Tom Hanks Mentors a Soldier

Staff Sgt. Gabriel Posey sits down with Tom Hanks to talk screenwriting.
3:00 | 12/10/12

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Transcript for Tom Hanks Mentors a Soldier
As part of our standing up for heroes series I talked with staff Sargent Gabriel -- just back from serving in Afghanistan. And I wanted to learn about his time in the military and -- help him start his career as a writer and film -- television. We told them to pack his -- and meet us in Los Angeles and keep on video diary of his experiences. The reason why don't his. Was enough. To. Parent of American corporate partners I want him all the -- has found. -- -- -- My clothes prepared. As intact and the baguette and I know now. Some he doesn't get on me so bad that I'm sorry I'm really excited -- you know ecstatic about what's happened in the past few days and what. He didn't know it was this -- an answer would be none other than Tom Hanks. After getting to know one another Gabriel and I headed over to Hanks office so the real war could -- He whom he believes he's delivering you coffee. Well it's actually -- apology gave her. We'll let you guys please go quick. -- that. Here is that the guy who served tea bags and you -- -- -- I. You -- to be a writer yes all right. The entry position for writer. Is writer. -- that the starting places is it really your own head and through your own ability. Most most people think -- writer write the screenplay the director says oh listen this is what will shoot and they go often right exactly what they it will. That doesn't. Fit the -- write the screenplay and everybody gets the terror apart and go back Evans says. Change this and why is this in here the best writers that I know. The best writers and I've worked with truly have no egos is far is that collaborative process say you've written is the a treatment for a story. And the and it's twelve pages long -- every page has eight story beats him. Don't be surprised if there -- -- person that one that you're working with since I like three of the story beats out of -- 180. -- are on here spending if you failed more often and then you have me to happen but. We're here it's in the process of slowly getting there and the other thing is is always be writing. Screenwriters -- nine ousted a lonely horrible existence. That they spend far too much time -- going through and cutting stuff that they've created. And going back and starting all over from square one but. You've chosen the one area for which there is no short cut a plan wasn't on the job and industry. Try to add value to -- company studio room hat and continue to write -- -- -- -- -- process you know me better as as. As long as you keep -- -- I think you. Into show business at which you proved to be so invaluable. And so -- that they want you for the next level of the job in showbiz today ideas even more access to the screenplay process. And you keep going up and up and up and out. When you started you have any mentors -- -- -- that kind of data due to. Career early on I had people that I can't say they had official mentors but I had people that made it -- -- listened to. When they spoke to me. And when they said you know kid you think you've got it but you need to do this instead. I did that. What was the most challenging project -- ever had to be part of wow. They are all. Very. There's not a single one that is ever strolled the partnered there there would never. -- never easy. But the secret that we all keep tucked in our pocket is that -- -- -- it you know he's a great place to go every day and the demands that they place on -- just really make -- it's it's more fun fun can. But we don't tell people that we just talk ago -- What was the moment that you wanted to be intones. -- -- I was young and when I went to New York for the first time -- to. To stake my claim I'm now going to -- I'm going to try to be a professional actor. I had. I did not know -- dealers that much work that was all for some reason I was sitting on an audition for a Maxwell House Coffee. And I didn't know where the building ones. I didn't know what the office will. I eventually found it and a guy -- OK stand over there inflated. And I didn't even know what it meant -- I -- I stood over there to hear it yet. Play. Richard. What late -- I I don't I don't know what inflate -- ago. Say your name. Hello. And -- I didn't I didn't get that thing so you have to be willing to go through that. -- it's a grand adventure man and all he needed one little you know as soon as McCain check catches on that. On this rocket you know some some stuff goes on -- So keep writing -- and keep reading. Read everything right everything NC every movie that's out there. Now the point to this may enter ship is to not only help Gabriel become a better writer. It's more importantly to help him make valuable connections to other people on the enough -- it's not so they can take his first steps towards -- future art in the entertainment world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guys spend. In the business so long done so well it's only project. Great achievements. -- -- -- Disposal unit -- a sense that you know. First you know -- so and also give a lot of guys a lot of information about. And none of it. What's that. In as far as me to do well as far as -- -- To give -- again.

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{"id":17928644,"title":"Tom Hanks Mentors a Soldier","duration":"3:00","description":"Staff Sgt. Gabriel Posey sits down with Tom Hanks to talk screenwriting. ","url":"/US/video/tom-hanks-mentors-soldier-17928644","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}