Teens rescued at sea talk harrowing ordeal

Heather Brown and Tyler Smith say their faith in God strengthened after being rescued at sea by a boat named "Amen."
3:16 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for Teens rescued at sea talk harrowing ordeal
Two senior high school students in Florida. Were enjoying their senior skip day right. They went to the beach with friends they jumped in the water but they swam out so far that their friends couldn't see them so bad the two that route in the water they were there for like an hour and a half when finally. They saw a boat and get this the boat was named a man. This is an amazing story gets what we have the two friends here with us Heather Browne and Tyler Smith on based time. Guys first of all so happy to see you and just very pleased that you're saying. But I want you to tell us what happened out there and what you were thinking together. I'll. Time means. We just kind of stock. We let me just aren't homeless man and you really didn't think you're in it is an all night. Or is he immediately I agree completely opt. Yeah it's you don't think that this school and TU and sit. It actually happens he see all these movies in. You don't being directed do you let what you just over an X slim across the inner. The inlet. You can get to see and not. And that obviously we are indignant because the gray sky and say that's the vote. Absolutely am I'm just curious though how to use. Stay afloat like where you guys holding each other's hands howry staying safe for an hour and a half. Yes so we weren't they didn't we are making me like trainer. The first part it is they're distressed and crops that now. We need to hire any new and unexpected. Stuff behind us on it's isn't you know. Your we just recently I hardly could in the beginning stages and once viewed we are getting nowhere and we are getting basically helpless all the news addicts southerners and we do get through. Are trying to enter your original hands. And see again or no instances. Praying to god release. Yeah and then and then the most miraculous thing as we said. The Aimee and vote comes what was what was the conversation when you when you finally talked in his guy who who saved you guys. Let's address your accident yeah. I. Read on. I had it's accident on the hill NE six and William. He. The name is a minute knee I thought ice. He is the party but it now and then. It anyhow hollowing. It in. When I thought my uncle and you believe. That being news. And this is June. We've prospered Donna because it means other us. Wow that's incredible guys again I'm so happy that you're safe. The prayers were answered we're just happy that years smiling in with us today so I hope you have a really really good weekend I think. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Heather Brown and Tyler Smith say their faith in God strengthened after being rescued at sea by a boat named \"Amen.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62806628","title":"Teens rescued at sea talk harrowing ordeal","url":"/US/video/teens-rescued-sea-talk-harrowing-ordeal-62806628"}