Summer Day Camp Run by Convicted Murderers

Two women operating Kiddie College Summer Camp in Raleigh, N.C., had spent years behind bars.
2:05 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for Summer Day Camp Run by Convicted Murderers
We however failure children that -- I wouldn't that was not. I would put my sound in the program -- -- -- chats at -- any kind of program -- nine and there is a -- killer. -- -- Parents we talked to couldn't believe it when we told them about the two women running the kitty college summer camp at saint Augustus. I believe that anybody could -- -- secular -- that is something you should be. To do with something just that that do. It didn't know -- of the of the bull. So -- matter and it doesn't -- it doesn't matter what. They've done before it landed each of them imprisoned for years the woman who runs the program Doris Bullock was Doris -- as -- convicted for killing her own child and infant back in 1981. And you might remember assistant -- Gary as Deidre lane convicted of killing her husband Carolina Panthers running back Fred lane in 2000. The school tells us Bullock has worked there for twelve years Gary about a year but beyond that we were only given this statement in response to -- questions. The safety and well being of children in -- on campus programs. Our top priorities. Saying a gust and university performs background checks on all employees. Doris Bullock and Dietrich Gary serve in administrative rules and provide valuable support their exemplary employees and productive members of the community. That wasn't good enough for parents we talked to who wanted to know if the school does do a background check how these two women could be put in charge of its summer camp. Say you can't half I -- -- -- -- which children. You know why you -- wow -- people out what they think people will Watson the Dachau with the killer. -- I had it needed that job. But who hired -- may surprise you a source tells us both -- and Gary were hired by and work for the president of the school. And that their -- go beyond administrative. That they work directly with the kids. I think -- need to know something like. I would want to -- something.

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{"id":19520272,"title":"Summer Day Camp Run by Convicted Murderers","duration":"2:05","description":"Two women operating Kiddie College Summer Camp in Raleigh, N.C., had spent years behind bars.","url":"/US/video/summer-day-camp-run-by-convicted-murderers-19520272","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}