Texas House member on voting bill: ‘It’s a hateful piece of legislation’

Democratic Texas State House Rep. Jessica González discusses her opposition to the GOP-backed voting bill now headed to the Texas Senate.
5:15 | 05/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas House member on voting bill: ‘It’s a hateful piece of legislation’
Now to Texas where state house Republicans there have passed a new boating bill which critics say. Restricts access to the ballots in the second largest state in the country if passed by the state senate Texas would become the tenth state in the nation to enact legislation. That restricts voting since the 20/20 election according to the nonpartisan. Brennan Center. Sick representative Jessica Gonzales the democratic vice chair of the Texas house elections committee challenged Republicans lost sight on why voting changes. Are needed after the secretary of State's office describes Texas elections as free fair and secure take a listen. It's it's expanding participation. What we were going to be able to vote as a result of this bill. Yeah we're protecting voters to ensure that no one's taking advantage of. Now how is that increasing participation. By adding more restrictions. And criminal I see it. Minor these mistakes it's between I don't think this bill and all criminalize my mistakes now. And represented Gonzales joins me now thinks he thank you so much for being with us. Democrats have argued that the proposed changes would disproportionately. Affect minority voters. You've got as far as calling this old Jim Crow dressed up as election integrity but. The amendment process last night watered down some of the most controversial probes provisions such as potential criminal penalties related to mistakes in voting so. What's still in this bill that you consider on the level of Jim Crow. Well he had despite the changes that were made on the bill last night is this still isn't entirely necessary that the people piece of legislation. That it back for the at a Texas enabled discriminate against a minority voters an election officials. Yeah and and despite bad mean and they are aware of the bigger add anything to the bill that would make it easier or safer protections to vote. And as you know the Texas State Senate and house had different bills with the GOP senate measure including issues like restrictions on ballot drop boxes and early voting rules. Limiting extended voting hours and banning drive through voting. If those measures are no longer on track to being included in the final bill do you consider exact somewhat of a victory. Yes sending the although that the bill would start to go into conference committee and they about the possibility that there will be attempts to. At those provisions back on the bill and so. You know what have says if that happened and we'll have to challenge that in and fight back. I'm because you know even with even with a minor changes were made you know last I. You know this so yeah it is it's still too restrictive you guys are you know when it comes to voters that stand. And bad you know and and then you know what many other provisions in there that that simply you know we'll just addicted partially impact people of color. And as you know there is plenty of that. Activism of that drew out of the voting laws enacted in Georgia and some businesses. Didn't come out in opposition to changes to voting in taxes as they did in Georgia are they're any stronger steps you'd like to see corporations take now to try. To keep this bill from moving forward. I'm I mean we would love it if it you know more businesses you know stepped and you know and voiced their opposition to this though. You know he didn't without you know that stepped up and formed coalition and you know bad. Connecticut air you know burden is so how did that simply because aid they know the important. Embracing diversity and an Indian cricket is right and they let employees. I am not there were to their should be heard and everybody else. And I know you believe this will hurt access to the ballot box but do you anticipate eight counter reaction from voters at this. Legislation becomes law meaning could some Democrats actually be more motivated to cast their ballots. In the next elections despite the hurdles that you've described. I mean that the Pope prayed I and that we have to painful work if you people need to understand what these new changes are. And and I also understand what the potential criminal. Penalties that that there may be attached to and yeah certain certain activities back in the past. Didn't you have didn't have these these don't eat so it would them. I mean it's gonna make you don't also very hard per county to be able. Entire election workers and argued typical county of the completion of this book at him and they did and even harder. Because we're going to be a pretty. That there could accidentally. Commit a crime. And yes so is going to be important for asking the message that the people and let them know and now and hopefully it'll motivate and is to build both and as injured or whoever is a representative. And this is certainly not over that bill now goes to the senate as as we mentioned and then conference committee to finalize as you mentioned still awhile from it being finalized we of course see what happens between now and then thank you so much for joining us Texas house represented of Jessica Gonzales thank you. Beekeeper.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Democratic Texas State House Rep. Jessica González discusses her opposition to the GOP-backed voting bill now headed to the Texas Senate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77567789","title":"Texas House member on voting bill: ‘It’s a hateful piece of legislation’","url":"/US/video/texas-house-member-voting-bill-hateful-piece-legislation-77567789"}