Suspect in NYC Hit-Run Identified

The hit-and-run accident killed a young couple and their baby Sunday morning.
2:28 | 03/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspect in NYC Hit-Run Identified
They know who is they just don't know where he is and so tonight -- -- Brooklyn looking frantically for Julio Acevedo. One in the hit and run accident that killed -- Nathan and -- Lawler on the way to the hospital where after the accident they're seven month old son was born. And then died I was is where Lucy Yang in Williamsburg Brooklyn with the story -- We'll -- hard -- am -- continued to mount in this specific community. The premature baby who is delivered after his mother's death. Now joins her in the parade meanwhile police continued to search for one driver hoping he'll turn himself in and soon. Friends and family sitting -- inside the young couples Williamsburg apartment tonight. Doubt you -- these kinds of them. Definitely. That except -- it is. Relatives have accepted that giving and taking of life -- outside their control but it doesn't erase the pain. The victims on the cusp of becoming a family just two months from welcoming their first child. Are all gone tonight -- and Nathan Glover were killed instantly this weekend -- on their way to the hospital in the -- in the middle of the night. Doctors were able to deliver their baby boy but he was still premature. We're told only three pounds. His injuries so extensive. He would live only one day this at -- community quickly bearing his tiny body with his parents in the Orange County today. All this as police search for 44 year old Julio us that they though. Officials believe he was driving this BMW and clocking at least sixty miles an hour. When that BMW struck the Toyota livery cab. -- -- -- -- who is accused of leaving the scene is no stranger to the law he was arrested just last month for alleged drunk driving he spent ten years in jail for fatally shooting another man. Tonight he is believed to have wiped out two generations. Of the Glover family. Whoever did not go through this. -- contemplate what -- to -- a sister and her husband. Ten more at once so suddenly. It really doesn't say though is found or surrenders he will be invited here -- -- nine is pleasing to me -- 101000. Dollar reward. -- is now being offered in this tragic case. -- live in -- Lucy Yang channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18653730,"title":"Suspect in NYC Hit-Run Identified ","duration":"2:28","description":"The hit-and-run accident killed a young couple and their baby Sunday morning. ","url":"/US/video/suspect-nyc-hit-run-identified-18653730","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}