Surveying the damage from Hurricane Harvey in Pearland, Texas

ABC News' Eva Pilgrim is on the scene in Texas where many homes and neighborhoods are under water in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
3:42 | 08/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surveying the damage from Hurricane Harvey in Pearland, Texas
It about environment correspondent great news and we are apparently is my show you. Sort of the aftermath of all this rain the good news is it's not raining as far as actually the first morning. And live or five days that it hasn't rained at all it's. A little breeze is cool and it would normally this time a year here in Houston but. It's not raining and I think people are really thankful for that as Maureen that you can see. You know it's really into seeing it looks like. These people are out but their houses are just surrounded. By water. A lot of the homes have no lights on their cars are pulled up in the driveway. But the water is also very quickly receding this morning is gone down since we've pulled into this neighborhood. Probably an hour our half finale on significantly and you can see some of the water lines. On the houses it you. How high it was. At one point in this neighborhood here. The lions on the homes are in different places depending you can't see you know. Are they sitting on a hill will hurt Israel road higher or lower because everything is just flatly covered by this water. That we have passed several cars that appear to have been completely submerged at one point. The water line. You know chest high analysts say on some of these houses. You see here on this one house those white towels those white. Plot that hanging from Idaho. Some of the homes put those white house with white spots out as a sign that they wanted to be rescued. That was. Good tool to make sure that rescuers knew that they were. In need and that they needed to get out there's another mr. more from here and actually that apple towel hanging out at second story window. Those that apparently went out. To get the attention the rescuers and we're actually on a boat with. We're going out doing those rescues. They're regular guy that you jokingly mean that they are just you know fishing guys that big trucks and big boats and so those big trucks thank goodness we're able to get through. More water than your standard park and that enabled them to deal and get some of these areas launch their boats out the exact time on their neighbors. And they felt like that was something that they need to do they are able to do that immediately for help. Can see some guys here on the boat slave. That I. A lot of guys it's odd to have rescued right upwards of 3400. Is. Sort of people. So far so you're talking thousands and thousands of rescues done. People's neighbors just think that some areas which is really an incredible part of the story. And they're using their own votes. Their own gas in. Yesterday we side tow truck driver show up he heard that police say that the votes needed gases as they showed up. With Gaston a truck he bought that gassed his own money. At him and his ten year old sons are fueling up the boats to make sure that they can launch and continue to lines to rescue people. Just so many incredible stories. Amazing things that people are doing here. But as this water recedes. I think. Now we'll really see what their real damage it is time. C and that's really the beginning for a lot of these people. They haven't gotten a chance to see their homes and see what's left of their homes. That is going to be. Something very. Well of course in the silencing the name.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"ABC News' Eva Pilgrim is on the scene in Texas where many homes and neighborhoods are under water in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49510330","title":"Surveying the damage from Hurricane Harvey in Pearland, Texas","url":"/US/video/surveying-damage-hurricane-harvey-pearland-texas-49510330"}