Tell Tale Signs of Counterfeit Goods

ABC News' Geneva Sands goes behind the scenes at the Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center to learn about the different types of counterfeit goods being found around the country and the world.
20:07 | 12/21/16

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Transcript for Tell Tale Signs of Counterfeit Goods
Oh property rates that are Crystal City parking. I director. Are director with welcome thank you. And and yes this is actually. The hub of the federal government for countering. Counter pick that Cummins it for combat counterfeiting. Oh it'll. Well actually. We are 23 member agency. Made up nineteen United States domestic federal law enforcement agencies and for international agencies. And we sit here in Crystal City and support our field agents. Field agents within Homeland Security investigations the FBI. The FDA. And our trust us what those engines as equal about peer into congress in some cases there there it. Investigations. How that fire character. Her. You know it they do their best actually a criminal organization struggles of kindness they do their best at making. Them look real for example. Here's a specialized bicycle helmets which is probably as late as. Actually you don't want to Wear this when you're on a bicycle and pulled out because obviously your head is not protect. You wouldn't know that by looking at this on line. You see this this photo or cropped photo or what we call a stock photo from specialize. Legitimate product. And you see that you get duped into paying a lot of money for copper reached. Ski helmet is obviously a health and safety issue for you. We're gonna come back to comment on live or pilgrim not hurt over here where here. And C I can't tell which he. Which won the carrier and McCain say SO it is Ronnie has happened. Boots not the same boot one is real one as counterfeit we've got us a couple of perfumes here. And we had to say he's played so while will be and or next so you wanna take your best guess and is that we think the issue as well absolutely not just these receipts species but he's Europeans. You don't know what ingredients. Are her opinions. We have seen everything from. Change cat here hands and stuff you exchange and high in Virginia series opens. People watching us wanted to finalize the if they can they wanna yes which one as they. Just the counter which is there now. It is this early and. Here's there option. I think. And that there. You are correct. I know actually. He's really Cleveland's accident herald really its own equality on the craftsmanship is how you can tell comment. Honey fake boots you can see some of the stitching here they're threatening Israeli profession off. If you look at the solar dude looks dirty it's not clean. Purses here where it's all one solid color so assets have been tell tell signs that you lineup beginning and real or counterfeited piece of the are all doesn't engine to look out for. Her being thank at a that's trying. And Vera Wang. Optioned. Number one. The box you don't have to do there telltale signs as looking at the violence else. I. Way. I care. Your wrong arm. And it would be able to tell just by looking at the font itself. And if you look at the font on the counterfeit content is a perfume it actually looks Kelly had been more professional than the other one. But tell tell sign here between the counterfeit wanted to real volatile is look attitude. Seated tubing and account for 100 bins and circles the two being in the legit one does not. So an item like this may buy their own land or any other luxury designer. They're not gonna happen to mean circle and been like that an op rights and and it's just not professional. I'm other giveaways if you look at the bottom here. If you look at the bottom the legit the legit perfume bottle. As a stand serial number. Right that they bottle does not so that's like one that's a big telltale sign. A he's a perfume I counterfeit currency environment by industries and New York girl Los Angeles what have you probably would not and that's serial numbers. This prayer her. Tuning. Things and again and looking for that stuff it's really typical. Hiring actually this is simply haven't gone and they are correct. I don't know mania of her serial number of people. Current. I don't see anything and there are LA. Yes as far away and science. Let's go with that hysteria that is literate or. And take here's here's. A couple of ways you can sound. So the trademark logo on a trademark logo on the counter fits face plate is. Barron on using some sort of rubber adhesive brand there's also no identifiable markings inside the face plate. If you look at this one. It's more professionally. It's more professionally. At an on and is also markings you can see initials made by somebody that's trying to confirm the safety and this basically. He can also see some other markings and the corner here and also this looks cleaner if you look at the craftsmanship. Between the two. This one just looks mess here it looks dirty here it's because it's it's been used it was probably taken off and John guards somewhere criminal organization. You know make easy honestly on trademarked logo on there and just sell this this and now that you would grow listed here. As. Anger. Aslan and and consumers really are looking for it you're not gonna well. So you can confide he's often eat me and my ma third party marketplace and an