Is summer canceled for teens?

Teenagers are adapting to changing summer plans due to the coronavirus.
10:19 | 05/29/20

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Transcript for Is summer canceled for teens?
He has got lane. Got married. At one ST your work out. The wrong thing to. Only twenty pounds he. 208. Yeah. Or. Or. So it happened this week. There are now been more than one and a half million cases of corona virus in the US and over five million worldwide. There have been more than a 100000 deaths in the US. Opinions that's it even within that number are recovering from corona virus and states across the US. And figure out the next steps some states like Georgia Indiana and Florida are opening up restaurants nail salons and hopefully spaces while places like New York City are taking things slow. I enforcing social distancing rules and parks in keeping beaches closed for now sunny days are already working on hundreds of vaccines and treatments and Cuba and pursuing promise also under lockdown part in missions are dropping drastically. I just wonder if it'll last once restrictions are lifted. All of this is going on around the world over here wondering what to do this summer. And what schools going to look like in the fall or. Silver school was closed and got canceled now it seems like the entire summer is getting canceled and three times since he super important in every month now having to change Summers but. Some Moore actually had big summer blend with Clinton spent the day today and life I'm going is good how are you know. Now do you. He AM this isn't I was asleep in Tokyo or weaker than I was both in the Columbus, Ohio. Well elect Arnold classic Damon after Arnold classic output to travel to. Egypt. Ended June July that's knows and likes that lend itself was that he and Tokyo where about a month. And after that this couple now looks nice summer but. What's in the economize. They know if that's been true that mean you're going through all of this is the huge moment here in Olympic and then it. Pandemic it. I essence like notes taken right from normal content is thanks keep that in my aunt since twin sixteen. I think it between entries you know you just change or that. Students in its when he. You know it got canceled a news I know a work harder for its twisted wrecks and anxious it's like you know. Scouts think three million to train that how is your treating death rates. Now they're locked out so easily go to June but you know what does and and in making everything that Jones closed down so that from Cheney out of my garage. And it's it's all right guys have to make some adjustments notes on how they probably equipment he did. Talk to doctor Lee doctor Lee is a scientist and writer and professor he owns a lot of anything world. Of this pandemic and doctor Lee the united talking you know I'm not be. Summer is a beautiful. Let me do lenient act. Lee he added it's tough this is thought for a lot of people and see today every unbelievable that you were going to the Olympics. The problem is we've got this virus that's spreading. Hey we don't have a vaccine right now and we don't have any medications. That can prevent infection. So the only role option is what we call social distancing the other possibility. Is passed so we can pass a lot of different people and it's that we'll tell us where the virus is spreading. I see you right you know places of it starts tonight. Pre opening and he think you say too soon or is it let you know the right thing that they didn't. The challenges we're seeing different people do different things throughout the country so I would be careful about places that are reopening. Where there wasn't a clear. Organization. That's clearly using public health officials and scientists to be. I think it's I think they are. Teenagers are getting particularly aren't definitely I mean you're you're. Teenage years I mean you're experiencing so much everything's new you're learning a lot from your friends and we can't lose sight of that because we do have. A large group of people who are not going through the same experience that many of us went proof positive side though it's amazing how all. You can learn how to down. QBs go these grand issues and these problems and then later on your life. Like okay don't sweat because. Hey this isn't a huge pandemic I can deal with this. No saw this company how we will. Broaching that that's not where he carried dealing with I'm I am bound and you know it and they've had yet please back aspect of negative but Alice and elect look at the positive. Even know ladies or end of the year I still have quite know Martin Sheen get better listeners should stay positive about it. One easy way to stay positive some happier names lending it's leading us all busy barber at home is ticked up. This school dance talent got two billion deeds before the scooby do film was released. Questionable but don't touch me OK. And about you but my urge to snack is stronger than ever see that careers. They'll. That's why they're really feel over the kids in this talent that's going around that testing their snacking attempt he shouldn't. Just give them the candy. All were all thinking and creative ways to keep in touch with their friends and family. This teenager when I'm purpose beyond just to get. Hunt and musty stuck at home twelve year old fashion designer Ashland so has created more than 500 masks for Frontline workers. Aslan have been donating your guests are so alone. Lucy and didn't do that anchor Katie shouldn't let this rules rules. Sure hope they infantry. There aren't broken wine and the manners and perfect. And khaki seeking consent form today. Scientists are taking. Commercial union and impeaching him and yeah. And brutal human rights work early Harold and time and I'm my little. I'm always found a hunts around our whole pattern of movements who journalism's. How many. Truly proud comes from them. I'm homeowner you learn to me remember most sacrificed members. She is. How learned you I'm. IRS old Brandi Glanville and I don't eat any teen room. Phil and you're also donate along with children. And her friend how the current rank and I don't think there isn't anything Eaton look at rolls of ignorance and welcome. Stop yeah current rates. We're include live machine count the Angolan in the old machine where she didn't Hillary won't just happen. Truth will attempt being full of sound and keep looking how cool kids to eat Caruso and seek his. From. Are they so much it's so inspiring to hear great work you're doing your Macs are cool they're beautiful. And actually think they mind. Meaning. But before we say goodbye goodbye usual how to mask. Yeah. I can't really luck it like. Now let me selling isn't quite your pain that is. Okay the biggest and he indeed we'll start at home this summer credits to 800. He just where he had. Okay.

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{"duration":"10:19","description":"Teenagers are adapting to changing summer plans due to the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70941480","title":"Is summer canceled for teens?","url":"/US/video/summer-canceled-teens-70941480"}