Texas Pounded With Heavy Rain, Hail

ABC News' Ron Claiborne, Rob Marciano on the latest storm system sweeping through the U.S.
4:50 | 04/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Pounded With Heavy Rain, Hail
Good morning I'm Ron Claiborne ABC news world headquarters in New York this is an ABC news. Digital report developing now these severe weather down south these pictures out of Houston Texas. They tell that story after they got more than two inches of rain in just fifteen minutes and this thing is not over the slow moving system is set to last through the weekend. As it marches eastward with thirty million people in its path and ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano is tracking it all. Happening overnight severe weather across the midwest and Texas. In Houston. Terrifying moments inside this circus tent. Watch as powerful winds ripped the size up the big top wide open. Rain pouring in the crowd in a panic. At one point over 100000. Customers without power from Houston to Dallas. And intense downpours are drenching Harris County with over five inches of rain. The flood control district urging residents to stay home and stay safe. Vehicles across the area swamped in floodwaters traffic stopped on highway 59. He. Tennis ball size hail hammering the ground further north and Kansas ominous funnel clouds been over a good one. In winter weather causing this massive pileup in Wyoming sixty cars and trucks on interstate eighty. And over forty people treated at the local. Hospital. And rob joins us now with the forecast Robert what are that this things move real slow Ron and it's kind of combining with a second system check it out on the satellite the DC distraught there the Colorado Rockies. So the snow there will continue today what some spots get over fifty inches of it my allotted a ski resorts are. Are closing their seasons it's at this weekend's us a nice way to wrap things up. But across the deep south that's where the the main moisture is in this front gonna push off to the so we'll see some store storms fire up. Across techs again it's gonna be the focal point from Corpus Christi to gossip through Wichita and and everything begins to finally move east tomorrow architects and through. The mid and lower Mississippi River rally. Large hail strong with I think a better chance to see tornadoes tomorrow also be watching that they're very carefully in and really the range spreads out not just across the south. But up north towards Saint Louis and Chicago eventually getting over towards Pennsylvania and now and the Carolinas said through tomorrow. So what we can for a lot of folks but the northeast. Welcome pretty good actually. Beautiful spring date from DC to Boston today in and to Margaret looked too shabby itself. It's crazy month April that you get this severe weather ending get a couple of feet of snow across the of the Colorado Rockies and we certainly see that I get excited about the timing of this storm as it moves for these. Bob well. We'll break it down as far as how much heavy rainfall we expect as. This the clock runs the top your screen. On the front by by 1 o'clock tonight or in the morning I should say we'll be right or on the Symbian river and then this low itself pushes from Saint Louis to Chicago. And by tomorrow night Chicago I think up through Milwaukee. Southern parts of Detroit to Cleveland Ohio you'll be getting some heavy rain at that point in the warm front will continue to push off towards the northeast by Monday morning that's we expect to see. Some rain across parts of the I 95 quarter. Winter storm warnings are still effect for Aspen Colorado. As a mention a lot of the ski resort to closing done this weekend so we'll take the fresh batter. Tell you right up through parts of the southern Rockies southern Wyoming Rockies and through the brand tee times could see another foot of snow. Today and really tapering off through tomorrow so like it's been a relatively light year for snow across the Iraqis bomb so will give org bill in the snow packed. A lake when they brought and I am I'm join me a map for the country I want to note this is this a fair representation. Approximately about what's what's coming up. From check yet good to get area ash that's a good look in. I don't know after the auto sales that you've got at least three of five Great Lakes there that's not to shabby. All five are there I don't I don't know who are junior whether ranger. Okay what's the next that senior me zero plus senior weathering a magnitude of the great here you used you qualified that I'd put that in theirs die it's fair taxes part of an air. Thank dropped right now for that be sure to stay tuned abcnews.com throughout the day for the latest updates on this. And the day's top stories so your bagel up complete wrap up later on world news tonight thank you for watching this ABC news digital report. I'm Ron Claiborn enjoy your day.

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{"id":30414391,"title":"Texas Pounded With Heavy Rain, Hail","duration":"4:50","description":"ABC News' Ron Claiborne, Rob Marciano on the latest storm system sweeping through the U.S.","url":"/US/video/texas-pounded-heavy-rain-hail-30414391","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}