Toledo Mayor: 'Our Water Is Safe'

Mayor D. Michael Collins drank a glass of water after announcing a lift on the three-day water ban.
1:39 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Toledo Mayor: 'Our Water Is Safe'
Tired Toledo Ohio said the words so many have been desperate to -- year by water resilient. He even -- a glass of water to show how confident he was a pretty there's -- you right now in the you know -- album. Three days there was a water ban in place in Ohio's northwest corner. A toxic algae bloom -- Lake Erie caused by runoff from farm lands contaminated the water supply. His green -- covering an area so big it was visible from space. The toxins that were found in the water can cause liver and nervous system damage symptoms include vomiting -- numbness before -- robins became aware of the band she Bieber baby water and another -- Restaurants shops and schools closed. All weekend long lines for bottled water as residents tied to stock up on what they -- But the water has been declared safe health officials urge residents to flush out their home systems for at least fifteen minutes of most big hot and cold. In other -- cities Cleveland Detroit buffalo and Chicago. Officials are closely monitoring their own water supplies the Great Lakes provide drinking water for about 26 million people. But algae blooms have become more common and Ohio officials could say that it wouldn't have been. Again and I'm I'm magazine museums would you know we don't know. Ohio officials said the federal government needs to step in an address is ongoing algae problem because it did not develop overnight. Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"id":24833516,"title":"Toledo Mayor: 'Our Water Is Safe'","duration":"1:39","description":"Mayor D. Michael Collins drank a glass of water after announcing a lift on the three-day water ban.","url":"/US/video/toledo-water-ban-lifted-24833516","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}