independent sellers. E-commerce sites so it's it's coming your own risk. Tobacco river here in Canada after that I PR that there so it took a look at thousands. Counterfeit purses and ultimately hurt his house through and it. How often does being I'm. That's correct so here's of choice for example. So. If you had a toddler put that in his or her mouth and broke off that could choke. An in thing obviously Tyler so. He's very lightweight they're not having it all is well. This product when it's brought into the United States have some regulatory process c.'s compliance process season has to pass through when a smuggler. In and that's what these counterfeiters are smugglers and explode this into the United States these so that when outlets who process. So no. Here. Health and safety or wealthy or anyone. The bottom line is for them to make money. I. Where. You're going to be aware that it's very easy to beat you especially when you're online social media messages that we half with a consume more. Is mentioned this African workers who work behind the list that's always good one. Make sure it is a legitimate phone number that they can call and talk to us. Oftentimes these counterfeiters the overseas. This in English well. Oliver but didn't make sure that there's some money that he talked to if this CO looks too good to be true sometimes it is. Also look at the the Earl itself has often times it won't happen being spelled correctly we've seen. For example and this is you know to leave the website. Actress. HTTP. Exactly so those are some of the telltale signs and we know where we hope that people don't get due to. These are all examples him as an example of Oakley sunglasses now. Notified Dennis a couple times in certain ways he's in a break off and so. A legitimate peer certainly wouldn't do isn't counterfeit pharmaceuticals. This is classics. Betsy. Drug for your heart. And we that's based on the siege of that we made customs collection to homeland security investigation seizure. And that's we don't know what that is we haven't had it tested yet but there could be dusted the power could be something that you could actually hurt yourself what. It are absolutely. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals not only directly recreational type plus. Amnesty Allison and him but now the medicines adulterated medicine it's certainly helped safety issue to consume our. Here are. Cast. People think luxury. Stream. Sort of things well you know I just is you know these last couple a couple of years or whatever but what they are realizing. Is that there were criminal organizations. Behind. Us these criminal organizations are taking the money and its high mark up on us and this is junk. And invested in other. Related crimes such as human smuggling forced labor force child labor narcotics trafficking money laundering. Identity theft so fuels. Criminality. Additionally the people who legitimately make this product are now losing money to people who aren't manufacturing plants the sales people. The people downstream deliver the product for example everyone's losing money taxes the government. Everyone along the way import importers of records so it's a definite economic loss to. Not only Il the United States called upon as well it's. I. Criminality yet we've we've actually seen instances we're terrorism was funded. Let's it's the Charlie had two attackers couple years ago one terrorist was actually selling. Sporting good merchandise. And clothing and using money investigating guns and these guns unfortunately it went to kill. Region police office. He is an example of the a legitimate. That had any counterfeit batteries. Counterfeit battery unit that actually. She burned through seep through and unfortunately it was a five or six year old that was working on this. Is what Hewlett-Packard. The industry people told us luckily. Though the young girl was not her. She was at a breakfast table working on this left up. And just then something like decorative absolutely. Start to the woman for a lovely the only growth through life Berkshire. Thank god you. And battery kind of thing that every that was put into a legitimate HP laptop yes. Upper floors gasoline started operation surge protector and what our goal is to get items like this off street. Now these these are not legitimate apple chargers. Apple only uses blue white the color white chargers so if you see something with a different color. More than likely it is confident that's what we've seen is sometimes these will blow up we'll get an individual in the midwest. That was using it cool and heat current is he. And that's been documented certainly you don't want something like this catch fire in your house because obviously these ramifications could speakers here. So that's up to them to be. Here's another example of of a car fit underwriters laboratory mark. This is a counterfeit product it's it's extremely. Flimsy as well and you don't want something like this stars fired your house well people. Are. Just. Exactly so that's why we have started operation surge protector to. To focus on these electronic goods so often things that enough to protect its. Are. Everything in piecing car changed laws passed it changed. Don't shut off for example. Everything goes into a car. Now including here tax rate at its oil filters certainly you don't want the current. Rate pets war because there. So easy just think of those occasions. Those who choose