Texas longhorn sets record for 11-foot horns

Poncho Via the longhorn is beloved by locals in his Alabama community.
1:04 | 06/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas longhorn sets record for 11-foot horns
I've got this morning to share with you at Texas longhorn steer named patch of the Al. Has just broken a record for the world's look a lot longest warned spread. Well what robbing raping his ward spread measures. A massive ten feet eleven point four inches. Here's a fun fact. His toward spread is wider than the statue of Liberty's face. Oh yes yes I measured. Everything on this poor guy had looking and that will bring our campus if you look overall record is confirming. It's the largest corn on the steer recorded in history the Pope family who raises poncho. First realize they at a potential winner on their hands about three years ago in his work racket growing street would very little curved. That's a quote from that people. He might look managing the ponchos and gentle giant he's become quite the celebrity and Coosa county Alabama where he lives. It's they have left to bring him his favorite treats apples carrots and Marsalis. A gentle giant congratulations fox. Yeah.

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{"duration":"1:04","description":"Poncho Via the longhorn is beloved by locals in his Alabama community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63787602","title":"Texas longhorn sets record for 11-foot horns","url":"/US/video/texas-longhorn-sets-record-11-foot-horns-63787602"}