Suspected serial killer arrested after 14 years

Daytona Beach police have been searching for a man accused of killing four women between 2005 and 2007.
5:29 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Suspected serial killer arrested after 14 years
We have some law breaking news in the Daytona serial killer case as you know back in 2005. We. To those of thought 2006. We three killings the wanna 2005. Look at a go out there was a murder. And had a gunshot wound to the head. Fourteen. Into doesn't six Julie green was also murdered in similar fashion a traveled to the head. Also 2006. A want to Patterson. Was also marked the same motive mows so we looked at this we knew we had a situation here we're was probably the same person committing these crimes and yes arugula so. Working together rule or law for supporters actually appear we made this a priority aggressively finds him to figure this out. There was also another murder that happened 2008. At the time that we don't know at this point on if it's related were still investigating that. As the years go by and we and what particular law force we just don't. Come to a dead end and say okay cases over we continue to work and work and work. Utilizing technology DNA and other technology to try to solve every open casing to closure. For the the victim in the victim's family members I can tell you that. Lot of them of forensic evidence was collected those scenes and was part of the investigation. Though the people here behind me never let up but detective Dave minority who was the lead investigator that a phenomenal job. Working on this case. Now with the DNA. And I can tell you in march of of 2016. Palm Beach County has similar type of murder. In their jurisdiction. So. Big hit located they'll DNA their case and we link that but came back to are suspect. So which time we store that we sort of a joint investigation with Palm Beach County. Sheriff's office Daytona Beach police department to try to link these together. Evans came back. Too small to forensic means it's as an investigative skills we were actually able to develop a suspect. A suspect's name is Robert Tyrone hades he's a black male 31282. We can only come here to our city with a time of our murders. And Palm Beach County had made an arrest or that time. Imus are obvious going to be an arrest yesterday. In reference to their homes. At this point time we have not towards meal bars but we we have linked him through forensic evidence to three a former victims. All the further support to the state attorney aren't able resort. At this point in time the case is still active we are working. With a Palm Beach Goer and a book critical Palm Beach County. Few jointly on this case so we can get a solid solid case and get this. Maurer. Disgusting. Serial killer. Who's off the streets doubts we never gets him. As is a case in many facets of law enforcement technology continues to improve and law enforcement continues to capitalize on those improvements. In this case we used. A concept while genetic genealogy. As part of the DNA process and genetic genealogy is a very new. Investigative tool and in our area. Commissioner storage of McNealy. Made a huge commitment almost a year ago to the day. To bring genetic genealogy in this capabilities to the forefront in this area. We have a cheaper as the chief of forensics who it become. Extremely versed in this in this style of investigative till tools. So where are extremely. Honored at the collaborative effort of all the law enforcement entities at a mission today the state attorney's office and the Florida department of all horsemen to work together. To bring some type and I don't know the word closure or peace or justice to the families of these victims and that's ultimately what we're all here trying to. But I will tell you this we've heard a lot of comments made about the great police work that goes into this investigation. As great as genetic genealogy looks like it's going to be for us. None of this happens if there's not great police work. At the initial crime scene and the ability to capture the evidence that has been. Contain cat the integrity of the invest the the evidence kept employees. Until technology was able to come to a place where we can go back and use that evidence again so. I give a lot of compliments and a lot of recognition to the law enforcement agencies that the original scene some 151415. Years ago. And I'm proud to set with that Billy as we bring this new genetic genealogy technology to the fore front. Another thing gets to be clear he has that there aren't the palm in the Palm Beach County victim. And two of the victims the air are linked by DNA evidence. Then there are two of the victims here that are linked by forensic evidence by by ballistic. Evidence says that taught us all four of these victims together. The the fifth victim if you will the one who he has being lit de we we don't hang out the forensic evidence right now. Let the Daytona Beach police department the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. All of these folks are working with your state attorney's office. To see we will leave or eliminate or don't. That that that victim is a potential victim in this case.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Daytona Beach police have been searching for a man accused of killing four women between 2005 and 2007.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65641672","title":"Suspected serial killer arrested after 14 years","url":"/US/video/suspected-serial-killer-arrested-14-years-65641672"}