a who work here are here. There so we have very very great working relationship with businesses print protection people private investigators were companies. Graham related information casework to us and we'll. Get that disseminated to a field agents start an investigation. Ultimately we hope to have these criminals prosecuted and oftentimes that does happen. People selling you know those people into people manufacturing. Back home so our own country and effecting us. So we work hand in hand with the industry. I like to see we're attached to him. They start an investigation for us the will be the ones that fear horrified when they're not product is real or not because we cannot be experts they are. And then it kind of sentence. That's eighty power from built them. Kind of thing. And industries Willis at the time a vote sentencing. To provide the either the economic or the the physical loss or. Or whenever the impact was during the course of people. So great its relationship with the industry as well as our partners those 23 agencies that I mentioned everyone brings something different people. Fluor example FDA. The Food and Drug Administration they are the experts when it comes with hopefully this past so that's an expertise and the only security investigations when it happens. So well that information locals sources in it that's what's. To show that. Is. It. We'll look at some sort of consumed and that consumer can be someone as young as 23 years old and obviously in the streets. To someone that needs he in their later years that are dying. Pharmaceuticals because they can't afford the real ones. So that the camera. Each ages range from young to old. In what can be victimized my daughter. Jump to on one of the third party. Marketplaces. And Christian people just want to kitchen here she thought was real price was too good to be true she got it back it was junk her. It's all right if you write to me and I told her I had told her several times did not. Do not buy it in my future let me she. After his way to stop at exit. He had I think acres. Education education education became two K consumers so that we're doing here just right now you. I reaches them in people. That is something that we are also responsible for the IPO's. Get the word out message. No brand ourselves message message and educate our what's. And educate consumers. And he's. There that impacts consumer volleys and absolutely what. I that's an opportunity you know people who are you know will go to this movable they get a little extra money to spend and they want to be part of it all and part of that whole moment to moment. And so little you sometimes buy the cheapest thing that they can't unfortunately and sometimes that cylinder filled Jersey. Last year police are an abundance of currencies approval ratings they were confident they were very. Heading in alleged head eating cat neon. I certainly don't want them on your skin for a long period of time so certain events that we moved to use urges and surges leading up to. Super Bowl and then afterwards as well so. That's something that will do during the time of how we. We focus on how are fit that. Consequences. You see people now so late to put into the cat's eyes with the reaches eyes of the blood shot eyes as higher here. Constance for example. Well in the United States the only way you should put in contact lenses if you have a prescription. So these people behind this online and includes absolutely hurt at Renton and hurt their price. And people where we have we have stories from off the launch is that people have lost their vision and in and in their eyes these companies and their. Here. Counter this summer watch him lose something Hitler. So here it is an F. Absolutely you know depending on you know what's new what's what's novel in the in the year. The the counterfeit is not confident. They will counterfeit anything. And certainly. You know late TV ArQule this product we've had worked from FaceBook for example they've counterfeited GAAP product. And I think that's very popular is something that they know they can make. And that's something we'll concert right way. It. Here. Oh okay and attempted murder. Rate Mary Easley from people references specialized yeah. It. There absolutely certain you're. And all are at sea air. It's very. Get a shot it. Out. Of first crack. Yet it. Completely cracked. So that's something that certainly you didn't put a lot of pressure you certainly don't lay our and when you fall in you're going to at a high speed. On that certainly. Very very damaging to these especially the fashion that you're going to more impressed you laugh but yes. If you would. More not certainly that that was great. So of course whale so. If they can completely. Art. So normal you would hope. Legitimate bicycle helmet. And I guarantee you would specialist makes a great moment that that's not going to happen. Me. Thank you for speaking. Thanks for China. And it bridges director back Harris that attitudes and thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"20:07","description":"ABC News' Geneva Sands goes behind the scenes at the Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center to learn about the different types of counterfeit goods being found around the country and the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44332599","title":"Tell Tale Signs of Counterfeit Goods","url":"/US/video/tale-signs-counterfeit-goods-44332599"}