'Today is a day of healing, today is a day of mourning,' Florida sheriff says

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and Florida Gov. Rick Scott spoke after a school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.
7:02 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for 'Today is a day of healing, today is a day of mourning,' Florida sheriff says
This is an ABC news. Good morning everyone for those of you just joining us I'm Robin Roberts in New York we're gonna break into your regular programming with news on that deadly school Rampage in Parkland Florida Robert Kennelly a sheriff's Israel. All is about to speak. All the victims' families have been notified. We will be releasing a list of those that lost their lives yesterday. Released throughout PIO is very short period of time but all the families have been notified. Mom powered detectives worked through the night on this very daunting and challenging task. But he happy god it was the right thing to do and they worked tirelessly. Call this. Community is hurting right now. There's going to be a lot of conversations. Over the next couple of days and weeks and I'm going to be very animated. About what I think this country can do. Possibly prevent these tragedies in. It is today Healy today's day of mourning. Hall and the suspect is in custody. You will be appearing before his first magistrate. Today at 2 PM at Broward County courthouse. This morning. We will be we've begun working with the FBI we've been hearing for a special agent in charge of the FBI. I'll drop lasted a few minutes. Were also working with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement of the direction toward walker. We will interview every single student or every every person in that school that possibly. Use salt that it might not know they know something. They will be thoroughly debriefed. And we will make sure that we're able to prosecute this case the suspect's been charged with seventeen counts. All premeditated murder. And our law enforcement we'll do everything we the FBI ourselves. To make sure that. This person is convicted. All charges and that justice served. Sadly there bit copycat threats made today at other schools. We will respond to every threat. Every threat we receive we will not classified as a copy cattle prank call. We will respond in full and investigated. Any call that is. Viciously. Any big ball. Eddie Paul that's made to take out resources at a time like this place in the places where we don't need to be. We'll give them the full power of the sheriff's office we'll we'll investigate this and charged anyone accordingly. With the maximum choice we possibly could. For doing something. So horrific. So pathetic. Governor Scott. Is going puppets speak. And then you can hear from special agent in charge of the FBI. I'll return to the microphone. Off and answer some questions. I think it's noteworthy that cut out next press conference. I will be releasing a timeline based on investigation. And video that we've captured as for what happened yesterday like take you through it. Chronological order we're not ready to do that at this time but what were your will be back here we will release that. Not likely to his Florida's governor Rick Scott. Thank you share from one thank you debate sheriff's department for all their hard work. To nature he the one this individual is we have justice and two to make sure this happens again. So I think everybody appears to say the same thing we are our hearts and prayers are with the Stanley's. The families that include loss of loved ones the families that have loved ones still in the hospital. Adapted I had gotten it isn't some of those members last night. And then also we want to make sure this never happens again. The next week in Tallahassee and mesa Dallas state meters. According have a real conversation about two things. How do we make sure what apparently is ready to send their child to school and in Florida that parent knows that child is going to be safe. Number two how do we make sure. This individuals with mental illness do not touch a gun. We need to have a real conversation. So we have public safety of our schools in the state. I've spoken to speaker Richard Clarke Princeton president Joseph Negron they're committed to provide the resources. And have a real conversation. About how do we make sure that we have public safety. I want to make sure that my children my grandchildren. Yours everybody in this state can wake up and be safe. I'm a stay here and do everything I can't I know all the state resources are gonna do here under the attorney general everyone's gonna work hard with the sheriff's department school district. We do everything we candy go forward. But the violence. Cast to stop. We cannot lose another child in this country. To violence in a school. The there's many families grieving right now we've got to grieve with them mourn with them but give them their space. They'll be a time to that don't wanna sit down tell there story but right now. He talked individuals and we went through this with the bulls attacked they want they want their own time degree. So I want to thank everybody. For the sheriff's departments at dealey. To the federal government hurting against the district for everything they're doing to keep people safe I want thank you turns up for the victim advocates that are coming down here to be held. Good morning but it dropped last week especially in charge of the money division the FB. First of all the want to express my heartfelt condolences to the victims the families and friends entire community. We've suffered a senseless cowardly act. Yet the guy continues to stand by the crowd at a sheriff's office support them and give every week resource they need to investigate this heinous crime. It's 2017. The FBI received information about a comment made on the YouTube channel. The public comments have been said and I'm going to be a professional school through. No other information was included with a comment which communicating time location. Where the true identity. Leaked version of beta club. The FBI conducted. Database for views. Checks. What was it wasn't able to further identified. The person next may become a again as the new self Floridians. My heart goes out to the victims' families. And friends in the entire community thank you.

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{"id":53112968,"title":"'Today is a day of healing, today is a day of mourning,' Florida sheriff says","duration":"7:02","description":"Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and Florida Gov. Rick Scott spoke after a school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.","url":"/US/video/today-day-healing-today-day-mourning-florida-sheriff-53112968","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}