Texas sisters send balloons with notes to heaven for their late dad

"We're still thinking about him and that we love him and miss him," Gypsy Retting, 7, told ABC affiliate WFAA.
4:29 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for Texas sisters send balloons with notes to heaven for their late dad
Lance Donahoe wasn't going to be part of this story until it landed. On his doorstep I mean something kind of falls in your lap it's hard to ignore this message landed in my yard for some reason I didn't know what. I'm but I certainly was curious it happened a few weeks ago and out of the sky a balloon floated through the trees cut it right here. Lance a business coach and trainer who saw his way out the dole. When he founded walked over and found a note covered in new and read it and was immediately realize what I had in my hands a very special message. The note was signed by two little girls who had just four miles away in Bedford. Seven year old Gypsy ready he. Six year old story red. They're sisters and although they intended on someone receiving their balloon. That yard was not the destination rules are or. Oval. The girl's meant that balloon. For their dad in happen. Skyler Redding died in 2017. The result of a car accident nearly ten years earlier slept in the girls. And send him notes on his birthday. Some people each year cents. On this balloon story wrote. You Dan we want to go with you we miss you so much. And Gypsies note read. Your daddy. I miss you sell much. Please watch over me and everyone in the family. More than anything the girls one of their dads and now he's still very much on their hearts. Let's all fourteen member who. And. That we allow. Perhaps. A sign that he was listening. When they released that balloon the letter asks. I lose initial. Is in the clouds he was. Area and then and then pool -- be bad if his daughters needed something Schuyler was the type of dad who do anything to be there for them. Especially. Now. Couple months ago stories started having seizures. Kind now thing. And this year on her dad's birthday today after they release that the live. She was admitted here at cook Children's Hospital Fort Worth. Story has spent weeks being poked prodded and examine. The medical bills alone are overwhelming in doctors still don't know what's wrong. But they are certain it's a form of apple apps. And it was during that recent visit to cook children's in Fort Worth. That Lance done. Found that the lives. Lance who has two children of his own. Posted about it on FaceBook I felt. Somewhat responsible this balloon landed in my arm within hours it'd been shared more than a hundred times they kept asking how can help. That was suggested the story department and in just a few days Lance in his friends on FaceBook raised more than 3000. Dollars for these girls. They're also working to provide story. With an epileptic service don't. All of it possible. Thanks to a father. Who answered their prayers I think we all have an opportunity every day to be the answer to somebody's her fur protect. When Lance found that the live or purpose or are these sisters figured it had gotten off course. But now they're convinced that's it may have landed in his yard. But they got an answer. From above. I have to say it was that planes there ad looking over them. There's no doubt in my mind. In Florence say it. Now that students. Fool parents and knowing what we flew Tipton. And because of that guardian Angel they now have a piece of heaven. On earth did this. Junkie who. Daily news.

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{"id":55876307,"title":"Texas sisters send balloons with notes to heaven for their late dad","duration":"4:29","description":"\"We're still thinking about him and that we love him and miss him,\" Gypsy Retting, 7, told ABC affiliate WFAA.","url":"/US/video/texas-sisters-send-balloons-notes-heaven-late-dad-55876307","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}