New study looks at impact of video games on young gamers

The study looks into the differences between the brains of young gamers and non-gamers.
4:01 | 05/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New study looks at impact of video games on young gamers
OK so what do you remember those PSA commercial that said here's your brain on drugs then they use the fried egg. Well in the future and there might be up PSA for brains on highly addictive online games like fort night. Because Nero scientists are beginning to research the difference between. The brains of gamers and the brains of non gamers so I want to bring in Becky Worley in San Francisco. Thumb that's eat what is it about this particular game that is such a cause for concern. This is urging your brain on fort night ray you know represents the pinnacle of gaming theory Kim really it is really sophisticated in the research it's gone into. Sending out rewards. Think I was. Although Luke and the weapons that kids and players find as they go along it's like a slot machine they don't know when the next good thing is gonna come. It's. It really social game kids play and talk to their friends at the same time and then. There's the fact of its mobile can go with them anyway Aaron in fact it goes that most kids everywhere. Isn't really sophisticated game and that let us two really listen to parents who are saying it's like my kids get sucked in and they can't come out. Why so we asked a neuroscientist. Doctor Andy Newburgh to do an FM RI two kids. One house or night gamer who played fifteen to twenty hours a week and the other kid who didn't play fort night and the results were pretty startling when we looked at the difference between their brains this is no big study with a huge coal court. But it does reflect some of the research that's out there. I'll try and summarize pretty quickly here we saw any gamers brain. Huge hits to open mean as he watched fort night this is different when he watched any other kind of video it was different from the non gamers train and dad that can really lead scientists to worry about how those. Really habitual floods of dope or mean. Affect the re ward senate as a brain can really this is amazing we know that gaining changes the physical structure. Of the brain. And some for good it increases visual and space shall awareness areas that brain. But then this reward sinner can lead to a change in in addiction and the prevalence of addiction and it really worried the mom of the kid whose brain we look down. Yes so was so one thing you know speaking of the parents is this something that parents can. Actually control should they be the ones taking responsibility for this I mean this is the game on our air right now. And I think screens are the parenting issue of our time if parents take one thing a wave from the this particular story it's that. Steams of cognitive scientists are trying to figure out how to get that release of dope I mean on an incredibly. Engaging. Schedules. And the kids. You know when you think of all the other things that release delta mean in our brains gambling. Drugs. We have incredible controls on those whether their laws prohibiting them or at least. Age gates so parents should know. It's unrealistic. For them to expect their kids to self regulate when they're up against such sophisticated. Cognitive science church so it's really up to parents to set time limits cash and I always say used parental control each it's not a lot better when we're using parental controls because their automated and it takes some of the fighting out of the interaction between the parent in the kitsch and doesn't wanna be the bad guy but in this case setting boundaries and time limits is really an important aspect of showing your child you care. All right Becky thank you so much in his honor mindful of this is also the game that print series said that he wanted to have abandoned. Interesting note there's a thank you so much. For joining us I appreciate that.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"The study looks into the differences between the brains of young gamers and non-gamers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63176404","title":"New study looks at impact of video games on young gamers","url":"/US/video/study-impact-video-games-young-gamers-63176404"}