Superstorm Sandy: 1 Year Later

Signs of life and rebuilding continue to emerge in area struck by historic hurricane.
6:36 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: 1 Year Later
This is a special group. -- from the ABC. I'm Dan pepperoni or -- this ABC news digital special report on super storm sandy one year later. It was exactly one year ago today the East Coast bracing for what -- the most powerful storms in decades. -- storm slamming into the eastern seaport. Washing peaches into homes. And homes into the ocean. BC's Martha Gonzales joins us live from breezy point New York where the city set on fire by that storm one year ago -- It. Hi Dan certainly a solemn anniversary but on -- day of reflection I can tell you the work isn't slowing one bit. The scars from super storm sandy still fill all of it is so painful one year later. From the Jersey Shore to New York's Staten Island the walkways and beyond. Those unforgettable. Images of destruction. Now replaced by signs of communities determined. Yet struggling to recover. I thought that by this summer. Figured -- -- this -- been a year of healing wounds honoring the 117. People the Red Cross says were killed in the storm. And of rebuilding. Piece by theater piece. -- is gonna keep that -- my mission to finish the job some areas celebrating progress. Ellis Island reopening to visitors -- walks like this one in Long Beach, New York rebuilt. Communities back -- livelihood -- me. People tourism and do everything in other communities though setbacks. From businesses along the sandy ravaged boardwalk in seaside park New Jersey re opened only to be wiped out again by fire. This is on -- months. -- to the hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed. And still uninhabitable. The Department of Housing and Urban Development saying only about 11%. Of sandy aid money has been distributed. Still many people frustrated unable to rebuild still waiting for the help they were promised after that devastating day one year ago. And those last images you -- were friends here in breezy point where more than 100 homes burned to the ground during sandy. But you can see today this is a community declaring victory over the storm despite -- huge amount of work that remains. Reporting live in breezy point New York Marcy Gonzales -- back to you. Right Marcy thank you from that. Well of course away from the spotlight small communities are. Often -- still trying to get back on their feet I travel to union beach New Jersey to meet up with one small business owner who is trying to keep her town. From getting lost in the recovery headlines. This right here would have been the door. To come into the building right here one of -- CDC the -- so this is a -- There is tables here -- tables all around here. Back here was my office. Over there's a kitchen. For fourteen years -- -- -- on the day was the place in union beach New Jersey. Where you'd -- for a few Beers on the deck and -- the rat race that was going on across debate in New York City sandy. Ripped apart that oasis in 2012. Now the only thing it's good for. Stirring sweet memories into bitter reality that the place may never reopen for owner -- door. -- try not to drive by so much because -- -- It hurts because -- frustrated with her insurance company trying to define exactly what crushed. Her livelihood what they said to me -- it was a win. But the -- this -- -- surge the -- as wind and water which is how Lloyd's of London justified cutting her checked for less than 101000 dollars. Gigi is fighting for a full claim. But she's not waiting around to get back to business. Welcome to -- -- off the -- a few blocks inland from the original. Services. That's my buddy Carl there was one of the house's it was if this happened much -- to have happened. On news he reflected icon house so this is their door. And from there she takes -- past every table in her new place. Each made from the door of one of the house's flattened by sandy. Source no bid angels and it -- is. Doors open at capitalism and what one we do when on the go running his endorsement telling him -- tables and she knows the story behind. Each one came about just -- in Iran -- avenue. Perhaps because he had -- I know all these years you always know these stories and they are. Sometimes that I'm proud that I -- it didn't -- my thanks so this is our story this is are just about. On the surface it looks like -- is making the recovery. But business is slow for a town where some 400 families. Still don't have a permanent place called home and just to build a temporary place. But all these memories in the town a place to grow closer. It's no Jacob loves on the bench and the GG it's not correct. -- not -- You know we're fighting for our lives mrs. In one year's time certainly. Show of determination and defiance there. Before we go some of the images before and after -- in the recovery in one year time this. This is the interest of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in New York as the storm hits the top you can see traffic moving in one year later. And the ruins of more than a hundred homes in breezy point we just saw that section of -- queens. Following the construction now -- replacement. After one year of work and downed power lines smashed roads in seaside heights New Jersey. Traffic. Getting back on the road and in some form of recovery. Have a complete report on And of course -- with here on -- -- on Van -- New York. With -- CBC news digital special report.

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{"id":20716422,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: 1 Year Later","duration":"6:36","description":"Signs of life and rebuilding continue to emerge in area struck by historic hurricane.","url":"/US/video/superstorm-sandy-anniversary-year-hurricane-flooding-struck-york-20716422","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}