age appropriate training number one. And a particular engaged. My name is Dennis lieutenant Ayman top grade sitting out mechanical charter school. And and the cost. My prayers I've done Joe's probably. Starting in like frisking eighty. To date Rihanna and her classmates are being trained to do the unthinkable. Confronting a gunman face to face. And working together to take the shooter down. You don't look over your left shoulder. Or it's not really anything after its planet once they got into it may tell me how to do and I got to practice and and I feel very. A gamer confidence in myself. Because. Obvious say didn't think that I can't get anything. I would love if in fifteen years child taxes you know what remember that training we did we did that every year. I'm here because. And if one child comes back as an adult says that Boortz says I saved my children those of us once. What does this mean. Case and you watch beautiful time of the world's changing the way he's an Internet forum. Keep them safe that's most important thing in my eyes making sure that kids and tell them every dad but I can't make sure that they're safe and happy. And that's how they live. From somebody from the outside it if you want to do harm to a school. Of Portugal pickups because. Were preparing to. You know if you want an easy target were probably.

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{"duration":"8:50","description":"All students at a charter school outside Denver began the year with active shooter training.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65673844","title":"Students K-12 learn to respond to school shootings","url":"/US/video/students-12-learn-respond-school-shootings-65673844"}