Tishaura Jones elected 1st Black female mayor of St. Louis

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Tishaura Jones, the first Black woman elected as mayor of St. Louis, to discuss the challenges she faces as the city battles high homicide rates.
5:19 | 04/08/21

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Transcript for Tishaura Jones elected 1st Black female mayor of St. Louis
It is time for Saint Louis to thrive those are the words uttered by the first black woman elected mayor for the city of Saint Louis last night. To Sharon Jones ran on a platform focused on transparency integrity and service and his promise the people of Saint Louis that she will not stay silent when she spots injustice. She joins us now and and she joins also and exclusive sorority of black women who are the Helm of sovereign nation's largest cities. Mayor elected Shara Jones thanks so much for joining us tonight and congratulations on your big win. Grabbing me has a reality setting an of though the wind and the responsibility that you're about to take on. Yes it has an exact he didn't mean I can tell Hendrix. How about I'm ready I can imagine that you've promised to bring fresh air to this city will winging by that. So it was Saint Louis isn't playing back a whole host of issues that have permeated our policy making decisions for decades like racism the unequal delivery of city services. And access to health care we've recently had one of our most violent years on record and caught in terms of back gun violence. And also police about violence and so we need. Absolutely we have elected mayor the media namely. To move up to move us forward into the 21 century we have sin. Address these issues and are now we also have to address racism head on in our city we're one of the most highly segregated. Cities in the country and we have to embrace and I had these are conversations and it so we can move. So an imbalance doesn't our borders our solutions shouldn't eat their and so I in appearance you. I sir in the new an era of collaboration and cooperation when I names to the west and Nikki east we're on eastern clients his state of Missouri angry. And you share a border with Illinois pounds and I am ready to engage our neighbors to have some real hard conversations and if there aren't diamonds. As a public health crisis that we can calm during Ahmet prevention tools of the tape. And part of your vision for policing is not shifting from arrest and incarceration to prevention. However just this week inmates staged an uprising as you know the Saint Louis jail the second one just this year. What's your plan when it comes to listening to the demands of those who are currently incarcerated and prevent yet another uprising. So one of the reasons why they are top rising use beat and get this jail was no names to hold people for for a long pier is its size and sale because it over an hour sports systems have been halted he hadn't and jury trials. And so we need to work with the US attorney's office as well as our local state courts to see how we can move people during this system. Fine work circuit attorney to see who really needs to be held him we have got 800 people need. Sign our system about 200 on federal charges. Onion need to see which ones are violent obviously they are and the need to be held by. It's not a dare write simple parole violations. I think is an act can be monitored in the community and we need to investigate that and let these people and get back to their lack Hanson and Latin it's. The last year we held a virtual roundtable on the show was for black female mayors and we talked about their unique positioning during the height in particular this summer protests. Do you fielding your race and gender put you at increased scrutiny or or put you in a unique position at this time. I think it's a little of both you know against Saint Louis is one of the most highly segregated as cities in the country in this race in particular. I had a lack dog whistles found an ally began sliding back our backs on our our quite progressive friends. And so we have to have to make sure didn't weird telling the truth is about that but also I think I feel like I'm in a unique position to leave because I am a single mom of the most adorable thirteen year old son. You eat from a different place I am I am trying to make sure that I created Saint Louis where children like him. Are able to describe an axis Iraq. And lastly do you feel a week or particular responsibility in being labeled as the first black woman. When you're tasked with working on the behalf of all races and genders. You know I. I feel honored that I'm the first black woman to leave at the CE dad I love so much. And often think that my grandparents who moved here on the south to have a better life for their families aren't from my parents. And I am I embraced this challenge with humility weeks also with a strained at my ancestors you make sure that I am leading saint listens to the 21 century. Mr. Shara Jones first black female mayor elected in the city of Saint Louis we thank you so much for your time congratulations again. Indian banking for having me.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Tishaura Jones, the first Black woman elected as mayor of St. Louis, to discuss the challenges she faces as the city battles high homicide rates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76934428","title":"Tishaura Jones elected 1st Black female mayor of St. Louis","url":"/US/video/tishaura-jones-elected-1st-black-female-mayor-st-76934428"}