Tornadoes wreak havoc overnight in Dallas

Over 160,000 people have been left with no power as tornadoes cause major damage to homes in Texas; an ABC News photojournalist recounts damage done to his home.
6:43 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Tornadoes wreak havoc overnight in Dallas
Those tornadoes overnight wreaking Havoc all over Dallas just look at that video homes destroyed cars toppled. Lot of schools also closed today in that region and there are more bad weather and storms heading. That neck of the woods let's begin with the ABC's Marcus Moore he is on the ground beef in monitoring the situation there throughout the last several hours good morning markets. Let me John good morning good morning to you it's really been I'm absolute mess here this. Storm the first tornado came through what about 9 o'clock central time last night. And they are still trying to clear path and some of the neighborhoods that have been cut off. By by falling tree fallen trees and this what we see here in this neighborhood and rich Richardson Texas which is a suburb of Dallas to the north of Dallas took a direct hit from. This samba there's one of the tornado that came through in that vehicle leasing back behind us that's belongs to our photographer. I want richer Rea moves. A responsible for for so many of the of the stories though that we bring you here at ABC news well he and his family had to take cover last night as the storm was hitting. A tree was on top of his vehicle. And here in his home they actually ran into pay a closet. Inside the house to ride out the storm John am to hear one described that. Is just absolutely. In incredible and it is frightening and very quickly want to show you he did. In his home sustained some bit of damage. You can't see though the hole in the roof right now but they were. Able to put a TARP over it to try to mitigate the damage because you know the storm came through. Ripped off the roof and there was another storm after that the dumped rain and that actually one is here. Right now once you have your Michael and I'm interior that's right here OK yeah we're live on. ABC news live and went. What we had you. First round ledger OK great you know what do we cover this all the time John as you know and and wants we'll the first guys there. It took to help tell the story but also numbers one adult men and help people. Who are picking up their lives of seeing so many times. Helping people whose homes have been destroyed and now. You find yourself your home is still sending thank goodness it is it did sustain some damage and it just kind of walk us through what you went through you would you why. And your teenage son last night when the storm hit. That's right yeah yeah not slowly markets remain we we heard the sirens go off. When I came outside very quickly to see what was going on. And we can just see this light show. Of lightning in everything happened so. Immediately my wife and I we know the drill already and my son so we put on our hard hats we war. Our construction globes we went into my daughter's closet. And we all just hunker down my son was right behind me my wife was inferno me. We all held each other's legs and we just wrote this out and basically. We heard. It felt like the house shook. It felt you know we we did for us it was the train found that everyone describes. And you're absolutely right I mean you know. In this business I mean we're always behind the camera were always on the other side but this time it. It hit home. So we're we're just lucky to be alive. And M and in that moment when you were with. What you wife then Meehan and and Diego and a your son. You can you give us a sense of what was going through your mind at that point. Well you know win win win it was overhead we could hear we could feel our. Our ears popping silver and precious absolutely shall we knew it was close. And my wife was praying I was just holding on. My and my son was beginning to freak out a little bit but he did a really good job. Some really proud of him but no it was just a matter of just knowing that I think that we were all together we we felt like. What ever happened we were going to be together. And and we just pull through it so we're very glad that. And end this soon is it process we came outside didn't. Three of our vehicles are one of our cars is still under under. Under the tree. Under trees and we're just. You know it's just it's just an absolute mess my you know my neighbor's house is is a mess this is one of these neighborhoods that has. Mature trees and rights and so. Because they're mature trees. There's a lot there was they're there was a lot of of just tree damage. Yeah a lot of tree damage and and then I've also seen from any I don't know if you can show that is in the back their way off in the distance has actually. An entire roof that's been torn away so not only you know as you heard one describing. The that the pressure change in the M and John the sound. Of the both storms that came through you also have that the trees falling and tree limbs flying in the air. Along with the debris that ruby that was ripped away. And is sold. Dangerous. Is in fact be what one of the most dangerous parts of of any tornado or storm is that the flying debris. That can pierce went here's windows and also walls and then. Aside from that you'd John have the that the power lines that that that ball down and so many people. Our can hurt or killed. By a fallen power lines because there are currently can. So they're doing little old as you just heard want to talk about the the trauma of this the storm that blew room. Now just beginning the process of trying to pick all of this up. And dot got to tell you it is going to be a long process we're talking about homes that have. Been damaged some of them destroyed and also businesses I don't know if you've been able to see the video but there's a Home Depot that sits right along the 75 cents an expressway. The major artery here in in the Dallas area. It has been destroyed so absolutely remarkable damage and in what is truly. Incredible about all of this John is despite all of the destruction we've seen we've only heard about minor injuries and no fatalities here. In Texas as a result of these storms but. In Arkansas sadly someone did pass away. When a tree fell on to. The structure there and someone was killed. Really scary stuff Marcus and as you just noted with one I mean. Unbelievable is family went through but thank god there are okay human chains of idle member of parking we're just glad he and his loved ones are safe. This morning and hopefully they'll have some time take care of their home and we're gonna help them that as well Marcus Moore down in Dallas Texas thank you my friend we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"Over 160,000 people have been left with no power as tornadoes cause major damage to homes in Texas; an ABC News photojournalist recounts damage done to his home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66421991","title":"Tornadoes wreak havoc overnight in Dallas","url":"/US/video/tornadoes-wreak-havoc-overnight-dallas-66421991"}