Suspect in YouTube headquarters shooting is a woman, police say

The suspect in a shooting at YouTube's headquarters in California's Bay Area is believed to be a woman who was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.
9:24 | 04/03/18

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Transcript for Suspect in YouTube headquarters shooting is a woman, police say
This is an ABC news. Good afternoon I'm Tom Thomas we drove programming to bring you breaking news from out west just outside of San Francisco where there's been a shooting at YouTube headquarters. Police are calling this an active shooter situation. The FBI and the ATF are also on the scene. This is still very preliminary but sources tell ABC news and or station down there kgo is also reporting this the shooter is believed to be a woman. San Bruno police chief Ed Barbary is about to sort of news conference let's listen in. How many did Barbary I in the police chief exhaustion brutal police department. And would like to do just to get quick briefing and a timeline of what we go down. And where we're at at this point so if you'll bear with me. Information just coming in it's obviously very fluid situation we're doing the best thing this weekend to a keep everybody up to date so. At 12:46 PM this afternoon. Several police department received numerous 911 calls regarding gun shots at each campus located on cherry avenue in our city. San Bruno police arrived on scene at 1248. And immediately begin a search for a possible shooter or suspect. Upon arrival officers encountered numerous police flee from the building. I was very chaotic you can imagine. We did encounter one victim with a parent gunshot wound. Towards the front of the business as Iraq. Several minutes later while conducting a search of the that assists officers located a second. Individual with a gunshot wound that appears to may have been self clear. We are still working on confirming that. Two additional victims we'll located. Several minutes later. At an adjacent business. The extent of all of the injuries of our victims. Are don't right now they were all transported former chief medical care but the are all unknowns so my guess that we. We have four victims. Who have all been transported. Four. War gunshot related injuries. And we have one subject. Blues deceased inside the building. With a self inflicted wound that at this time we believe to be issued what we're still following up on the multiple law enforcement agencies that responded to assist we're very grateful for everyone's help and assistance but you cannot have responded to accomplish this without it would help. This is an active events and an active investigation and it numerous. Law enforcement personnel from numerous different local agencies are still conducting a search of the business is to make sure that that it is clear that we conducted eight. A quick immediate. Search of the premises. What the first officers arrived just finished our active shooter protocol. And after that should have concluded now we're going through it though methodical slow search just to make sure we cover all the bases that's all I have for you at this time. We hope to have something. A little later I cannot give you a function cannot give you the title the next press update with the got obviously we got that information. I thought. Okay. I cannot him from the it's a female. My understanding is that Dave they are they've been transported they're being treated for injuries that are guaranteed they're hoping for the best obviously it. I'll hide my understanding is the building has been evacuated are people in the immediate area we're obviously trying to contact. A large amount of people to try to identify and aggregates information from witnesses at the scene so. You can imagine is gets some monumental task with the government loser suddenly. When it's at and development won't let. I don't have that information shall. There about we have I haven't you been I didn't take an inventory of all the agency there are numerous agencies. We work well our neighboring partners in and we're grateful the ticket but there's a lot of yesterday she what low where we. I want to clarify that we did quite we did locate a victim with with a so what we believe to be self inflicted gunshot wound to female. But the investigation is like going what we can put all of these guys. And I have no I don't have any information. Others. We are clearing the building and searching the building and slow methodical. They're likely to do anyway so we haven't eliminated that possibility but we have no information to suggested that if somebody somebody else in the. OK. Yeah won't let that we have that they a lot of employees. Self evacuate as you can imagine we've identified. A group do we want to talk to we have staging areas were well our detectives are reaching out of them and in interviewing them so we're trying to protect it is orderly recanted. Lot of people. Pretty hectic scenario so it's. It's it's it's it's a tax. They're now to find one but didn't like what. No we we believe I believe my understated that the building has been evacuated so they're all outside of that field. Oh well several hundred if you want our thoughts are few 108 minus rating. I don't I don't know pain. All I have noise it's I have no idea I don't know the circumstances running that it was a little sooner. I write I don't want eliminating possibility I don't know any of that for sure would I said. This is still active were still investigating this as I'm speaking view there's a lot of things that I it is stupid on the right. I don't I don't have that there's. Right. I will try to get an update as soon as we can watch we know more but I think that. I'd give you almost everything that we know at this point so appreciate it. Yeah what do we know why would we know I don't wanna give it time because I mean not have a lot for you so we can identify it and it's appropriate to. To come back and updates you can do that an ambulance. Will probably put that out through our media lists get through social media. I don't have any information presently. Or. Eye to eye that's I don't I'd I'd. Nodding were not even at that point yet we're still trying to address it was a OK I would get you some more information and a few minutes. I don't know I don't have no they've not let him. That's all I have in I get I'll get back to sit vacant big thank you. And if you're just joining us we've been listening to the chief of police of the San brutal police department any updating the news media on that shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno the biggest headline they came out of that news conference to shooter who is now deceased. Is a female which is very big you know one would appear Thomas or senior justice correspondent. Who's been tracking the developments in Pierre the headline out of this so far one victim believed to be the shooter. Debt with a self inflicted gunshot wound but that shooter is a woman something we have. Not seen in a very long time definitely not the last year as some of these major shootings across the country. Is exactly right Tom plea saying that they encountered a very chaotic situation. Did encounter a deceased woman. On the floor at the YouTube headquarters apparently from a self inflicted gunshot wound that's why they think that this person is a shooter. As you said extremely rare to have a female shooter in these circumstances last year the Secret Service did a study of a roughly 28. Sus mass shooting incidents. All the perpetrators were male. Sort of bring in now one of our analysts and former FBI agent who studies mash shootings Brad Garrett Brad you heard the news conference their break it down force we know that the shooter apparently is dead. A female. Three to four other victims with gunshot wounds as well this happened at 1246. On the West Coast during a lunch time. YouTube was sprawling campus they were Austrian Bruno seventeen under employees. Possibly targeting the lunch hour what did you make from other things the the police chief told us well. That you have basically for people hospitalized and it did shooters so the real question Tom here is motive. Did the shooter go there to shoot a particular person during the lunch hour and then take their own lives and other people this happened to get shot. That remains to be seen so that you know the real key is motive. In is there anybody else connected to her. Now Brad. The target cure or the place where this happened YouTube headquarters which is owned by Google. Would what does that mean could this have no connection whatsoever or could have a huge connection because of all the people that log onto YouTube every single day and or use Google. That this goes Tom from personal and garnered issued an individual. Two I hate Google and he YouTube I don't like something on YouTube it's really hard to say at this point. And to we have more information. But you know you sort of have to function in what do we know about this woman. And does she have connections. Or has she sent out other and other people are other pieces of information that would suggest. That this is bigger than just her. A major revelation no doubt a female shooter right YouTube have quarters. Who we now understand is dead this is still an ongoing and active situation so we will continue to monitor the story on We will have live team coverage on world news tonight. We now return tore regularly scheduled program.

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{"duration":"9:24","description":"The suspect in a shooting at YouTube's headquarters in California's Bay Area is believed to be a woman who was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54214832","title":"Suspect in YouTube headquarters shooting is a woman, police say","url":"/US/video/suspect-youtube-headquarters-shooting-woman-police-54214832"}