Students say Illinois school shooting suspect made threat on Snapchat

ABC News' Alex Perez interviews students at Dixon High School, where a school resource officer is being called a hero for stopping a shooting.
10:03 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for Students say Illinois school shooting suspect made threat on Snapchat
I'm Alex present wearing Dixon Illinois where there was a shooting at the high school behind us here earlier today we're talking to a couple students were. Actually there Devin. Tell me what happened here in the gymnasium and what you hear. I heard was something like that sound like firecrackers softens so it fellas little unreal for a second. Ever on just. Stood matters that inning bird couple seconds and then one of the teachers ran through news mr. McKay. And he points to the other door and tells us get Al. You sit fireworks. Firecrackers to me exactly described it sounds to me what was it and I fail and fold it was like a popping it. So we all quickly looked in the door that was on the opening because it's okay. And we saw little bit of smoke. I don't think that really worried anybody who has more than noise. A teacher suddenly running it. But the top aides carried her body is that still for a second both unreal. Suit it. Just to kind of put me there you guys there in the gymnasium practicing for graduation and then you here. Pop up yeah we are all sitting on the bleachers altogether so. You hear this sound and what happens refuges now. I. We got it we all get up. Everyone suddenly starts rushing towards the doors some people don't think it's serious beat it's on like firecrackers. No in a couple people were taking it seriously sums are crying at the third running. I think one person trip down the stairs to the back entrance. After that we quickly across the teacher's parking lot pan. To the other side of Austria. And we need to realize it these did you realize this is not fireworks this is probably a problem with big deal here. After he moved across the street mean. What's the armory. And me in there and some rumors started spreading hey there's an actual gun I think I saw rifles strapped on. NN. After awhile so that peoples are looking at the news. Some people are like daughters and son the police officers might have heard something. And eventually we all of this bond audit fact that there was a gun and it wasn't just fireworks. And described if you could just. Those moments of panic because people were afraid he's at some grieving crying. People were crying. I age. Did really feel anything for awhile until after we start getting the armory and started seeing evidence crying. It than it started by mean getting down from the adrenaline and almost started crying as well. It was scary it. About it and it. Now what was that. And asked his fist as we weren't there but it. In that room in the seconds were people running for people screaming her what what what were the sounds you were hearing in those few seconds as people were trying to. Teachers we could hear the teachers. Friday it. Somewhere running towards where it sounded like fireworks went off summer running with the children. And other people. Some people started running strictly to the or some people just stood in the bleachers for a second not wanting to 'cause they must stop this here it's. Probably vaults. Go whatever it Doyle not want to. Was a variety of emotions that went on. It was in a sudden rush job aggregate I'll. Was it you know unfortunate we've heard about school shootings many times before. Was it still frightening to be there it was threatening to be there it. It was scary to see everyone suddenly panic game and some people not taking it seriously. Did you see. It's so sir. I did not. He did not. The student. He's accusing duties. Do you really argue his name you know what would we be. His name was Matthew and they'll be. That goes by it was my team and was recently expelled. From Dixon at school and the at certain things about it and think you have to school. On that cat story he said iRows going to pay. No one really took its here's. When Lewis is snaps at story that and who saw I didn't see it. No friend so. I can't or call. If they thought up someone else or we win we win we're students talking about this snaps that this morning it was this before when that. No talked about it so after in the armory about like three hours afterwards. Like and it started pointing out facts about it. See you don't know when exactly it snapped I don't know. Edges. I'd do it should've walked back to. That moment when you read there. Tell me senior. Fellow students. Teachers. Everyone running that way it must've been penalty frightening that heartbreak. There was a little frightening and corporate. Heartbreaking. It. It was hard for me to decide what to do. I had been trained for situations like this throughout training and I'm in criminal justice class at white sides though. I didn't know it is genetic code trying to hope hope to people running O. Judge and help myself it was hard to decide what to do. And now that you know. Luckily no other students were injured. You know. It's a sigh of relief what are you feeling right now I feel very relieved that no students were hurt. And that the guys now are. Arrested. I want to see where this goes with it and what's gonna happen. And I guess just tell me how how scary how weird that you read about this either step other places but today was here. Dynamite is really changed except for gun control and people king big guns kind of easily nowadays. It. If that people wary of real guns good people of the real guns album. And that's when god this and resource officer was there. Yeah some people are calling him a hero how do you feel about. The officer I feel like he is a hero and elect mister K as a hero. And I feel like those who really helped and if those who weren't there then it could've went the other different direction. It's gotta tell me. Hilliard junior break how frightening was this whole ordeal in school. At first. It was frightening because it happens that. Regardless lockdown. This we weren't able to hear the gunshots from the fourth floor and I started getting more scary after. We heard someone yell. I can't remember what the words where. We heard someone yell and then that was second Stryker which is a teacher you know today we head to game. Stuff in front of the door we had to prepare because there was an excellent. School. To describe those moments for you were people writing what did you hear what he's when he Judy. No one was running we were on the fourth floor so we could really go anywhere so we had to stay locked down. At first knowing really took it seriously. We. And after the yelling we put stuff in front the door like arrow a string goes to do. So what did you guys move in the classroom to block to we let excess welfare she moved to table in front of it ahead of its that we but it desk on there. And we put it cargo box that's went so that it's. A scary is that in those moments when you're. Locking their windows and locking the door and try to figure out what's going I was doing that myself let me. Was pretty scary to know that there was an actual shooter school. As we did not know he was taken down so quickly so perhaps it's obvious that body was roaming around us. You at all know what happened why this did it was expelled and why he was angry. I do not know much about him all I knew is names days. Is nineteen and he had been expelled. And and it's not that you guys are very interact within word. Or have any idea what exactly the closest. I'd seen him walk by in the Halsey said today it needs it I've seen a mountain public and he seemed like pretty nice dude before got expelled out there that I never saw him anymore. It had a disappeared from my life until today. T know how long ago he was expelled slavery in the weeks didn't seem masochistic couple days that month it was. It was more than a couple weeks. His style and no idea why he would be upset or why he got expelled no you're the shooter is. About their behavior he was in the bathroom and and there is rumor going around that get smoked a joint and then he was caught by a teacher. It was going to get I. Us. Loan of course still a lot of information that we're trying to. Confirming get the exact details from authorities picked that is the latest from here in Dixon Illinois where there was a school shooting. Today luckily I know students were injured we'll continue to follow this but that's the latest information here from Dixon I'm express for ABC news.

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{"id":55222530,"title":"Students say Illinois school shooting suspect made threat on Snapchat","duration":"10:03","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez interviews students at Dixon High School, where a school resource officer is being called a hero for stopping a shooting.","url":"/US/video/students-illinois-school-shooting-suspect-made-threat-snapchat-55222530","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}