Thai Army Declares Coup: Military Seizes Control of Country

Nationwide curfew put in place as Thai army declares coup in attempt to reform nation.
11:00 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for Thai Army Declares Coup: Military Seizes Control of Country
You can. So there's clearly some bond activity there combat soldiers -- a -- right. You're right now looking people for money they don't -- what we've -- not added I wouldn't. What are you doing today at the real -- and is there are you can going on please note this is it's no -- -- I don't know. I I know. Not an eleven curfew and a bit of chaos Thailand's military just two days. After saying it's not taking over in a coup announced that it actually is going to take over in a coup after all. And now reports of access to TV and other media being blocked and a perfect curfew put in -- Right now the international hot spot Bangkok Thailand. -- president New York after two short days of negotiations between opposing political parties. The Thailand military decided it had had enough and took over in the twelve -- of Thailand. The army now patrolling the streets and imposing a countrywide curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM. Protesters remained loyal to both recently deposed government and the opposition. We're still protest until they were forced to stop -- away as regular citizens crowded on to trains to get home before for you. We are joined now by Financial Times Bangkok regional correspondent Michael -- in Bangkok Michael thanks for joining us. We spoke a few days ago people going on with their daily lives and take himself -- but we. Didn't see any of what we have today how has the tone changed -- -- so quickly. Well -- -- partly because of the timing of the announcement at five India today witches. -- and the subsequent announcement that -- you view and stressful so running almost piling into trying instead to try to. But Sele wasn't isn't aligned it was a crush and ends there was -- -- and -- because of of course. This is not the first time this has happened -- says it and -- -- as recently as. That's 2006. -- -- just reminded of titans nominees parliamentary democracy. It's actually in the -- states is -- more -- not been ruled by the -- -- governments -- in the country. It is the first time though that a -- is played out during social media -- -- that helped. -- but all the military's slow -- -- out of -- Who has played any role. Well. Today -- is he's an interesting question because actually. The status accidents. It an adult feels and I guess and focus -- trees and TV stations radio says ma the rudeness and got a copy incidents. Which of course is happening out of place such as an uprising against him. President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt 2000 and that relates. Said the Tribune review should be the most speculation -- Thanks to its other social media will be long process at some points. -- there's a lot of uncertainty -- -- -- fusion. Ahmanson register notice what is true is that India military has enormous street -- and it's buying them. More multi band and say featuring -- orders is -- -- want schools to close tomorrow or some. The army only gave the political powers two days to negotiate does all of this now seem. Pretax. So yeah people say the military spent on this is well we went in to intervene. Then we. Illustrated politicians and challenged folks they were obviously so our agreement we had some -- and of course. -- the military's view of itself as some kind of mutual. -- as a creditor or Asperger's it sentinel shed by. Some people especially government loyalists see it is very much line Medea. Traditional establishment which -- back. Back protests against breast development and that is that all sides -- Get rid of this government that it was extremely well coordinated is saying that these politicians rule. -- and -- its spacing. With the military chiefs. Which doesn't break -- and a place but they can be rounded up it's -- announced penalties being criticized. -- outs and a yes it all happened in. Our clothes -- sequence. So far it seems that there isn't any widespread violence do you think that that is something that can easily change what is the mood now. Certainly I think -- that would still has seven -- Dallas after the event. As far as. -- potential violence now. It's. CE. Programs so rich treatment it's. This would send good thoughts any time -- But ministries take -- societies are peaceful movement and well explored triggers this wasn't ruled major opposition movement both sides. Fresh battery and armed elements both sides have in the past been involved in violence. Is that possible let's get compensation and don't forget this priest is forty years ago. Rich protestors in bad call at that time there -- out of government. They army crackdown on memories they killed -- -- -- -- an offensive in May 2010 so this there's history as well. General -- was one of the madness. Wells senior -- in the army but times well. This initial trouble. People think we're not being bad call it happen and it -- -- all activities that happen. In name Knowles the country -- -- for the real rich -- Rice farmers and other. Country communities. To Davis the current government and its allies a series of election. Trees which the righteous thing the military and the rest of the traditional establishment. Keep stealing from them through trees. Or woman accused of -- there have been six -- -- judicial appease the scene courts to post three prime ministers in the last six years. And in this nationwide curfew that is set between ten and 5 AM do you think that could help. Sort of ease some of these tensions. Well these species that first failed us it's it's very hard to this I am. It's. People are still adjusting its to this new reality. And I think. Previous -- prices -- -- these things tend to play out of time. You know. Weeks and -- months Austin rather than. RE Sutton of -- finished and I think British groups will be. Sinking very carefully about that response because of its role. Maybe willow would effectively be taking -- -- the national army. Everything that tiles and ammunition in the past that it is meant to freeze payments and demonstrate just across the army has. Sweeping powers and the fact that it. You had was angles. As Marshall bullet that solves governments are striking because -- Nameless countries. One instance by and we expect politicians such president -- -- -- So that just shelters teach. Influence that the army -- and eight lead the authority Cameron's barrel on the situation and that's obviously. -- forces take on oil. In the French Open. And so what the military now in control is there any plans to relinquish what is the plan as we move forward for the next. There's been no -- -- school. February. It's a land. Announcements. And asked -- -- -- but it. Ers announced let's -- by general you'd need -- -- So means intervening to restore peace stability and that's the only -- -- C. Reforms. -- structure the country. Option I think artist would be protected -- -- Buts. It's an opportunity to tell excellent of course us that we bury any signs. Treatment issues this news and what kind of his reformers these generals and -- Game what I did this policies and again to bring him. When it's. NC. Elections next time. And how does this -- through this coup affect trade the US now along with other western powers and a top spot having to deal with military rule how does this play out. Yes well because it's now formerly a military community US -- -- to review its relationship with. -- Thailand's and that's complicates it because tight ends -- -- and US ally in this region for a long time each. Later a significant role during the the Cold War ends and the walls and in. And in -- China. And again happens. That -- -- basis. Sites -- here US more than two billion dollars and military aid in this case. An -- college -- -- exercises which US lead and held in this country ends. Multinational exercises involving. Ministers from around Asia so. US. Will once present relationship. -- -- and it is obliged you have now. -- -- it teaches you some sanctions on the military regimes are 2006. The chest. Course unhappiness in the ministry -- -- -- things happen. You haven't seen an immediate statement from US government. In the case and -- -- difficulties and -- and in responding to this is now somehow as a consequence we haven't -- that this same problem. Instantly on European governments -- some. Some sort of sanctions but Obama broadly. Thailand which -- -- -- nationalist friends and everyone policy. So. Everyone now passed -- what's -- office. Michael -- from the Financial Times thank you for joining us from Bangkok. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot on Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"11:00","description":"Nationwide curfew put in place as Thai army declares coup in attempt to reform nation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23826947","title":"Thai Army Declares Coup: Military Seizes Control of Country","url":"/US/video/thai-army-declares-coup-military-seizes-control-country-23826947"}