Teen with prosthetic leg defies odds on football field

Zach Patterson had to have his foot amputated when he was an infant.
5:09 | 11/19/17

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Transcript for Teen with prosthetic leg defies odds on football field
They were told their son needed this surgery that would change his body and the way he lived his life. But they never expected what would happen over the next fifteen years. 36 management group. Started its a brother of all we have guys. You gotta play for a job. Report corner we're going crazy glue glue because we know this is an. If you watch the freshman football team from Wadsworth high school and you'll see speed want the contact. Letter writer you may also notice in game baby number sixteen who can Zack Patterson. He just goes and it's it's unreal. He loves football. He's a stern. A global things as I bella there's acting like that and he loves being on this field. And I. Collecting. This. And who last place his parents thought he'd be. It's hard enough to play football at 22 legs played with one that's that's amazing. And when he was ten months alone we had needed it made that decision to have this foot amputated yes who has won. You know bone as four toes. And disseminate Zach was born with a deformity to give him the best possible life to you. Chance like aspects say two to walk to Ryan to place sports fifteen years ago they just wanted to see their boy walk there's no book. And are his left flank titanium. Steel. Alloy coming with nonstop trial and error he just learned. Other ways to gates. Exact Patterson sports like thing you didn't take his time and when he was four he's a plane attack. And then he went and played bass. And any whenever I faux pas for mom and dad worrying doubt to astonishment. He gets asked every parent and process static after prosthetic. Exact purpose sort of our our turn around here this kid continued to break the mold we usually break the feet. Literally coached my leg broke again. Dykes there's ship and that stuff back of the companies and there's no houses in Britain. You know and the justice or all the stuff you put in there. It wasn't just his legs break. He was breaking news Robin skin is leading into the press that they. At the end of every game and you they would pour blown out from it nobody sees that are nobody sees us getting in the cart and taken and it's just a lot but Jack stayed with. Until he got to high school a much faster. More physical gain a 110% was I closed while I had after making this discovery. He confided. In his mom I just don't think I can do it anymore I can't keep up with us can't just frustrates me. I can't be. One BP can get stronger that you really can't run faster the solution. A 40000. Dollar Atlantic nobody can really can pay out of pocket 40000 dollars. In insurance. Would pay for none of that deemed a locks Hillary by insurance companies it's called head. You know you can have a brain for the give you what they give the Paterson aides I was done. I was dealt with for law denied five times. Football presents. An appeared. Was over. Age is horrible. You can't look at it but then word got around its nominee to thank Ian for the skin to doctor AG sat. From spectrum orthopedics we should give them the life that they deserve. You can make and stiffer he made a call treated the same level then a few more he just walks around like India. There's nothing wrong with them locked tight and there really isn't finally we'll it's cool what he found the folks and he felt that Susie Porter to donate to neglect. A lot more motion hanger prosthetics and and we into. Made him feel a little bit more. More natural more movement. Help its performance. Zach. Was back on the field. Turns out yeah that new blankets and then her correct conceded some adjustments I broke my way again and she knows him well Zach has adjusted to something else has the exact shattering. New expect teaching. I really think he can change so many lines there are very goes there it goes exact just goes wrong. Don't let this would you got. There's nothing we're looking back. It yourself that's putting yourself back. In Wadsworth. Tear and Alina. Newsnight. The.

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{"id":51257244,"title":"Teen with prosthetic leg defies odds on football field","duration":"5:09","description":"Zach Patterson had to have his foot amputated when he was an infant.","url":"/US/video/teen-prosthetic-leg-defies-odds-football-field-51257244","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}